Why Is Skiing Awesome

Why is Skiing Awesome? 10 Reasons to go Skiing!

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Skiing is a sport that is daunting for some, but exciting for most. It’s also unique, providing a combination of adrenaline and relaxation that cannot be found in many endeavours.

If you are a winter sports enthusiast, you already know that skiing is awesome. If you are considering getting into skiing, we’re here to tell you why skiing is the best sport in the world.

There are a million reasons why skiing is awesome, so narrowing it down was a challenge. However, after much debate, we bring you the top 10 reasons to go skiing.

#1 Skiing Is Enjoyable

Skiing can provide enjoyment beyond your wildest dreams. Whether you’re completing your first turns, or floating through fresh powder, skiing is one of the most exciting sports on the planet.

The feeling of cruising around the mountain on two planks of wood is satisfying, relaxing and exhilarating. It allows you to enjoy amazing scenery, take in the fresh air and let go of your ‘real world’ problems.

No matter what mood you’re in when you arrive at the lift, you’re sure to be happier once you’re skiing down. Here, we will refer to a famous ski quote that echoes our point:

Skiing is expensive, but it's cheaper than therapy. Share on X

#2 Skiing Keeps You Fit

Skiing is a great workout. It requires a broad range of physical attributes that make it a unique challenge.

Core strength and cardio fitness are both required if you want to excel on the slopes. In order to have the best balance and coordination, you better make sure you’re in tip-top condition.

That being said; skiing around the mountain is one of the most enjoyable ways to improve your physical fitness. It provides an intense workout, disguised as a seriously fun activity.

Unlike most holidays, ski trips allow you to over-indulge without worrying too much about the consequences. You can enjoy your 3rd lunchtime hot chocolate safely with the knowledge that you will burn it off on the slopes.

Skiing Exercise
Skiing Can Be An Awesome Workout

#3 Skiing Helps You Meet New People

Skiing can be a great social experience. Whether you’re on the mountain or at home, it provides a new hobby that will help you connect with likeminded people.

Taking group ski lessons is a great way to socialise on the slopes. It allows you to spend your time with skiers of a similar ability level, helping you gain some camaraderie while learning new skills.

It’s also one of the best family holidays you can imagine. Spending time with your loved ones while exploring the mountain can provide memories that will last a lifetime.

Away from the slopes, après ski provides a wealth of social events and opportunities for outgoing skiers. Even when you’re at home, you will discover a natural affinity with the snowsports community – both online and offline.

Group Of Skiers
You Will Make New Friends On The Slopes

#4 Skiing Takes You To Amazing Places

The pursuit of pistes can take you to some of the most magical places on earth. From China to Canada and Australia to Austria, skiing allows you to take in breath-taking scenery from around the world.

Experiencing the glitz and glamour of the worlds top ski resorts has an amazing feeling. However, heading to smaller local resorts can be just as fulfilling.

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Visiting mountain villages that are steeped in history can make ski holidays extra special. Whether you love skiing or not, you are sure to admire the beauty that most ski resorts have to offer.

Ski Resort
Ski Resorts Are Beautiful

#5 Skiing Helps You Enjoy The Great Outdoors

In the modern world, many of us find it difficult to get in touch with nature. Living in vast concrete cities and working indoors can make getting fresh air a challenge for many.

Heading for a ski trip is a great way to enjoy the great outdoors. It takes you out of your comfort zone and into the natural world, providing the refreshing feeling you get from being from being at one with nature.

The mountain views that can be enjoyed while skiing are awe-inspiring. Whether you’re in the Alps, Rockies or Andes; the scenery you can find in a ski resort is second to none.

Amazing Mountain View
The Mountain Views Are Often Epic

#6 Skiing Is Challenging

If you love a challenge, then you will love skiing. Whether you are facing the beginner slope for the first time, or flying down something ‘steep and deep’, skiing gets you out of your comfort zone.

The thrill (or fear!) of being faced with a challenging ski slope can provide an exhilarating adrenaline rush. Pushing your mind and body to the limit is a huge part of what makes skiing awesome.

Every time you ski a new slope, learn a new trick or master a new technique; you will feel a deep sense of accomplishment. That allows you to gain great self-confidence, both on and off the mountain.

#7 Après Ski Is Awesome

When you’re in a ski resort, the time you spend off the slopes can be just as fun as skiing (almost!). Whether you’re in a restaurant, café, bar or club; the buzz of a good après ski village is a whole lot of fun.

Just Saying: ‘Après ski’ is French for ‘after skiing’…

For many partygoers, après ski activities start early in the afternoon and stretch long into the night. The first stop is often a lively mountain restaurant; where live music and dancing on the tables is the order of the day.

Once the afternoon is over, it’s time to catch the last lift down the mountain, where festivities continue in the bars and nightclubs. If you’ve got the energy to dance all night and ski all day, you’re guaranteed a great time.

Apres Ski Bar
Ain’t No Party Like A Ski Slope Party

#8 Skiing Is A Useful Skill

Skiing is a skill that will change your outlook. It can open up a world of travel, friendship and work opportunities that are sure to enrich your life.

If you have friends or relatives that love to ski, your knowledge of the sport will allow you to connect with them in a way that might never have been possible. It also allows you to join school, work or family ski trips with the comfort of having the required skill.

If you can already ski, using your knowledge to help others pursue the sport can also be rewarding. This is especially true if you have children, as you can help them to enjoy the mountain environment from a young age.

#9 Skiing Never Gets Boring

Skiing is a diverse sport that has so much to offer. Whether you love piste or powder, there is always a slope that will keep you entertained.

It can often feel like you never finish learning how to ski. No matter how much you progress, there is always an area you need to improve. This draws people back to the sport year after year, eager to master technique and terrain.

Skiing can often feel like 100 sports rolled into one. Park, piste and powder are just a few of the multitude of terrain types you can attack.

Skiing different slopes, learning new techniques and attempting different disciplines are all great ways to stay occupied on the mountain. If you have a genuine love for snowsports, you will never find yourself bored.

Backcountry Ski Exploring
Their Is Always Somewhere New To Explore

#10 Ski Resorts Offer More Than Just Skiing

If you love skiing, it’s clear that you love adrenaline and adventure. Ski resorts offer a variety of activities that can tick both these boxes.

Snowshoeing is a popular activity for anyone looking to take a break from skiing for the day. It allows you to explore the mountain and take in the sights without fear of falling.

Tobogganing is also a popular choice for thrill seekers; providing speed, excitement and (often) danger!

If you are looking for a more relaxing experience, ski resorts often have some of the best spa setups around. Some resorts are home to natural outdoor hot springs, providing excellent warmth and muscle relaxation at the end of a tough day on the slopes.

Whether you love snowsports or not, ski resorts have something to offer everyone. Even if you don’t plan on hitting the slopes, you are sure to find plenty of ways to stay occupied.

Friends Sledging Down A Slope
It’s Not Just About The Skiing!

#BONUS: Why We Think Skiing Is Awesome!

Here at SnowSunSee, we genuinely believe that skiing is the best sport in the world. Every trip to the slopes provides excitement, inspiration and memories that will never be forgotten.

Skiing allows you to push yourself to the limit, both mentally and physically. It also allows you to experience different cultures and be part of a worldwide community that shares your love for snowsports.

If you are a seasoned skier, we are sure that you agree with our sentiments. If you are just starting your ski journey, you have so many amazing experiences ahead of you.

Either way, it’s an honour to be a part of this fantastic industry.

Why do you think skiing is awesome? Leave a comment and let us know!