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Summer Work For Ski Instructors

Last Updated on April 5, 2021 by James

When you’re on the slopes, you feel like you’ve found your calling in life. ‘You’ve made it’. All of a sudden, March comes around. The powder turns into ice, the ice turns into slush. The goggles come off; the sunglasses go on.

Summer is looming.

Fortunately, it doesn’t all need to be doom and gloom. Finding yourself summer work which you enjoy can lead to the hot part of the year being just as fulfilling as those snow days we all live for.

What do ski instructors do during the summer? It’s a question everyone outside (and even inside) the industry is always wondering.

Summer work for ski instructors
Summer is looming!

Here is a list of attainable summer work for ski instructors that will keep you working all year round.

Summer Sport Jobs

From land based sports – such as mountain biking, hiking and climbing, to water sports – such as sailing, diving and kayaking. As the ski industry grinds to a halt, summer sports fill the void that the ski industry has left behind.

Many of these instructing and guiding jobs require qualifications, so choose a sport you love (almost) as much as skiing. Once qualified, you could find yourself living the dream all year round.

Southern Hemisphere Ski Instructor Jobs

Not long after the snow in the north begins to melt, the southern hemisphere ski resorts are just beginning to open up for the winter.

With resorts in Chile, Argentina, New Zealand and Australia there are plenty of exciting destinations to continue your work.

The southern hemisphere ski resorts tend to be smaller – and with many instructors vying for limited positions, competition can be fierce.

As with most ski schools, higher qualifications and more experience will usually put you at the front of the queue. However, perseverance and an infectious positive attitude can be enough to help you realise your dream of skiing all year round.

Summer Camp And Resort Jobs

While the majority of us reading this prefer ski holidays, many people out there are hibernating for the winter. They are waiting for their fix of summer sun. That highly coveted ‘summer holiday’.

Holiday reps, kids club staff, campsite couriers and hotel workers are all available jobs during the summer months.

There are plenty of job types and opportunities available. The majority of these can be attained without a formal qualification, making them a tempting option. Although a qualification isn’t a requirement, a fun loving personality and hard work attitude certainly is.

Choose the right opportunity and you could find yourself looking forward to a great summer in the sun.

dutch house, caravan park, wallpaper
Camp site companies are always looking for summer staff

Work In Your Home Country

This may not be at the top of everyone’s list, but being on the slopes for the winter and at home during the summer can provide that perfect family/travel balance that so many people are searching for.

Whether it’s doing office admin, or working in a warehouse, you’re sure to earn a decent living wage (and hopefully save a bit!) while spending some quality time with your friends and family.

Once you find a company (or recruitment agent) that takes a shine to you, that idea you had of balancing skiing and normality can become reality.

Work In A Snow Dome

With the world’s appetite for skiing increasing, the mountain resorts seem to be getting more and more crowded with each passing year.

However, snow domes are really starting to take off. They can scratch that skiing itch so many people have all year round. Once you add dry ski slopes and artificial ‘infinity slopes’ onto that list you have found yourself a huge number of potential employers who could keep skis on your feet for 12 months of the year.

The only downside of this option is that as with all businesses in the ski industry, their peak periods also fall during the winter. However, once you find yourself in a job at one of the great emerging new indoor ski centres, you may find yourself settled into a job which you thought was temporary but now you never want to leave.

With the world’s appetite for skiing increasing, the mountain resorts seem to be getting more and more crowded with each passing year. Click To Tweet

Become A Digital Nomad

Imagine if you could have a constant income source you could tap in to from anywhere in the world. Working online can give you a great opportunity to adjust your own working hours and needs as they change throughout the year.

Online summer work opportunities are many. From photography and graphic design, to teaching English online, there are options out there to suit many skill sets.

The online market is competitive, but once you can make a name for yourself in your chosen field you can find yourself with a viable income that you can utilise for years to come.

Summer work for ski instructors
Your photography skills could set you up with an income to get you through summer

Bonus Option…TRAVEL!

Ski instructors work so hard during the winter, we definitely deserve some time off to relax…right?!?!

Seeing the world is a lot easier (and cheaper!) than it once was. With the right planning (and a successful winter of course) why not take the opportunity you have to travel the world.

Being a ski instructor gives you a great opportunity to take extended time off work. Using this time to travel would really make for some unforgettable experiences that could make it worth every moment.

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South East Asia has become a great budget friendly option for backpackers

Summing Up

If you’re a ski instructor, the last thing you want to think about is summer work, but if you choose the right path for yourself you can be sure to find a lifestyle that you will never want to leave.