Snowboarding in Switzerland

Top 7 Places for Snowboarding in Switzerland

Going snowboarding in Switzerland is a fantastic experience. I went there dozens of times during my childhood on winter trips.

And later worked as an instructor in the Swiss Alps. So it’s safe to say I have some insider knowledge about the best snowboarding resorts in Switzerland.

Every resort has breathtaking scenery. And amazing food. But some are designed better for snowboarders than others.

This complete guide shares my knowledge about which resorts are best for snowboarders. I have listed my top 7 resorts in order. And answered some of the most common questions I get.

Let’s jump in.

7 Resorts for Snowboarding in Switzerland (Quick Rankings)

  1. Best overall: Davos
  2. Second best: Zermatt
  3. Best freestyle: Leysin
  4. Best freeride: Verbier
  5. Biggest Terrain: Morgins
  6. Best Value for Money: Andermatt
  7. Best Luxury Resort: Gstaad
Zermatt Snowboarding Resort in Switzerland

Does Switzerland Have Good Snowboarding?

Switzerland is one of the best countries in the world for snowboarding.

It has huge resorts with reliable snow conditions.

The Swiss lift systems are very efficient and well-maintained. So it’s for snowboarders to get around the mountain – without having to walk across flat sections.

Switzerland is home to some of the highest snowboarding in the world. This means reliable snow at all times of the year.

Switzerland also has the best views. I have visited hundreds of resorts across 3 continents and the Swiss Alps is the most beautiful area.

You will also find world-class snow parks and freeride terrain. Two favourite past times of snowboarders.

The only negative of Switzerland is the price. It’s an expensive place to holiday.

But if you can afford it – then you should go. It’s an amazing place.

Snowboarders in Switzerland

Top 7 Resorts for Snowboarding in Switzerland Reviewed

Best Overall: Davos

Davos is one of the oldest snowboarding towns in Switzerland. The first lift was built over 80 years ago.

The historic town is large, with loads of accommodation. You have access to 6 separate ski areas from the town. All of which will require some transport to reach the first lift.

Davos is not well known for having a beautiful town or bustling nightlife. But it does have the best snowboarding in Switzerland.

My experiences riding in Davos have all been positive. The multiple ski areas give access to freeride and terrain parks that are popular with snowboarders.

My favourite area in Davos to snowboard is Jakobshorn. It has a fantastic halfpipe at the base – near the town. And you can find awesome tree lines if you are brave enough to go off-piste.

Another plus of Davos is the reliable snow conditions. High peaks make for great snow. I have never been disappointed by the snow coverage in this resort.

Keep in mind that Davos is not the most friendly resort for beginners. Multiple rope tows and flat sections exist around the mountain. And it can be quite steep on the final sections heading into the town.

But experienced riders will have endless snowboarding and a variety of terrain. I love riding in Davos and I am sure your experience will be the same.


  • Freeride: 9/10
  • Freestyle: 9/10
  • Pistes: 9/10
  • Apres Ski: 7/10
  • Value: 8/10
  • Beginners: 7/10

Overall rating: 8.2/10

Davos snowboarding resort

Second best: Zermatt

Zermatt is one of the most famous resorts in the world. I have spent a lot of time in Zermatt working as an instructor.

It’s home to the highest snowboarding in Europe. The glacier sits at over 12,000 feet. And you can ride a 10-mile run to the base of the mountain. That’s an amazing vertical drop.

The glacier is home to some of the world’s best summer snowboarding and skiing. And has a great snow park that’s open year-round.

Zermatt is also connected to the resort of Cervinia – which is home to another park and border cross.

You can find plenty of freeride scattered across the vast terrain. And intermediate riders enjoy cruising the long blues coming into the resort.

No review of Zermatt is complete without mentioning the views. Seeing the iconic Matterhorn from all angles is awesome.


  • Freeride: 8/10
  • Freestyle: 8/10
  • Pistes: 9/10
  • Apres Ski: 7/10
  • Value: 6/10
  • Beginners: 8/10

Overall Rating: 7.7/10

Zermatt Snowboarding Resort

Best for freestyle: Leysin

I spent my first season as an instructor working in Leysin. I have fond memories of this awesome resort.

It’s smaller than some of the resorts on this list. But still offers loads of riding suitable for all abilities.

Leysin ranks number one for freestyle thanks to its complete terrain park. Everything from basic boxes to monster kickers is included.

They host some amazing freestyle competitions as well.

The mountain has a range of slopes suitable for beginners and intermediates. It does lack steeper terrain and there is not much freeride to attempt.

Leysin is much more affordable than the larger resorts. The mountain is scattered with great restaurants serving traditional Swiss food. And good pizza.

The small town has a couple of great apres bars as well. Highly recommended.


  • Freeride: 6/10
  • Freestyle: 9/10
  • Pistes: 7/10
  • Apres Ski: 8/10
  • Value: 8/10
  • Beginners: 8/10

Overall Rating: 7.7/10

Leysin Snowboarding resort in Switzerland

Best for freeride: Verbier

Another famous Swiss resort. And for good reason. Verbier is a powerhouse of freeride snowboarding.

Powder days are on another level in Verbier. Large faces of ridable off-piste are easily accessible by the vast lift system.

Just make sure you follow the instruction of a guide. Especially when there is a high risk of avalanche.

Verbier is part of the 4 Vallees – which has over 400km of piste. You will find loads of intermediate terrain. Mostly cruisy red slopes.

My visits to Verbier have involved great apres ski. And I am sure yours will as well.

I would say that Verbier is the best Swiss resort for nightlife. If you can afford it.

The popularity of Verbier has led to high prices. So make sure you plan your budget carefully.

Finances aside, this is a fantastic resort. And well worth a trip. Especially if you love backcountry riding.


  • Freeride: 10/10
  • Freestyle: 7/10
  • Pistes: 7/10
  • Apres Ski: 9/10
  • Value: 5/10
  • Beginners: 7/10

Overall Rating: 7.5/10

Verbier snowboard resort in Switzerland

Biggest Terrain: Morgins

I have included Morgins on this list because it’s part of the world’s biggest ski area. The Portes du Soleil.

I previously spent some time instructing in Morgins and was amazed by the snow on offer.

The ridable area is enormous. Connecting across three countries. You will never ski the same slope twice.

Long, cruisy blues are everywhere – satisfying intermediates. There is also some great off-piste around Morgins for more adventurous riders.

The amount of holidaymakers is one drawback of Morgins. It can get busy in the resort – and lift lines can be long during the school holidays.

They also have a lot of rope tows in the Morgins area that may frighten beginners.

But intermediate and advanced riders looking for endless terrain should visit this resort. You will never get bored.


  • Freeride: 8/10
  • Freestyle: 7/10
  • Pistes: 8/10
  • Apres Ski: 6/10
  • Value: 7/10
  • Beginners: 6/10

Overall Rating: 7/10

Morgins snowboard resort in Switzerland

Best Value for Money: Andermatt

Switzerland is one of the most expensive countries in the world. I remember spending all of my instructor’s salary on food and drink. I rarely ended the winter season with much saved!

The best resort I can recommend for a budget trip is Andermatt. Because it still provides great skiing – but without the ridiculous prices.

Andermatt is a really old Swiss village. The architecture is great but the apres ski is still quiet in comparison to the more modern resorts.

You will find fantastic freeride terrain across the mountain. The snow is very reliable and powder seems to last a lot longer in this resort.

On-piste terrain is also vast and varied – including plenty of intermediate blues and reds.

My memory of this resort features a disjointed lift system. And long lines during school holidays and powder days.

Andermatt has continued to gain popularity over the last decade. And I see this trend continuing.

Now is a great time to go and grab yourself a bargain trip. Before popularity causes an increase in prices.


  • Freeride: 9/10
  • Freestyle: 6/10
  • Pistes: 7/10
  • Apres Ski: 6/10
  • Value: 9/10
  • Beginners: 7/10

Overall Rating: 7.3/10

Andermatt snowboard resort in Switzerland

Best Luxury Resort: Gstaad

The most exclusive resort in Switzerland.

The town is a huge attraction. Lined with luxury shopping and obscenely expensive cuisine.

It’s a beautiful place. If you can afford it.

I took many day trips here while working in other nearby resorts. And really enjoyed snowboarding on this mountain.

The mountain has plenty of off-piste. We used to enjoy snowboarding in the trees and jumping off the rock drops that can be found right next to the slopes.

The pistes themselves offer enough variety for skiers of all abilities. And the resort is easy to navigate thanks to an efficient lift system.

Plus there are rarely any lift lines!

I would highly recommend Gstaad – especially if you love a bit of luxury.


  • Freeride: 9/10
  • Freestyle: 7/10
  • Pistes: 8/10
  • Apres Ski: 8/10
  • Value: 4/10
  • Beginners: 8/10

Overall Rating: 7.3/10

Gstaad in Switzerland

Where is the best snowboarding in Switzerland for beginners?

The best snowboarding resorts in Switzerland for beginners are Zermatt, Leysin and Gstaad.

All of these resorts have beginner slopes that are easy to access for first-time riders. And long green and blue slopes that are perfect for learning new skills.

These resorts also have English-speaking instructors. And easy access to lessons.

None of these resorts get overcrowded either. Especially if you go outside of school holidays.

Learning to snowboard

What is the best month to Snowboard in Switzerland?

January is the best month to snowboard in Switzerland.

The colder temperatures keep the snow in great condition. And resorts have been open long enough to have full snow coverage.

Powder days are most common in January.

And the Swiss resorts are quiet because the kids are in school. So you can skip the lift lines.

Snowboarding in Swiss Powder

My advice about snowboarding in Switzerland

I have been snowboarding in over 10 countries. And Switzerland is one of my favourites.

The architecture in the resorts is stunning. And the mountain views are the best I have seen.

I love the food. Fondue and raclette are delicious traditional Swiss meals. The chocolate is also great.

Switzerland is a clean country. And just an overall great place to be.

The resorts have great skiing. The smaller resorts are much quieter than those in neighbouring countries. Which I love.

The biggest downside is the cost. Switzerland is notoriously expensive.

But don’t let the price put you off. I believe Switzerland is a great place to snowboard and I highly recommend checking it out for yourself.