Best Walkie Talkies For Skiing

Top 5 Best Walkie Talkies For Skiing of 2024

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If you’re going skiing with a group of friends, or heading for a family holiday, making sure you stay in touch on the slopes is important.

Using walkie talkies is a great way to maintain contact with your group on the mountain. They provide an extremely practical and reliable way to stay connected, without relying on phone signal or 3G data.

In this article, we discuss the best walkie talkies for skiing. We analyse the data, give you the key points and assess the pros and cons to help you stay connected this winter.

Best Walkie Talkie For Skiing At A Glance




  • Up to 5 miles range on typical mountain terrain

  • Over 30 hours of battery life

  • Super clarity and connection quality

  • Splash resistant JIS4 waterproof protection

  • Weather alert radio with weather scan

  • Easy hands free voice and sound activation


  • Fully waterproof IP67 rating

  • 10-12 hours of transmitting battery

  • VOX fully handsfree operation



  • Fully waterproof IP67 rating

  • Built-in flashlight with white and red LEDs

  • 11 real time weather channels



  • IP54 waterproof and dustrproof rating

  • VOX voice activated transmission

  • NOAA weather and alerts


Why Do I Need The Best Walkie Talkie For Skiing?

Staying connected to your friends and family on the mountain is an important part of any ski trip. In terms of safety and practicality, it is considered vital for many.

Using your hand phone on the slopes is often impractical and sometimes impossible. Unlike mobile phones: walkie talkies are extremely durable, easy to use and don’t rely on phone signal or 3G.

Whether you’re heading off-piste with your pals, or making sure your kids are safe on the slopes, using walkie talkies can help you avoid a host of potentially serious situations.

Hint: Getting the right technology for the mountain environment is a key part of any ski trip. With that in mind, we also have articles that review the best headphones for skiing and the best watch for skiing.

Best Walkie Talkies For Skiing
The Best Ski Walkie Talkies Can Keep You Smiling On The Slopes

How To Choose The Best Walkie Talkies For Skiing

Weather Proofing

The mountain can be a hostile environment, having range of weather conditions that can prove challenging for electronics. The last thing you need is your walkie talkies breaking down on the mountain, so making sure it’s prepared to brave the storm is essential.

Most walkie talkies will provide some level of water-resistance. However, each model can differ in its waterproofing potential.

Waterproofing capability in electronics is measured using an IPX rating. Look for models rated IPX4 or above for water-resistance, or IPX6 for full waterproofing.

All of the products on this list are designed to be weather proof and snow proof. Take the time to asses all the options and understand the level of proofing required for your activity.


Making sure your 2-way radios have a long range is vital if you want them to be effective on the mountain. If a member of your group skis out of range, then your walkie talkies instantly become almost useless.

Often, you will not plan to be separated from your peers by much more than a couple of miles. However, ski safety is all about planning for every eventuality, so make sure you round up when establishing your required range.

Best Walkie Talkies For Skiing
Making Sure You Are Well Connected Is Important

Battery Life

Investing in walkie talkies is a great way to stay connected on the mountain. However, if the battery is not capable of lasting the full day on the slopes, then your shrewd investment will quickly become ineffective.

One of the best advantages of 2-way radios is their long battery life. Some options can last multiple days from a single charge, making them a practical way to maintain communication.

Additionally, some walkie talkies use AA or AAA batteries, making it possible to change them on the mountain if necessary. Carrying a portable charger or spare batteries is the best way to make sure you stay connected on the slopes.

Best Walkie Talkies For Skiing
Battery Life Can Make All the Difference On The Mountain


Many of the best walkie talkies for skiing offer a range of handy features. Some of the most popular added extras include LED lights, choice of notification options and practical product designs.

One of the most useful mountain features is NOAA weather alert, which connects with local weather stations to bring you warnings and predictions. This is a great help to keep you safe in the ever-changing mountain environment, while also aiding with route planning when heading off-piste.

Consider which features are most important to your on-slope needs to make an informed purchase. Each walkie talkie has its own key points, so take the time to assess every option and make the best decision.

The Best Walkie Talkies For Skiing Reviewed

Samcom Ski Walkie Talkie

Samcom Ski Walkie Talkie

Key Features

  • Range: 1-5 miles in typical backcountry terrain
  • Battery Life: 30 hours (standby), 12 hours (work)
  • Weather Proofing: Water resistant
  • Weather and Alerts: No

These Samcom Walkie Talkies are designed specifically to keep skiers connected on the slopes. Offering up to 30 hours of battery life and a range that can extend up to 5 miles in typical off-piste terrain; these walkie talkies are built for mountain adventure.

Created with outdoor adventure in mind, these are some of the most durable walkie talkies on the market. They have a drop-proof durability and have ample water-resistance to deal with harsh mountain weather.

These Samcom 2-way radios have more than enough quality to support your time on the mountain. Their practicality, reliability and clarity make them some of the best walkie talkies for skiing.


  • Up to 30 hours battery life
  • Roughly 5 miles backcountry skiing range)
  • Durable outer shell
  • Full battery recharge in 5 hours
  • Great clarity
  • Still works well in built-up areas
  • Simple and reliable


  • Not the longest range
  • Weather-resistance could be improved

Midland GXT1000VP4 Ski Walkie Talkie

Midland GXT1000VP4 Ski Walkie Talkie

Key Features

  • Range: Up to 36 miles (5 miles with obstruction)
  • Battery Life: 24 hours (AAA), 8 hours (battery pack)
  • Weather Proofing: Splash resistant
  • Weather and Alerts: Yes (NOAA)

The Midland GXT1000VP4 Ski Walkie Talkies are packed with high-end features that make them a great option for mountain enthusiasts. They have an excellent average range of 5 miles when in a mountain environment, while also possessing enough battery power to fuel any adventure.

These walkie talkies use eVOX voice activation for fully hands-free operation. Additionally, they use NOAA weather scan technology to assess your surroundings and sound an alarm if there is risk of severe weather in your area.

These Walkie Talkies from Midland are some of the best on the market. They offer great connectivity and practical features that are more than capable of keeping you safe on the slopes.


  • 5 miles obstructed range
  • Up to 24 hours battery life
  • Hands-free voice activation
  • NOAA weather scan and alerts
  • Privacy channel codes
  • Vibrate alert option
  • Splash proof (JIS4 rating)


  • Long charging time
  • Receiver can be noisy
  • Battery life can be an issue

Retevis RT48 Ski Walkie Talkie

Retevis RT48 Ski Walkie Talkies

Key Features

  • Range: 2 miles (depending on obstruction)
  • Battery Life: 10-12 hours of operation
  • Weather Proofing: 100% waterproof
  • Weather and Alerts: No

Retevis have designed the RT48 Walkie Talkies to provide durability and versatility in the winter sports environment. They have an IP67 waterproof rating, making then fully submergible and dust proof.

These ski walkie talkies are USB chargeable and have a battery that can last between 10-12 hours. They also have an emergency alarm that can sense extreme changes in position and motion for added safety.

The Retevis RT48 Ski Walkie Talkies are durable, reliable and can provide excellent sound quality. They are well suited to the mountain environment and a great option for anyone looking to stay connected.


  • Fully waterproof
  • Durable design
  • 2 miles obstructed range
  • 10-12 hours battery life
  • Emergency alarm
  • VOX hands-free transmission
  • Clear sound quality


  • Clips are not the best quality
  • Will not program with other Retevis models

Motorola T600 Ski Walkie Talkie

Motorola T600 Ski Walkie Talkies

Key Features

  • Range: 35 miles (2 miles in urban conditions)
  • Battery Life: 23 hours (AA), 9 hours (battery pack)
  • Weather Proofing: 100% waterproof
  • Weather and Alerts: Yes (NOAA)

The Motorola T600 Ski Walkie Talkies offer the durability and features required in the mountain environment. They have an extra long battery life of up to 23 hours and at least 2 miles of range in severely obstructed conditions.

These walkie talkies are some of the most durable around, with an IP67 fully waterproof rating and highly durable design. In addition, they offer NOAA weather updates for added safety and practicality.

If you are looking for walkie talkies that are packed full of practical features, while offering the weatherproofing required on the mountain, the Motorola T600 might be your best bet. They offer everything you need to maintain communication on the slopes.


  • Up to 23 hours battery life
  • Over 2 miles highly obstructed range
  • Fully waterproof (IP67)
  • NOAA weather alerts
  • Water activated flashlight
  • White and red LED lights
  • VOX for hands-free use
  • Emergency alert button


  • Sound not always loud enough
  • Can show signs of wear and tear

Cobra RX680 Ski Walkie Talkie

Cobra RX680 Ski Walkie Talkies

Key Features

  • Range: 38 miles (3 miles obstructed)
  • Battery Life: Up to 18 hours run time
  • Weather Proofing: Wester resistant (IP54)
  • Weather and Alerts: Yes (NOAA)

Cobra have designed the RX680 Ski Walkie Talkies to provide connectivity and durability in any environment. They have an obstructed range of 5 miles and a battery that is built to last up to 18 hours; making them more than capable of powering your day on the slopes.

These walkie talkies are weather proof and dust proof, making them more than capable of standing up to the mountain elements. Additionally, they offer NOAA weather alerts and VOX voice activation to make them extremely practical in any snowsports environment.

The Cobra RX680 have a great range of features and a reliable design, making them some of the best walkie talkies for skiing. They provide more than enough battery and range to keep you connected on the slopes this season.


  • 3 miles obstructed range
  • Up to 18 hours run time
  • Splash proof (IP54)
  • NOAA weather alerts
  • VOX hands-free voice activation
  • Emergency alert button


  • Range could be better
  • Not fully waterproof

Summing Up

With the invention of smart phones, the benefits of using 2-way radios can often be overlooked. However, the key features listed in this article prove they still play a useful role in ski safety and performance.

The best walkie talkies for skiing are designed to keep your group connected in all conditions. Be sure to look through the options, analyse the key features and assess the pros and con to find the design that works for you.

Every option on this list is more than capable of keeping you in touch with your friends and family on the mountain this winter.