Best Suspenders For Ski Pants

Best Suspenders For Ski Pants: Top 4 of 2024

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Ski pants can often feel bulky and heavy, so keeping them secured isn’t always easy. Some people find their waistband just isn’t sufficient when gliding and carving, making the best ski pant suspenders a necessity.

A great pair of suspenders will make sure your pants stay on when the going gets tough. They will give you the comfort and confidence required to produce your best skiing.

In this article, we have assessed and reviewed the best suspenders for ski pants. Weighing up the pros and cons of each option, we have given you the hard facts to help you make an informed decision.

Best Suspenders For Ski Pants At A Glance




    • Non-slip plastic clasps won't fray ski pants

    • Durable 1.5in wide poly-blend elastic straps

    • Solid x-back design with real leather crosspatch



    • Adjustable length suitable for up to 6.4 feet

    • 1.5in strong polyester and elastodiene straps

    • Strong and durable metal clasps



    • Front and back length adjustable

    • Back panel improves comfort

    • 'Goggle-style' webbing makes straps feel secure



    • 1.5in durable stretch nylon construction

    • Specially designed pant clips won't cause damage

    • Convenient molded adjustment system



    Why Do I Need The Best Suspenders For Ski Pants?

    Ski pants aren’t always secure around the waist. Since they contain plenty of heavy-duty material and insulation, they usually weigh more than regular pants.

    The added weight of your pants can often lead to them feeling insecure around the waistband. If you don’t make sure this problem is solved, you could be risking an embarrassing ski slope incident.

    If you feel uncomfortable in your pants, it’s sure to affect your skiing. Making sure your clothing is secure and comfortable is the first step to improved technique.

    The best ski pants suspenders will make sure your not pulling your pants up any time soon. Designed to be heavy duty and effective, they will keep your ski pants secure throughout any skiing situation.

    Best Suspenders For Ski Pants
    The best ski pants suspenders will keep you feeling comfortable

    How To Choose The Best Suspenders For Ski Pants


    The material your suspenders are constructed from will often dictate their performance. You should look products made predominantly from strong and durable fabric, which is blended with a ‘stretchy’ material.

    Most suspenders are designed using polyester. It’s strong, tear-resistant and cost effective; making it a popular choice with skiers and manufacturers.

    Some of the best ski pants suspenders will add cotton into their polyester blend. A popular choice, it combines the comfortable feel of cotton with the strength and durability of polyester.

    You will then find that elastic is often blended into the fabric to add some stretch. When looking for highly durable suspenders, you should look for a lower ratio of elastic; giving you a small amount of stretch without compromising strength.

    Best Suspenders For Ski Pants
    Suspenders need to be strong if you want to use them on the mountain


    The width of your suspenders’ fabric will have a significant impact on their durability. Like you might expect, you should be looking towards the wider options if you want them to survive on the mountain.

    Suspenders generally have width of 1-2 inches (2.5-5cm). Since we are prioritising strength and durability, you should be looking at suspenders of at least 1.5 inches (3.8cm).

    Everyday dress suspenders are often thinner than those designed for the slopes. Although they are well suited for office wear, they do not have the heavy-duty design required on the mountain.


    Not all suspenders are designed to fit all sizes. Although they are often adjustable, you need to keep an eye on the minimum and maximum length.

    If you are taller than average, be sure to look for options that are designed to fit ‘big and tall’. Most suspenders are produced with a large amount of adjustability, with maximum sizes often reaching well over 6ft (183cm).


    If you want your suspenders to work effectively, you better make sure the clasps are strong. Since they grip directly onto your ski pants, you need them to be safe and secure.

    Most ski suspenders use plastic clasps. Designed to be softer than metal, they are a good option for anyone concerned about damaging their pants. However, they can sometimes lack due strength of metal options.

    Some ski suspenders use metal clasps. Strong and durable, they are capable of holding up the heaviest pants. However, some include metal teeth that can cause irreparable damage to your ski pants, so keep this in mind when assessing your options.

    Every product in this guide will have a different clasp system that is specifically designed for the rigours of skiing. Regular suspenders don’t usually have the clasp strength to work on the mountain, so looking for ski specific products is important.

    Best Suspenders For Ski Pants
    Make sure your suspenders are securely attached!

    Best Suspenders For Ski Pants Reviewed

    Holdup Ski-Ups Suspenders

    Key Features

    • Material: Cotton, Polyester, Elastic
    • Width: 1.5 Inches (3.8cm)
    • Clasp: Plastic

    The Holdup Ski-Ups suspenders are ideally suited for life on the slopes. Using a cotton poly-blend that is combined with elastic, they are strong and stretchy enough for the toughest mountain days.

    Designed using an x-back shape with and real leather crosspatch, these suspenders offer great comfort. In addition, they have plastic no-slip gripper clasps that provide security without fraying your ski pants.

    If you’re in the market for some solid suspenders, the Holdup Ski-Ups are a great choice. They have a reliable clasp locking system and a durable design that is trusted by many skiers.


    • Durable cotton and polyester blend
    • ‘Clamp shut’ secure gripper clasps
    • Real leather crosspatch
    • 48in adjustable length
    • Water-resistant construction
    • Comfortable x-back design


    • Adjustment buckles don’t always stay in place
    • Some skiers might find them too heavy

    Decalen Hevy Duty Suspenders

    Key Features

    • Material: Polyester, Elastodiene
    • Width: 1.5 Inches (3.8cm)
    • Clasp: Metal

    The Decalen Heavy Duty Suspenders are designed to be strong and durable. Constructed from polyester and elastodiene, they provide a great amount of strength with the stretch required for a comfortable fit.

    The length adjustable design is made to be ‘one size fits all’, with a maximum recommended height of 6’4″ being enough for most skiers. In addition, their ultra strong metal clips are enough to hold even the heaviest ski pants.

    If you’re looking for durable a reliable suspenders, this option from Decalen won’t let you down. Made from durable materials with a quality design, they are sure to improve the security of your ski pants.


    • Polyester construction is durable
    • Elastodiene blend adds stretch
    • 1.5in width for heavy duty strength
    • Reliable metal clips
    • Length adjustable up to 6’4″
    • Versatile design can be worn with most pants


    • Not suitable for skiers over 6’4″
    • Fabric is prone to fraying around the clip area

    Oakley Factory Suspenders

    Key Features

    • Material: Nylon, Latex, Polyester, PVC
    • Width: 1.5 Inches (3.8cm)
    • Clasp: TPU Plastic

    Oakley are a known producer of quality ski gear, with their Factory suspenders being a great example. They use nylon and polyester for strength and durability, while also adding latex and PVC for a ‘goggle-style’ webbing that feels secure.

    Using TPU clips that won’t damage your ski pants, they have a sure-grip snap design. In addition, they can be adjusted at the front and back for a comfortable fit.

    The Oakley Factory suspenders are a great option to keep your ski pants on this winter. Featuring a highly adjustable and comfortable design, they are a great purchase for any skier.


    • Polyester and nylon material is durable
    • Goggle-style webbing straps are secure
    • Front and back adjustable
    • Large and comfortable back panel
    • Plastic sure-grip clasps won’t damage your pants


    • Clasps not as reliable as some other options
    • Top price bracket

    Chums Ski Suspenders

    Chums Suspenders For Ski Pants

    Key Features

    • Material: Nylon
    • Width: 1.5 Inches (3.8cm)
    • Clasp: Plastic

    The Chums Ski Suspenders are designed to keep skiers feeling secure and comfortable on the slopes. Made from stretch nylon fabric, they provide a great combination of comfort stretch and durable strength.

    The clasps are made from plastic with an ‘action pants’ design that provides strength during extreme sports. They offer versatile length changing with easy to use molded adjusters.

    If you’re looking for reliable suspenders that are made for skiers, the Chums Ski Suspenders are a good choice. They are made from durable fabric and have clasps that are designed not to damage your ski pants.


    • Stretch nylon material is durable
    • 1.5in width provides strength
    • Clasps won’t damage your ski pants
    • Adjustable back crossover location
    • Versatile length adjustment


    • Clasps often release too easily
    • Diamond back adjuster doesn’t always stay in place

    Summing Up

    When you’re trying to perfect your ski technique, you need to make sure your clothing is up to the task. Feeling comfortable is the first step towards confidence, with secure gear being a vital part of ski performance.

    The best ski pants suspenders will give you one less thing to worry about. Safe with the knowledge that your pants are secure, you can proceed to produce your best skiing.

    All of the suspenders on this list are constructed with skiers in mind. Providing comfort and durability, they can have a big impact on your ski slope experience.