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Top 5 Best snowboard goggles under $100 of 2024

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I have worked as a snowsports instructor for over a decade – so I have learned a lot about how to get quality gear on a budget. Seeing my students arrive with different pairs of cheap snowboard goggles has given me insight into which ones work best.

Snowboarding is an expensive sport. But I don’t want the cost of equipment to stop you from getting started. So I have made this review of the best snowboard goggles under $100.

Every pair of goggles on this list will give you a good view of the slope. But my personal favourite is the Wildhorn Pipeline. They have the features of a premium product for a fraction of the price.

But they’re not the only great pair. Keep reading below to find the snowboard goggles that work best for you.

Ranking the best budget snowboard goggles

Comparing the best budget snowboard goggles




Stylish, full of features and excellent vision. The best budget snowboard goggles.

Wide field of view and great lens-changing system. Close second and great value for money.

Budget-friendly goggles with great vision and a strong design. Ideal for beginners.

Exceptional lens quality and reliable time-tested design. Small size for small faces.

Best women's specific snowboard goggles. Reliable design and vision.

Best For


Second Best


Small Faces



Wide vision, magnetic lens change, no fogging, durable, good lens quality

Magnetic lenses, wide vision, durable, good lens contrast, wide vision

Budget price, wide vision, durable, many lens tints available, trustworthy

Best lens quality, wide vision, durable, time-tested, stylish

Good fit for women, no fogging, cheap, trustworthy brand


Spare lenses not included

Not great with glasses, lens can get icy

Cannot change lenses

Spare lenses are expensive

Slow lens changing

Overall Rating

Changeable Lenses









TPU Frame


Flexible Frame

Why buy budget snowboard goggles?

Snowboarding requires a lot of equipment. And that adds up to be a large expense. But in reality, getting the gear you need on a budget is possible.

You can buy some great snowboard goggles for under $100. Sure, they might not be ‘top of the range’. But they are capable of providing beginner and intermediate riders with great vision.

I recommend sticking with cheaper goggles until you reach an expert level. Spending a fortune on goggles will not significantly improve your riding on regular slopes.

The budget goggles on this list are good enough to get you around the mountain. Save the rest of your money for snowboard lessons. That’s the best way to improve your skills.

Snowboarder wearing budget goggles

Do good snowboard goggles make a difference?

Absolutely. Good snowboarding goggles give you a better view of the slope. This gives you confidence and improves your ability. You will be less worried about your equipment, and more focussed on the slope.

During my time as an instructor, I have seen many riders ruin their time on the snow by struggling with poor-quality goggles. They tend to get foggy and have a restrictive field of vision. This leads to compromised technique and a frustrating experience.

The great thing is that good snowboard goggles don’t cost a fortune. You can get a great pair for under $100.

Every product on this list is proven to give you great vision. I have personally selected these options based on years of seeing them in use on the mountain. I know they are reliable enough for your ski trip.

Woman wearing cheap snowboard goggles

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Best Overall: Wildhorn Pipeline

Wildhorn Pipeline Budget Snowboard Goggles
  • Interchangeable lens: Yes (Magnetic)
  • OTG Compatible: Yes
  • Goggle Size: Large
  • Frame: Rimless

We have been a big fan of Wildhorn’s products for a number of years. During my time as an instructor, I have observed many of my snowboarding using these Pipeline goggles and have been impressed with their quality.

The first thing that stands out is lens quality. They provide clear vision of the snow, and a very wide field of view thanks to their rimless design. The lenses are also interchangeable by using a magnetic system that is very easy to use. These are premium features that are rarely seen on budget snowboard goggles.

The anti-fog on these goggles is very reliable – I have never seen them have any issues with fogging during my time on the mountain. They are also compatible with most helmets and seem to fit almost any face shape. So I recommend them for every rider.

One thing to note is that replacement lenses do need to be purchased separately. Although these lenses can easily be purchased from Amazon (link to lenses) for a budget price.

Overall I cannot recommend these goggles highly enough. Exceptional performance for under $100. My top pick.


  • Wide field of view
  • No fogging issues
  • Magnetic lens change
  • Durable design
  • Clear lens vision
  • Fit most faces
  • Look stylish


  • Replacement lenses cost extra

Second Best: 6fiftyfive Snowboard Goggles

6fiftyfive budget snowboard goggles
  • Interchangeable lens: Yes (Magnetic)
  • OTG Compatible: Yes
  • Goggle Size: Large
  • Frame: Rimless

I discovered 6fiftyfive while teaching Australian clients how to ski and was impressed by their quality. This Australian brand is really focussed on quality – and these goggles are priced well below their true value.

The features of these goggles are great for a budget product. The magnetic lens changing system is seamless and reliable. And the lens quality itself is crystal clear. Additional lenses can be bought here for a reasonable additional cost (link to lenses).

The biggest downside I have seen from these goggles is the potential to get ice inside the lens. I was teaching clients one day in freezing Canadian conditions and one rider has a brief issue with lens frost. But these was quickly wiped and didn’t return for the rest of the day.

I believe the durability and features of these goggles make them an excellent budget choice. They rank just behind the Wildhorn Pipeline due to the icing issue I mentioned – but are also cheaper. This is a trustworthy product that I would recommend.


  • Great quality lens
  • Magnetic lens changing
  • Wide field of view
  • Compatible with most helmets
  • Durable design
  • Great contrast when riding


  • Lens can be prone to icing in freezing conditions
  • Additional lenses cost extra
  • Users report discomfort when wearing them over glasses

Best For Budget: Wildhorn Cristo

Wildhorn Cristo Budget Snowboard Goggles
  • Interchangeable lens: No
  • OTG Compatible: Yes
  • Goggle Size: Medium
  • Frame: TPU Frame

The Wildhorn Cristo is the cheapest pair of goggles on our list. I discovered them while working with beginner snowboarders and was impressed by their quality for such an affordable price.

The Cristo lacks some of the advanced features found in the more expensive Wildhorn Pipeline. But the overall durability is good – thanks predominantly to a flexible design that will not fail if you drop them or sit on them.

These goggles are available in a range of lens tints, but be sure to choose the right one because they’re not changeable. I have found all of the lenses provide clear vision, but they all perform best in specific conditions. So think about the conditions you will be facing in the resort before making your purchase.

I personally never saw fogging issues with these goggles when on the mountain. But some users are reporting some fog when body temperatures are high.

That being said, these are budget goggles and are capable enough for new skiers to enjoy the mountain. Great bang for your buck.


  • Wife field of view
  • Durable design
  • Good visual lens quality
  • Range of lens tints available
  • Cheap


  • Potential for fogging
  • Lenses not interchangeable
  • Less field of view than more expensive (frameless) goggles

Best For Small Faces: Oakley Flight Deck XM

Oakley Flight Deck XM Snowboard Goggles
  • Interchangeable lens: Yes
  • OTG Compatible: Yes
  • Goggle Size: Medium
  • Frame: Frameless

Oakley is an exceptional eyewear company. The Flight Deck goggles have been a favourite of snowboarders for many years and I have personally owned a pair.

I can tell you from experience that the lens quality is fantastic. Brilliant contrast on the snow makes riding so much easier. And the frameless design gives you a wide field of view. The lenses are interchangeable so the goggles can be adapted to all light conditions.

Keep in mind that additional Oakley lenses can get expensive (shop lenses here). But you get what you pay for – the quality is exceptional.

This XM version of the flight deck is designed for small faces. It comes in at a lower price point because of the scaled-down size. Meaning they fall below $100 and make our review.

The quality of these goggles is fantastic and they have been tried and tested by many happy riders – including myself. I rate these as the best snowboard goggles under $100 for small faces.


  • Brilliant lens quality
  • Wide field of view
  • Great anti-fog
  • Durable design
  • Time tested reliability
  • Stylish design


  • Extra lenses are expensive
  • Not magnetic lens changing

Best For Women: Smith Vogue

Smith Vogue Cheap Snowboard Goggles
  • Interchangeable lens: Yes
  • OTG Compatible: Yes
  • Goggle Size: Medium
  • Frame: Flexible

Smith is a trusted goggle brand that has been around since 1965. And they design my favourite women’s specific snowboard goggles – the Vogue. I know multiple female riders who have used these goggles with great success.

The Vogue comes in a shape and size that works perfectly for women’s faces. The low-profile and flexible design moulds perfectly to your face. My clients have told me they conform to your face structure creating a nice seal. This improves comfort and helps to reduce fogging.

I have not had anyone in my lessons complain of fogging or vision issues. And when I look through the lens they have great contract and clarity. I would say the field of view is slightly reduced compared to larger frameless goggles on this list. But that’s to be expected from the reduced size and budget price.

They also have interchangeable lenses which is a great feature. But keep in mind it’s not as sleep as the magnetic system more expensive goggles offer.

But overall these are very reliable women’s snowboarding goggles for a very affordable price. I trust this product and happily recommend it to new female riders wanting a quality product for a sensible price.


  • Women’s specific design
  • Good face fit
  • Clear lens
  • No fogging issues
  • Cheap
  • Trusted brand


  • Lens changing could be simpler
  • Some users reporting strap not compatible with all helmets
  • Field of view a bit compromised by the frame

How to choose the right budget snowboard goggles


The goggles you choose should fit your face shape. They need to feel sealed to your skin. And not block your peripheral vision.

Anyone with a small face will be best suited to the Oakley Flight Deck XM. This goggle is specifically designed in a smaller size. The Smith Vogue is a low-profile goggle that also sits well on a smaller face.

Those with large faces may look for wide-view goggles. My favourite example is the Wildhorn Pipeline which works well with larger faces. They have a wide view, but they’re also very large goggles.

Remember that anyone wearing glasses needs to buy OTG goggles. I recommend the 6fiftyfive Snowboard Goggles for people with glasses. But most of the options in my review will also work for you.


Cheap goggles can break easily. The reduced price often leads to poor build quality. And that’s a problem.

I have seen many people have issues with poor-quality lenses. This leads to wasted time on the slopes, and wasted money renting a second pair of goggles.

The budget goggles in my reviews have proven durability. I have seen them work for my students so I trust their performance. They are also made by trusted brands.


Fogging is so annoying. It can ruin your time on the mountain.

You can’t snowboard if you can’t see. So you end up having a bad experience.

I have personally had issues with fogging in the past. So I know how frustrating it can be.

The goggles in this review all have anti-fog capability that is well above average. Some are slightly better than others, but they will all give you a good view of the slope.

Peripheral vision

Having tunnel vision leads to reduced performance. You will feel nervous if you cannot see the entire slope.

Modern goggles provide a very wide view of the slope. The wider goggles in my review provide the best peripheral vision – such as the Wildhorn Pipeline.

Smaller goggles often lead to a more restricted view. But this is often a compromise you must make when choosing budget goggles.

You will find every pair of goggles on this list has good peripheral vision – but some are slightly better than others.

Man wearing budget snowboard goggles

Should I get budget goggles for snowboarding?

You must have goggles for snowboarding. They protect your eyes from the glaring sun and falling snow.

Without goggles, the wind and brightness will be too strong. And you will not be able to see anything.

The goggles you can get for under $100 are capable of protecting your eyes from sun, wind and snow. Most come with a lens that is adaptable to many light conditions. And others come with interchangeable lenses.

Goggles are essential – and a foundational piece of a good snowboarding trip. But that doesn’t mean you need to spend a fortune. Find a pair on this list that fit your needs and you are set for the slopes.

Cheap snowboard goggles

Advice from an instructor

Choose your goggles carefully – because they have a big impact on your snowboarding trip.

Poor goggles impair your vision. This makes it difficult to learn and knocks your confidence because you cannot see the slope.

I have seen many students ruin a ski lesson because they had bad goggles. Fogging is the most common issue. But I have also seen a lack of peripheral vision cause fear.

I chose the goggles on this list because I want you to have an awesome snowboarding trip. Imagine wasting your time on the slopes messing around with your goggles. That is not ideal.

The options on this list tick all the boxes to set you up for success. They are reliable, capable in many conditions and affordable.

Now you are all set for an amazing trip. And you will be able to see your instructor! Happy days.