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Best snowboard for moguls: Top 5 of 2024

Last Updated on January 7, 2024 by James

Learning how to ride moguls is vital. But having the right board also makes a big difference.

I have been riding for over 20 years and instructing for 11. And have had the pleasure of trying countless boards on bumpy terrain.

I have used my experience to rate the best snowboard for moguls. So you can take your technique to the next level.

Best snowboard for moguls rankings

  1. Best Overall: Salomon Craft
  2. Best for Tricks: Burton Process
  3. Best for Powder Bumps: Yes. Greats UnInc
  4. Best for Tight Spaces: Gnu Riders Choice
  5. Best for Aggressive Riders: Jones Ultra Mountain Twin

Best Snowboard for Moguls Comparison




Lightweight and responsive mogul board that combines playfulness with control

A lightweight and forgiving board has enough pop for stylish riders

A versatile hard-charging board that can handle big landings and cut through choppy snow

Responsive board with a low swing-weight that's built for tight spaces

Powerful board that is stable at any speed and can carve on bumps

Best For



Powder Bumps

Tight Spaces



Lightweight, responsive, playful, edge hold, versatile, durable

Playful, poppy, lightweight, low swing weight. intermediate friendly

Good float, edge hold, responsive, stable at speed

Lightweight, easy to manoeuvre, poppy, playful, forgiving 

Stable at speed, can handle big landings, good edge hold


Lacking some power

Lacks edge hold at speed

Lacks some playfulness

Not powerful 

Not forgiving, for experts

Overall Rating


True Twin

True Twin

True Twin

True Twin

True Twin







What type of snowboard is best for moguls?

Here are the specifications you need:

  • Shorter length. This improves agility and makes the board lighter.
  • Medium width. Wide boards are less agile in short turns.
  • Soft-medium flex. This makes the board more forgiving on bumps while still being responsive.
  • Rocker-camber-rocker. This profile combines the pop and play of a rocker with the responsiveness of a camber.

Every rider likes to ride moguls in a different way. Some riders pop and spin off them. Others want to carve through them with power.

The boards I have recommended each have different specs. It’s about choosing the one that suits your riding style.

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Detailed Reviews

Best Overall: Salomon Craft

  • Profile: Rock Out Camber
  • Shape: True Twin
  • Flex: 3/5 (Moderate)
  • Ability: Intermediate-Advanced

The Salomon Craft is a versatile snowboard that is great for moguls. Well suited to any riding style and is my favourite board.

The rock out camber feels playful and forgiving. Yet it still maintains the responsiveness that other boards lack.

This leads to a lot of fun in the bumps. The board swings around fast in tight spaces. And pops out of the ruts if you want to add some style.

I also like the true twin shape. This gives you the chance to spin into switch when you’re having fun in the bumps. A true advantage.

The craft is a perfect allrounder. Precision and response meets playfulness. The best snowboard for moguls in my opinion.


  • Responsive
  • Lightweight
  • True twin for switch riding
  • Forgiving and playful
  • Can carve when you need it
  • Quality build
  • Versatile on other terrains. Not just a mogul board.


  • Lacks some power for ruthless mogul carvers

Best for Tricks: Burton Process

Burton Process Mogul Snowboard
  • Profile: Camber
  • Shape: True Twin
  • Flex: 2/5 (Soft)
  • Ability: Intermediate-Advanced

I have always been a fan of Burton snowboards. The Process is their best mogul board in my opinion. Especially if you like riding with swagger.

This is the softest board in my review. That means it lacks a little response, but it makes up for that in playfulness.

Popping and spinning feel awesome on the Burton Process.

It has a true twin design that seamlessly rides in switch. And the lightweight feeling and short length swings easy through tight gaps.

Don’t try carving on this board. That’s not what it’s made for.

But anyone looking to style their way through bumps will be happy. This is a really fun board and a top recommendation.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to swing in tight spaces
  • Poppy and playful
  • Forgiving
  • Low barrier to entry
  • A really fun board to ride


  • Lacks power at speed
  • Not a carving board

Best for Powder Bumps: Yes. Greats UnInc

Yes. Greats UnInc Snowboard
  • Profile: Rocker-Camber-Rocker
  • Shape: True Twin
  • Flex: 4/5 (Moderate-Stiff)
  • Ability: Advanced-Expert

The Yes. Greats UnInc crushes moguls. It’s a stiffer board that feels at home in steep, powdery bumps. The most challenging terrain.

One of the most responsive board in my review. It has a solid camber that gets some good edge hold. And whips through tight spaces.

But that balances well against the rockered nose and tail that keeps you floating through powder.

The stability offered by the Yes. Greats UnInc is some of the best-on-test. Pop off big powder bumps and feel the stability on landing. This board is second to none.

This is an expert board. The stiffness and power can be hard for intermediates to manage.

You will need to work hard when riding. But you will be rewarded with power and stability.


  • Great edge hold
  • Stable at speed
  • Can manage high pressure landings
  • Responsive
  • Cambered nose and tail keep you above powder


  • Not for intermediates
  • Lacks the playfulness of softer boards

Best for Tight Spaces: Gnu Riders Choice

Gnu Riders Choice Mogul Snowboard
  • Profile: Camber-Rocker-Camber
  • Shape: True Twin
  • Flex: 3/5 (Moderate)
  • Ability: Intermediate-Advanced

The Gnu Riders Choice is a time-tested board that is reliable for riders of most mogul ability levels.

It’s a forgiving board yet still has enough response for tight turns.

The agility you feel on the Riders Choice makes moguls manageable. You can get out of trouble by whipping the board around fast.

This board is also a lot of fun. I have ridden it myself and it does carry plenty of pop and play.

That pairs well with the true twin design. It also makes a great board for playing around and learning new tricks.

The riders choice is a versatile board. But it does lack the specialisation that advanced riders seek.

But that aside it’s a great option for anyone wanting a responsive board they can actually control.


  • Responsive
  • Whips around in tight spaces
  • Light swing weight
  • Poppy and playful
  • Forgiving enough for intermediates


  • Lacks power on the hardpack
  • Master of no trades

Best for Aggressive Riders: Jones Ultra Mountain Twin

Jones Ultra Mountain Twin Mogul Snowboard
  • Profile: Rocker-Camber
  • Shape: True Twin
  • Flex: 5/5 (Stiff)
  • Ability: Expert

The Ultra Mountain Twin is for experts only. And it feels amazing if you know how to handle it.

This board is popular amongst carving instructors and professionals. And it can handle really high pressure on the steepest bump lines.

The edge hold from this board is by far the best in my review. Yet it still maintains a level of pop and playfulness thanks to a CamRock profile.

You can stomp big landings on this board. And straight line through bump fields while still keeping control.

The most most difficult board to control if you don’t know how to use it. But the most powerful ride at any speed through mogul fields.

This board is truly for the power riders. And that’s why it makes my top 5.


  • Stable at high speed
  • Can stomp big landings
  • Still feels playful
  • Big pops off big bumps
  • Can handle anything your throw at it
  • Edge hold is great


  • Difficult to turn for beginners
  • The least forgiving board on test

Does the board make much difference in moguls?

You can ride moguls on any snowboard. But having the right board makes your life much easier.

I have been working as an instructor for 11 years. And I know that most snowboarders hate moguls.

And that’s because they’re difficult.

The problem people have is often due to equipment. Having a short and light board makes life so much easier.

Because this is all about turn speed. Having that sense of agility in the bumps makes a world of difference.

This doesn’t mean you can’t ride moguls on any snowboard. But you are making your life difficult if you have the wrong type of board.

Mogul Field

Mogul riding advice

Moguls are the most difficult thing to master. Most snowboarders are scared of them.

But getting the technique down removes your fear.

It’s all about balance and posture. Staying centred over the board and not leaning back is vital.

Most riders get scared and lean towards the hill. This makes them lose control. And have a bad experience.

Go in with confidence or don’t go there at all.

The right snowboard will help you feel more comfortable. But there is no substitute for a snowboard lesson.

Summing Up

The best snowboard for moguls is based on your personal preference.

I have recommended these boards because I know they work for me. And countless other riders I have worked with.

Every board brings something different. But they are all capable of slaying the bumps.

Choose an option and get rocking. Getting good at moguls takes a lot of practice.

So make sure you spend plenty of time on the snow this winter.