Best Skis For Moguls

The Best Skis For Moguls: Top 4 of 2024

Last Updated on January 7, 2024 by James

Mogul skiing is incredibly fun. However, it can also be seriously challenging.

Technique, fitness, confidence and equipment are all part of effective bumps skiing. If you’re lacking in any of these key areas, you will likely not have much fun on the hill.

In this article, we are aiming to improve your ability by outlining the best skis for moguls. Every pair of mogul skis on this list has the characteristics required for performance in the bumps.

Best Skis For Moguls At A Glance




    • 66mm width for fast edge changing

    • Lightweight and impact resistant core

    • High amount of camber adds turning control



    • 61mm waist for quickness and stability in bumps

    • 10mm underfoot camber adds pop

    • Durable and rigid construction



    • Steady and stable on hard packed bumps

    • Multi radius sidecut adapts to any turn size

    • Quick underfoot at any speed



    • 'Air tip' designed to absorb shocks and stabilize

    • 'Ski-to-snow' contact system is responsive

    • Forgiving and versatile for intermediate mogul skiers



    Why Do I Need The Best Skis For Moguls?

    Mogul skiing can often split opinion within the snowsports community. Some skiers can’t get enough of the bumps, while others shudder at the mere thought of them.

    Skiers usually focus on technique and athleticism when trying to improve their mogul performance. However, the importance of equipment is often overlooked.

    Making sure you have suitable skis can instantly improve your performance. Most piste or powder skis don’t have the attributes required for optimal technique, making your life on the bumps challenging.

    The best skis for moguls are designed to be stable and responsive. They will have a significant impact on your performance and give you the platform required to advance your ability.

    Hint: If you’re looking for skis that are designed for more than just moguls, we have also reviewed the best all-mountain skis.

    Best Skis For Moguls
    Stability and responsiveness are key mogul ski attributes (Image: Dominic Trewin CC BY 2.0)

    How To Choose the Best Skis For Moguls


    Unless you are a competitive athlete, the main aim of mogul skiing is usually to control your speed. In order to achieve this, you should look for a shorter than average ski length.

    Shorter skis are far more manoeuvrable in the bumps, allowing quicker reactions and improved control. They are also lighter in weight due to their reduced size, improving your ability to turn your feet at speed.

    Modern day skiers often prefer longer skis. Although well suited to skiing at speed, they often lack the responsive feel of shortened mogul skis.

    Best Skis For Moguls
    Shorter skis will help you in the bumps


    The width of your skis can have a big impact on their responsiveness and manoeuvrability. When assessing the best mogul skis, we will be looking at narrower options.

    Although many skiers opt for wide skis, they are not well suited to moguls. The aim of bumps skiing is too produce short and sharp turns, which is especially difficult on wide skis.

    If you’re shopping for a dedicated mogul ski, you will often be looking at ski widths under 70mm. However, if you plan on exploring the rest of the mountain, you might want to opt for something slightly wider.

    Turn Radius

    We often associate mogul skiing with lightning fast turns. It’s easy to see how this could lead us to believe that a ski with a ‘short turn radius’ is required. However, this is not necessarily the case.

    Most dedicated mogul skis are relatively straight. Commonly using a turning radius of 20m or above, they are not well equipped for grippy short turns.

    However, when skiing moguls you will usually be aiming for a skidded turn. The preferred technique is often to rotate your feet, using skid to control speed.

    Using a straighter ski will allow you to rotate your feet without your edges digging in and causing a gripping turn. Your direction of travel will continue down the slope, while your skis are facing across.

    Best Skis For Moguls
    Turn radius is an interesting subject when discuss mogul skis

    Best Skis For Moguls Reviewed

    K2 244 Mogul Skis

    Key Features

    • Available Lengths (cm): 153, 163, 173
    • Waist Width (mm): 66
    • Turn Radius (m): 26
    • Best For: Pure Mogul Skiers

    The K2 244 are purpose built mogul skis that have all the attributes required to improve performance in the bumps. Using a super-slim 66mm waist width, they are manoeuvrable in tight spaces and are capable of extremely quick edge changes.

    Featuring a super stiff design with plenty of camber, these skis offer lightning fast rotation without affecting stability. The core is constructed from wood that reduces weight but still retains a lively and energetic feel that’s best for mogul skiing.

    If you take mogul skiing seriously, the K2 244 mogul skis might be your best option. Stiff, skinny and cambered; they are perfectly designed for speed and stability in the bumps.


    • Slim waist for quick edge changes
    • Stiff design gives stability
    • Lightweight and manoeuvrable
    • High camber for quick turns
    • Energetic wood core design
    • Durable construction is ideal for moguls


    • Not well suited to all-mountain terrain
    • Intermediate skiers will find it difficult to control

    Faction Mogul Skis

    Faction Mogul Skis

    Key Features

    • Available Lengths (cm): 160, 166, 172
    • Waist Width (mm): 61
    • Turn Radius (m): 24
    • Best For: Pure Mogul Skiers

    The Faction Mogul Skis have a ‘bumps specific’ design that can take your performance to the next level. Using an incredibly skinny 61mm waist they allow supremely quick rotation and edge changing.

    With 10mm of underfoot camber, these skis are well designed to maintain control by keeping your skis in contact with the snow. Featuring a poplar and beach wood core, they have great rigidity while still remaining light and manoeuvrable.

    The Faction Mogul Skis have all the attributes required for blistering speed when skiing moguls. Using a rigid design, slim waist and plenty of camber gives you the perfect mix of control and pop that will surely improve your performance.


    • Skinny 61mm is super nimble
    • Rigid build provides stability
    • Camber improves control through snow contact
    • Great pop on bumps and jumps
    • Durable and lightweight wood core
    • Highly responsive at any speed


    • Might be too skinny for snow that’s not solid
    • Too much ski for the average mogul skier

    Volkl Kendo

    Best Skis For Moguls Volkl Kendo

    Key Features

    • Available Lengths (cm): 163, 170, 177, 184
    • Waist Width (mm): 88
    • Turn Radius (m): 30 @ 177mm
    • Best For: Hard Chargers

    If you’re a high-level all-mountain skiers looking for skis that will support you through moguls, the Volkl Kendo’s are an excellent choice. Using a super stiff and durable construction, these skis are extremely stable on hard packed bumps and will instil confidence at speed.

    Featuring a cambered design, they are well set to improve control while still remaining lively when necessary. Despite their width and stiffness, the skis remain responsive and can provide a fast turn initiation that’s fundamental for mogul skiing.

    The Volkl Kendo’s are a great ski for on-piste hard-chargers that are looking for for mogul stability. Using of a stiff and durable design, they are a powerful set of skis that are sure to satisfy your mogul needs.


    • Stiff design is stable at speed
    • Camber provides solid control
    • Lively and responsive when necessary
    • Responsive without sacrificing power
    • Carbon tips improve dampening
    • Versatile all-mountain 88mm waist


    • True mogul skiers will want a slimmer waist
    • Not forgiving enough for inexperienced skiers

    Rossignol Experience 80

    Rossignol Experience 80

    Key Features

    • Available Lengths (cm): 150, 158, 166, 174, 182
    • Waist Width (mm): 80
    • Turn Radius (m): 15.5 @ 174mm
    • Best For: Mogul Beginners

    If you’re new to mogul skiing and looking for a versatile ski that can negotiate bumps and groomers, the Rossignol Experience 80 might be your best best. Using air tip technology they have limited vibration and wobble to make this a stable ski on bumpy terrain.

    These skis also use a reinforcement system that improves ski-to-snow contact, making them responsive and easy to control when skiing moguls. In addition, they have sidewall construction that is forgiving and manoeuvrable enough for intermediate skiers.

    The Rossignol Experience 80 skis are responsive and easy to control when skiing bumps. Versatile and forgiving on hard snow, they are a great option for intermediate skiers working to improve their mogul skiing.


    • Stable vibration control
    • Stiff enough for enhanced control
    • Responsive through moguls
    • Forgiving and manoeuvrable feel
    • Works well in tight spaces
    • Solid all-mountain piste performance


    • A bit ‘chattery’ at high speed
    • Advanced skiers will find it lacking when pushed hard

    Summing Up

    If you are serious about skiing bumps, then you need to use the proper equipment. Regular skis just aren’t designed with the performance characteristics required.

    The best skis for moguls are all made to be manoeuvrable and responsive. Using a design that’s specially made for fast rotation and rapid edge changes, they can work wonders for your ability.

    If you are a less frequent mogul skier that is happy to ski a less challenging line, a good piste or all-mountain ski might suffice. However, if you want to maximise your performance and ski aggressive descents, you should certainly look towards a dedicated mogul ski.

    Every pair of skis we have listed are a sure fire way to boost your performance. All you need to do now is choose the best option and hit the slopes.