Best Ski Wax Scraper

The Best Ski Wax Scraper: Top 5 of 2024

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Making sure your skis are properly waxed can have a big impact on their performance. It allows them to slide with speed, while also giving your bases an added layer of protection.

If you want to make sure your skis are waxed effectively, you need to use efficient tools. Wax scrapers are often overlooked in their importance, but they can greatly improve the efficiency of your ski preparation.

In order to make sure you’re working with precision, we’ve made this handy guide detailing the best ski wax scrapers on the market.

We have included the key features of each product, giving you the information you need to start scraping with speed.

Best Ski Wax Scraper At A Glace




    • Precision cut edges are sharp and straight

    • Triangular shape increases scraping leverage

    • Corner notch for edge cleaning



    • Sturdy enough to remove excess p-tex

    • Extra sharp 0.8mm thickness 

    • Rounded corners limit ski damage



    • Study design stays straight when scraping

    • 4mm thick construction stays sharp for longer

    • Easy to resharpen 



    • 3mm thickness provides a sharp edge

    • Sturdy but thin construction

    • Corner notch for easy edge cleaning



    • 10" width works great for wide powder skis

    • Sturdy construction does not flex under pressure

    • Large size makes it easy to grip



    Why Do I Need The Best Ski Wax Scraper?

    Waxing your skis is paramount to their performance. It reduces friction to allow for faster and smoother gliding across the snow.

    The waxing process commonly involves using an iron to apply hot wax to your skis and then scraping it off once it’s dry. The scraper you use can make your life much easier, providing the sharp edge required for efficient wax removal.

    The best wax scrapers are sharp enough to remove wax without damaging your skis. They also offer superior durability, making sure you don’t need to buy a replacement every couple of months.

    If you need more than just a scraper, we have also reviewed the best ski waxing kits that will get you started with ski preparation. Additionally, we also have detailed guides to the best ski wax irons and the best ski waxes to make sure you have everything you needed to take care of your skis.

    Best Ski Wax Scraper
    The best ski wax scrapers remove wax without damaging your skis (Image: Tiia Monto CC BY-SA 4.0)

    How To Choose The Best Ski Wax Scraper


    Ski wax scrapers can be made from plastic or metal. Each material has its own uses, so choosing the right option is based on your needs.

    • Plastic scrapers are often known as ‘plexi’ scrapers because they are usually made from plexiglass. They are the most common type of scraper you will find because they easily remove excess wax without damaging the base of your ski.
    • Metal scrapers are usually made of steel and are often much thinner than plastic scrapers. They are used to remove excess ‘p-tex’ base material following a repair.

    Please be advised that metal scrapers are not designed to scrape excess wax and can cause serious damage to your skis when used incorrectly.

    Most skiers who maintain and repair their own skis will have a metal and plastic scraper as part of their kit. This gives you the ability to keep your skis in top condition throughout the season.

    Best Ski Wax Scraper
    If you’re working with p-tex, you will need a metal scraper (Image: Tiia Monto CC BY-SA 4.0)

    Size & Shape

    The size of your scraper can impact the speed of your ski service. Most scrapers are rectangular in shape, measuring roughly 4” x 6” (10cm x 15cm) in size.

    On average, plastic scrapers are around 0.15″ (4mm) thick, with metal scrapers often being much thinner. Thicker scrapers will lessen the risk of damaging your skis, while also providing some space for sharpening.

    Metal scrapers are designed thinner so they have the sharpness required to cut through tough p-tex.

    If you have extra wide skis or are planning to scrape a snowboard, be sure to look for a wide scraper. It will make your job quicker and easier, while also improving your accuracy.

    Another common scraper shape you will see is triangular. This is designed to create added leverage, while also providing 3 equal scraping surfaces.

    Scrapers can come in a range of different shapes, often designed to provide a more ergonomic hold or accommodate added features. The design that’s best for you is dependant on personal preference; just make sure it’s comfortable.


    The best ski wax scrapers are all designed with durability in mind. They need to be able to withstand the rigours of scraping hard wax without cracking under the pressure.

    The sharp edge of your scraper is usually the first part to show wear and tear. The edges of poor quality scrapers tend to dull quickly, while superior products can withstand more use.

    One of the best ways to assess the durability of a product is to read through the previous customer reviews.

    It’s also possible to sharpen your scraper once it becomes dull. This video from ‘HelmSports’ can give you some really useful instructions on scraper sharpening:

    Best Ski Wax Scrapers Reviewed

    XCMAN Plastic Ski Wax Scraper

    Key Features

    • Material: Plexiglass
    • Thickness: 4mm (0.15in)
    • Size: 145x145x117mm (5.7×5.7×4.6in)

    If you’re looking for a solid and effective scraper, the XCMAN plastic ski wax scraper is a great choice. Unlike traditional scrapers, it uses a triangular shape to increase leverage.

    It is a sturdy 4mm thick, giving it the strength to remove tough waxes. Additionally, it comes with a corner notch for easy edge cleaning and a hole designed for keyring attachment.


    • Triangular shape increases leverage
    • Sturdy 4mm thickness
    • Corner notch for edge cleaning
    • Choice of wider or shorter edge
    • 6 total edges for increased durability
    • Keyring hole


    • Edges can be a bit rough
    • Some may prefer a rectangular scraper

    Swix Steel Scraper

    Key Features

    • Material: Steel
    • Thickness: 0.8mm (0.03in)
    • Size: 62x125mm (2.5x5in)

    Working with p-tex can be tricky, but the Swix metal scraper will make your life much easier. Its 0.8mm thick steel construction is sharp enough to shave off any excess repair material or ‘hairs’ after grinding.

    It has a solid 125mm (5in) width that is easy to handle, with rounded edges that will can limit accidental ski damage. In addition, it can work well as a pressure plate when clamping skis.


    • Sharp 0.8mm edge thickness
    • Sturdy steel construction
    • Wide enough for a comfortable grip
    • Rounded edges prevent ski damage
    • Can also be used as a pressure plate


    • Too sharp for use during regular waxing

    Mt Sun Gear Heavy Duty Acrylic Wax Scraper

    Key Features

    • Material: Acrylic
    • Thickness: 4mm (0.15in)
    • Size: 60x120mm (2.5×4.7in)

    The Mt Sun Gear ski wax scraper is designed to be strong and durable. It’s made from acrylic plastic that remains solid and straight when removing tough wax.

    This scraper is 4mm thick, making it well suited to any type of wax. It also has sharp and durable edges that are easy to resharpen when necessary.


    • Sturdy acrylic construction
    • Stays straight under waxing pressure
    • 4mm thickness provides strength
    • Long lasting edge sharpness
    • Edges easy to resharpen


    • Lacking edge cleaning notch

    Wintersteiger Plexi Ski Scraper

    Key Features

    • Material: Plexiglass
    • Thickness: 3mm (0.1in)
    • Size: 60x130mm (2.5×5.1in)

    If you’re looking for a solid scraper at a reasonable price, the Wintersteiger Plexi ski scraper is a good choice. It’s 3mm in thickness, allowing for a sharp edge and efficient waxing.

    This scraper offers great durability for its thickness, proving to only flex a very small amount under heavy pressure. It also comes complete with a useful edge cleaning notch and keyring compatibility.


    • 3mm thick with a sharp edge
    • Sturdy under pressure
    • Comfortable width for scraping
    • Edge cleaning notch
    • Keyring compatible


    • Edges can dull relatively quickly
    • Can flex a small amount under severe pressure

    Dakine 10″ Scraper Tool

    Key Features

    • Material: Plexiglass
    • Thickness: 5mm (0.2in)
    • Size: 10x250mm (4x10in)

    If you have super wide powder skis, or are planning on waxing a snowboard, this Dakine scraper tool might be the one for you. Its 25cm (10in) width can make waxing quick and easy on the widest of surfaces.

    This scraper is uses a highly sturdy plastic construction that is 5mm thick. Its size and strength also makes it ergonomic to hold, adding to its overall quality.


    • 10″ width is ideal for powder skis
    • 5mm thickness for strength
    • Sturdy plastic construction
    • Comfortable size to hold and use
    • Keyring hole included


    • Could be too wide for regular skis
    • Lacking edge cleaning notch

    Summing Up

    Accurate and effective ski waxing can make a big difference to your performance. It will increase the speed and consistency of your skis, while also providing them with a valuable layer of protection.

    Using a suitable scraper can make your ski service easier. It will allow you to remove wax with speed and precision, increasing the quality of your base preparation.

    The best ski wax scrapers are all designed to be sharp, durable and effective. They aim to make preparing your skis easy, giving you more time to focus on your ski technique.