Best Ski Socks For Kids

Best Ski Socks For Kids: Top 5 of 2024

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The benefits of getting the best ski socks for kids are often underestimated. However; the right socks can make huge difference to comfort, warmth and overall ski performance.

High-quality ski socks can also make a big difference off the slopes. In general, they are significantly longer lasting and easier to keep clean.

In this article, we assess and review the best ski socks for kids. With so many options on the market, this guide is here to make sure every child has happy feet this winter.

The Best Ski Socks For Kids At A Glance




    • Merino wool, acrylic, nylon and polyester blend

    • Rubber and elastane give socks high elasticity

    • Easy to machine wash



    • Acrylic and nylon blend

    • Elastane added to foot arch and leg for support

    • Reinforced heel and toe for added durability



    • Merino wool, polypropelene and nylon blend

    • Advanced special yarn for thermal regulation

    • Multiple colour options



    • Warm acrylic and merino wool blend

    • Mesh ventilation areas pull water away from the skin

    • Elastic arch supports your foot while skiing


    • Merino wool, acrylic, nylon and lycra blend

    • Lycra throughout helps socks grip your leg

    • Mesh instep for ventilation



    Why Do I Need The Best Ski Socks For Kids?

    Ski socks are one of the most overlooked items of ski clothing. It can be difficult to imagine the amount difference a good pair ski socks can make to your ski performance, especially if you are new to the ski world.

    However, getting the best kids ski socks can have a whole host of benefits. Whether you’re on and off the slopes, they are sure to improve your overall ski experience.

    On the slope; good ski socks allow you to get a good feel for the ski boot you’re wearing, which is fundamental to good performance. Additionally, ski socks made from high-quality material promote warmth and moisture wicking; making them perfect for all conditions.

    Off the slope; you will find that the best ski socks for kids are also great at remaining odourless, easy to wash, long lasting and can be worn for multiple days in a row.

    Getting good ski socks for your kids will keep them happy while they’re skiing, while also making your life easier when you’re away from the slopes.

    Best Ski Socks For Kids
    High Quality Socks Will Keep Your Kids Happy This Winter!

    How To Choose The Best Ski Socks For Kids


    Different ski socks are made using various blends of materials. The most common fabrics used for ski socks are merino wool, nylon, polyester and acrylic.

    Each type of material has its own benefits. One of the most popular choices in high-end ski socks is merino wool, which is proven to provide supreme warmth and moisture wicking while still remaining lightweight.

    Nylon, polyester and acrylic are also included in many ski sock blends. They are more cost effective than merino, while also providing many of the same benefits – although not always to the same degree.


    Small amounts of compressing material, such as elastane or lycra, are often added to ski socks. This provides a comfortable fit by allowing the sock to conform to the shape of your foot.

    Using compression ski socks can aid ski performance by increasing blood flow to your lower leg muscles, helping to reduce fatigue. The increased circulation in your foot will also help fend off cold feet.

    Some ski socks also offer targeted compression, with the aim of keeping blood flowing to the most vital areas of your feet.

    Compression socks are not for everyone, with the extra-tight fit proving a comfort issue for some. Remember: when it comes to keeping kids happy on the slopes, comfort is key.

    Best Ski Socks For Kids
    The Best Ski Socks For Kids Need To Be Comfortable!


    Many kids are prone to freezing feet; so keeping their toes warm is of upmost importance if you want them to enjoy their ski trip. In addition, cold feet usually causes a distraction that will affect their ski performance.

    It’s easy to assume that the thickest socks are also the warmest. However, this is not always the case. Factors like type of fit and quality of material will often make thin socks much warmer than you imagined.

    When choosing the best ski socks for kids, we have placed a large emphasis on warmth. We believe that being warm on the slopes is a vital part of having a successful ski trip.

    Hint: If your kids suffer from severely cold feet, then technology might be the way to go. We also have an article reviewing the best heated ski socks that lists the best options.

    Size & Fit

    Making sure you get the right size is crucial. It will keep your kids feet comfortable and warm, which will improve their overall experience.

    If your socks are too big, foot movement will likely cause blisters.. It can also affect your ability to control the skis and is detrimental to performance.

    Ski socks that are too large also tend to ‘bunch’ up inside the boot, causing a comfort issue. However, if they are too small, they may be uncomfortably restrictive or too difficult to take on and off, so make sure you’re careful when choosing the right size.


    Many of the best kids ski socks come with padding placed around the most common pressure points. Ankle joints, shins, toes and heels are usually the most common areas for padding.

    This padding can make a big difference in stopping the red marks and bruises that often come with a hard day on the slopes.

    No matter what ski boots you choose, pressure points always have the ability to create discomfort. However, you will find that some extra ski sock protection can make a world of difference.

    Best Ski Socks For Kids
    Padding Around The Pressure Points Will Save Some Bruising!

    Best Ski Socks For Kids Reviewed

    OutdoorMaster Kids Ski Socks

    OutdoorMaster Kids Ski Socks

    Key Features

    • Material: Merino, Acrylic, Nylon, Polyester
    • Compression: Elastane, Rubber
    • Padding: Sole, Toes

    The OutdoorMaster Kids Ski Socks are made with quality in mind. They use a lightweight merino wool blend that is great at keeping feet warm.

    Using a breathable and moisture-wicking design, they are ideal in all conditions. They also use a fabric that prevents odour build up, along with being machine washable.

    The socks use are blended with elastane and polyester throughout, leading to a ‘snug’ fit. Around the top, they have a non-slip cuff to make sure your socks aren’t falling down during the day.

    OutdoorMaster have produced some of the best ski socks for kids. Built to keep your feet warm and dry, these socks are made to last for many years.


    • Quality merino wool fabric blend
    • Lightweight and breathable design
    • Great warmth to weight ratio
    • Odour resistant properties
    • Non slip cuff
    • Rubber provides reliable compression fit
    • Easy to machine wash


    • Size can run small

    Burton Kids Weekend Ski Socks

    Burton Kids Weekend Ski Socks

    Key Features

    • Material: Acrylic, Nylon
    • Compression: Spandex
    • Padding: Toes, Heel

    Burton have produced the Kids Weekend Ski Socks to be comfortable and versatile. Their acrylic and nylon construction makes them breathable and quick-drying.

    These socks also use spandex for an extra ‘snug’ and stretchy fit. They also have additional elastic added to the arch and leg for support.

    The heel and toe areas are reinforced for quality and comfort. Also, they use a ‘chafe-free’ toe seam for comfort that lasts throughout the day.

    The Burton Kids Weekend ski socks are some of the best on the market. They are more than capable of keeping kids’ feet warm and dry on the slopes this winter.


    • Durable synthetic fabric
    • Naturally water-resistant design
    • Breathable and quick-drying
    • Reinforced heel and toe
    • Elastic foot support included
    • Comfortable seem stitching
    • Pull on closure stretch design


    • Lacking the odour-resistant benefits of merino wool
    • Pilling can be an issue

    Pure Athlete Youth Ski Socks

    Pure Athlete Youth Ski Socks

    Key Features

    • Material: Merino, Polypropylene, Nylon
    • Compression: Lycra Spandex
    • Padding: Shin, Ankle, Toes, Heel, Sole

    If you are looking for warm and comfortable kids ski socks, then this pair from Pure Athlete are a great option. They’re made from a merino wool blend that promotes warmth while also remaining breathable.

    The socks are made with the highest quality yarn for a soft and comfortable feel. This special yarn is also designed to be thermal regulating, making them adaptable to all conditions.

    Since these socks are made from merino wool, they are great at fighting against odour. Merino wool is also great at wicking away excess water and sweat.

    The Pure Athlete Youth Socks are built with a high-quality material blend. Using reliable fabric and an intelligent design, they are some of warmest kids ski socks around.


    • Warm and breathable merino wool blend
    • Odour-resistant design
    • Lightweight and warm
    • Super soft yarn fabric
    • Temperature regulating
    • Moisture-wicking properties
    • Lycra blended for a snug fit


    • Padding could be improved
    • Size can run small

    Unigear Kids Ski Socks

    Unigear Kids Ski Socks

    Key Features

    • Material: Merino Wool, Acrylic, Nylon
    • Compression: Elastane, Elastic
    • Padding: Toes, Heel, Sole, Shin

    The Unigear kids ski socks are designed to maximise comfort for kids on the slopes. Using a 34% merino wool blend, they provide a solid amount of warmth without added weight.

    The material blend is designed to be warm and breathable to accommodate variable mountain conditions. They are also moisture-wicking to ensure feet are kept dry throughout the day.

    Padding is added throughout the socks to minimise pressure points and improve comfort. In addition, elastic cuffs have been added to make sure they don’t slip down while skiing.

    The Unigear kids ski socks warm, breathable and comfortable. Constructed from high-quality material with a well cushioned design, they are some of the best kids ski socks on the market.


    • Warm merino wool constructed
    • Elastane included for a stretch fit
    • Moisture-wicking fabric
    • Ventilation areas improve breathability
    • Thermal regulating
    • Elastic arch support
    • Special knitting keeps socks in place


    • Can be prone to pilling over time
    • Some kids may find compression too tight

    Lorpen T2 Kids Ski Socks

    Lorpen T2 Kids Ski Socks

    Key Features

    • Material: Merino, Acrylic, Nylon
    • Compression: Lycra
    • Padding: Shin, Heel, Toes

    The Lorpen Kids T2 Ski Socks are designed to be warm, comfortable and versatile. Their merino wool construction makes them great at retaining heat while remaining lightweight.

    The fabric construction is repelling excess water and keeping feet as dry as possible. Additionally, the toe and heel areas use extra cushioning to provide warmth and comfort.

    The whole sock is blended with lycra for a comfortable stretch fit. This also stops the socks from falling down or bunching up throughout the day.

    The Lorpen T2 are some of the best kids ski socks around. They offer the quality, comfort and durability you would expect from exceptional ski socks.


    • Merino wool retains heat
    • Lightweight construction
    • Naturally moisture-wicking fabric
    • Shin cushioning adds protection
    • Mesh instep improves ventilation
    • Secure lycra stretch fit
    • Durable toe and heel cushioning


    • Some kids may find the fabric too thick

    Summing Up

    Ski socks are one of the most overlooked ski clothing items. However, getting the right pair can make a massive difference to your comfort and performance on the slopes.

    If you choose high-quality kids ski socks, they should be viewed as an investment that will last for many winters. In addition, they will provide warm and comfortable feet on the mountain.

    Choosing the best ski socks for kids is not an easy task. However, with this guide, you are sure to find pair that can keep the little ones smiling this winter.