Best Ski Pants For Short Guys

Top 5 Best Ski Pants For Short Guys (2024)

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Finding the best ski pants for short guys can be a challenge. Most pants come with a leg length that’s designed to be ‘one size fits all’, but that’s often an inaccurate description.

Fortunately; there are a number of brands that produce ski pants with a short inseam. It’s just a case of finding the best option on the market, and that’s where SnowSunSee can help.

In this detailed guide; we have ranked, compared, reviewed and analyzed the best ski pants for short guys. Every product is best suited to a different skier and has a suitable fit that will improve your time on the slopes.

Ranking The Best Ski Pants For Short Guys

  1. Helly Hansen Legendary Short
  2. Salomon Untracked Short
  3. The North Face Freedom Short
  4. Columbia Bugaboo IV Short

Best Ski Pants For Short Guys Comparison




Specifically short fitting ski pants that combine excellent warmth, waterproofing and mobility

Short fitting ski pants that provide standout insulation and superb GTX waterproofing

Powder skiing inspired ski pants with a short fit, excellent waterproofing and stretch mobility

Ski pants that fit short legs perfectly, are highly durable and provide decent warmth for a sensible price

Budget friendly short length ski pants that are warm and durable enough for casual skiers

Best For







Custom short fit, good insulation, waterproof, high mobility, comfortable, good zipper vents

Gore-Tex waterproofing, the best insulation, short leg fit, comfortable, windproof, good features 

Warm insulation, great waterproofing, short leg length, high mobility, good features

Good value for money, short leg fit, well insulated, durable fabric, comfortable, windproof, stylish

Budget price, good warmth, decent durability, good pockets, waterproof lining, good length


Shell fabric lacks durability

Limited ventilation, expensive

Too warm for touring, size runs small

Too baggy for some, not the best vents

No vents, not fully seam sealed

Overall Rating

Main Fabric

100% Polyester

Stretch Polyester

100% Polyester

100% Nylon

100% Nylon


Helly Tech (2-layer, DWR)

Gore-Tex (2-layer, DWR)

AdvancedSkin Dry (DWR)

DryVent (2-layer, DWR)

Omni-Tech Fabric


60g Primaloft

40g Primaloft

80g Synthetic

60g Heatseaker

60g Microtemp






Not Stated

Why Do I Need The Best Ski Pants For Short Guys?

If you’re relatively short in height; you will often find that regular ski pants are far too long. The annoyance of having 10 inches of extra length on your pant legs can cause frustration and discomfort on and off the slope.

The best ski pants for short guys are designed with a shorter than average leg length that doesn’t sacrifice waist size. You can expect the regular overall fit of a ‘full length’ ski pant; but without the baggy legs weighing you down.

Many brands now provide a ‘short’ version of their most popular ski pants. However, some are certainly better than others. In this guide; we will help you find the pants that suit your height and style by providing detailed reviews and honest ratings.

Best Ski Pants For Short Guys
The best ski pants for short guys ensure a comfortable fit

How To Choose The Best Ski Pants For Short Guys

Fit (Leg Length)

Getting ski pants that fit is vital to comfort and performance. Short guys require a leg length that’s shorter than regular pants, but without sacrificing the overall size.

Many ski pants have a ‘short’ version that has a reduced length inseam to match shorter legs. Outside of this; some pants naturally fall into the short leg category based on their design and construction.

Outside of leg length; you will need to decide if you prefer a relaxed or slim cut. Although this is personal preference; we can make give some general advice:

  • Slim cut ski pants often give the best range of motion when walking. It’s usually the preferred style of backcountry skiers or those looking to shed excess weight. If you choose a slim cut; just make sure there’s enough space to add layers underneath.
  • Relaxed/baggy ski pants are often preferred by park skiers. It gives you a feeling of freedom and some will argue it’s the most stylish choice. Keep in mind that baggy pants will allow more heat to escape, which could be good or bad depending on the weather.

Most skiers will actually look for a ‘comfort’ fit that’s neither too tight or baggy. It will give you the freedom of movement required for performance, without sacrificing mobility or warmth.

Best Ski Pants For Short Guys
Each skier prefers a different ski pant fit


Ski pants are generally made from either nylon, polyester or a combination of both. These materials can be used in different percentages, densities and layers; all of which impact performance.

Both nylon and polyester are durable, water-resistant and lightweight. Each one is capable of retaining a certain level of heat, although insulation will be required for a true cold weather ski pant.

Fabric density or thickness is often assessed by checking its ‘denier’ rating. It’s a measure of density based on the thickness of individual fibers, with a higher denier rating providing the most strength.

Ski pant fabric can also be layered to produce added durability. Many of the best products will come with two or three outer layers to boost durability, warmth and water-resistance.

Keep in mind that better quality, denser fabric that has more layers will often cost a premium price. However, if you’re serious about staying warm in any weather and want to keep your pants for many years; it’s definitely the best choice.


Ski pants can be designed with or without insulation. The model you choose is primarily down to the type of skiing you prefer and weather conditions you will most frequently face.

Insulated Ski Pants

Resort skiers and those facing cold climates usually prefer insulated ski pants. They are a great way to shield your legs from the elements and provide added cushioning when sitting on cold chairlift seats.

Insulation is generally provided by a synthetic fill, which is often given a measurement in grams. Most will generally range from 40-80g of insulating material, which is more than enough to keep the average skier warm.

Every brand uses its own synthetic insulating material that claims to be superior, but some are certainly better than others. However, as with most ski clothing, premium prices often mean maximum warmth.

Uninsulated Ski Pants

If you’re heading spring skiing, backcountry skiing or generally run warm; it might be best to pass on the insulation. Uninsulated or ‘shell’ pants provide no fill material and just consist of the outer fabric with an inner lining.

Going for uninsulated pants will stop you from overheating when you’re skiing hard. It will also allow you to fine-tune your level of warmth by adding or removing base layers each day.


Making sure your ski pants have good water-resistance is vital. Damp chairlifts, deep powder and snowstorms can all leave you feeling wet and uncomfortable without sufficient waterproofing.

The best ski pants for short guys are generally made using a laminate outer coating that ensures full waterproofing. ‘Gore-Tex’ is often viewed as the most rugged and reliable option. However, many other brands have their own in-house materials that can be just as effective.

In order to ensure your pants are fully waterproof; you should also look for ‘fully taped seams’. It’s a crucial feature that will stop water from entering through tiny stitching gaps during severe weather.

Another feature to mention is DWR. It stands for ‘durable water resistant’ and refers to a coating applied to the pants that stops water from penetrating the fabric.


Warmth and waterproofing can often leave your legs feeling hot during bluebird days. The best way to mitigate overheating is by making sure your pants have good ventilation.

Quality ski pants often come with zippered ventilation systems. You will usually find the zips located along the inner or outside thigh. Once the zipper is opened, you will generally find mesh underneath to stop debris entering your ski pants.

The breathability of your ski pant material will also play a role in keeping you cool. The amount of insulation, fabric layers and waterproof laminate will impact how much hot air can escape.

Most synthetic 2-layer ski pants offer sufficient breathability for the average skier, but might run a little warm if you’re touring into the backcountry. It’s a general rule that lightweight pants are often best for keeping you cool when hiking uphill.

Best Ski Pants For Short Guys
Zippered vents can be vital in warm weather

Best Overall Ski Pants For Short Guys

Helly Hansen Legendary Short

Helly Hansen Legendary Short Ski Pants


Water Resistance


Fit & Comfort



Helly Hansen are a known producer of functional and stylish ski clothing. Their latest ski pants, the aptly named ‘Legendary’, provide superb all-round performance and offer a reduced leg length option that makes them perfect for short guys.

The pants come with a 2-layer waterproof polyester shell that’s seam-sealed and DWR coated to ensure dryness. Underneath the top layer you will find 60g of Primaloft insulation that will keep out the cold.

Comfort is another strong suit of the Legendary pants and mobility has been optomized with 2-way mechanical stretch fabric. We also love the simple yet useful design that looks clean and fashionable with most ski jackets.

Style, warmth, fit and function have all combined to make the Helly Hansen Legendary our top ski pants for short guys. They’re a well-rounded pair of resort pants that will suit the needs of almost any skier.


  • Reduced leg length
  • Comfortable fit
  • Reliable waterproofing
  • Fully seam-sealed
  • Warm insulation
  • Good freedom of movement
  • Zipper ventilation
  • Simple yet stylish design


  • Shell fabric isn’t the most durable
  • Too warm for backcountry hikes

Warmest Ski Pants For Short Guys

Spyder Dare GTX Short Ski Pants
  • Best For: Warmth
  • Main Fabric: Stretch Polyester
  • Waterproofing: Gore-Tex (2-layer, DWR)
  • Insulation: 40g Primaloft
  • Weight: 812g
  • Retailers: Backcountry,
  • Alternate Version: Dare GTX Pants


Water Resistance


Fit & Comfort



The Spyder Dare has been a popular product for a number of seasons. The latest version, the ‘Dare GTX Short’, provides supreme warmth and a reduced leg length that is ideal for short guys heading to cold-weather resorts.

Warmth is ensured through the inclusion of a 40g Primaloft insulation layer that traps and preserves body heat. It’s an insulation type that is also extremely water-resistant, with the addition of a Gore-Tex laminate and DWR coating making sure you’re kept dry in any weather.

The pants come with a wide range of features; including braces, adjustable waist and a variety of fleece lined pockets. They also provide comfort that’s on par with any other ski pant in this review thanks to soft inner fabric that protects your legs from the hard Gore-Tex shell.

When assessing the best ski pants for short guys; it was impossible to overlook the Spyder Dare GTX short. Its superb performance in cold, wet and windy weather makes it our top pick for those looking to stay warm.


  • Very warm insulation
  • Reliable Gore-Tex waterproofing
  • Wind resistant
  • Soft and comfortable lining
  • Good fit for short legs
  • Wide variety of features
  • Durable build-quality


  • Very expensive
  • Vents are too small
  • Slim cut legs won’t suite everyone

Best Powder Skiing Pants For Short Guys

Salomon Untracked Short

Salomon Untracked Short
  • Best For: Powder Skiing
  • Main Fabric: 100% Polyester
  • Waterproofing: AdvancedSkin Dry (DWR)
  • Insulation: 80g Synthetic
  • Weight: 750g
  • Retailers: Amazon, Salomon,
  • Alternate Version: Untracked Pant


Water Resistance


Fit & Comfort



Powder skiing is one of the best feelings in the world, but you need to make sure your ski pants are up to the challenge. The Salomon Untracked Short is inspired by the needs of off-piste skiers and provides all the attributes required for floating through deep snow.

The freeride inspired pants are very warm thanks to their 80g synthetic insulation and polyester fabric. The outer layer is also fully waterproof and windproof, while also proving to be one of the most breathable fabrics in our review.

If comfort is your priority; then you will love the 4-way stretch material that provided best-on-test range of motion. The pants are also packed with features that are perfect for off-piste skiing; including beacon friendly pockets, scuff guards, leg vents and articulated knees.

We’re big admirers of the Salomon Untracked Short and think it’s a perfect pant for resort skiers that love venturing into lift-accessed powder. Their range of features, lightweight warmth and super stretchy design makes them an excellent choice.


  • Short fit design
  • Best freedom of movement
  • Well insulated
  • Waterproof and windproof
  • Breathable fabric
  • Nice range of pockets
  • Good overall features
  • Very comfortable


  • Too warm for ski tours
  • Size can run small
  • A bit heavy for an off-piste pant

Best ‘Value For Money’ Ski Pants For Short Guys

The North Face Freedom Short

The North Face Freedom Short Ski Pants


Water Resistance


Fit & Comfort



Finding value for money can often be difficult in the modern world of expensive ski gear. However, The North Face Freedom Short provides all the quality you will find in a premium ski pant without the eye-watering price-tag.

The pants come with a reduced leg length and relaxed fit that is comfortable and stylish on the slopes. It’s a fit that’s complemented by a 2-layer construction that is very effective at blocking out wind and snow to keep you protected in adverse weather.

Warmth is provided through the use of 60g ‘Heatseeker’ insulation that works well to trap heat but lacks the breathability of more expensive options. Solid and reliable waterproofing is provided through a ‘DryVent’ laminate and DWR coating.

The North Face Freedom Short performs much better than its moderate price suggests. Despite falling just below of our top picks when it comes to quality; they are perfect resort pants for regular skiers staying on groomed terrain.


  • Super value for money
  • Warm insulation
  • Good waterproofing
  • Durable design
  • Stylish (in our opinion)
  • Comfortable feel
  • Lightweight
  • Short guy specific leg length


  • Some might find them too baggy
  • Vents need to be improved
  • Lack the breathability of premium pants

Best Budget Ski Pants For Short Guys

Columbia Bugaboo IV Short

Columbia Bugaboo IV Short Ski Pants
  • Best For: Value For Money
  • Main Fabric: 100% Nylon
  • Waterproofing: Omni-Tech Fabric
  • Insulation: 60g Microtemp
  • Weight: Not Stated
  • Retailers: Amazon, Columbia,
  • Alternate Version: Bugaboo IV Pants


Water Resistance


Fit & Comfort



The Columbia Bugaboo IV has been an incredibly popular ski pant for a number of years. When assessing the latest short version, we found it provided great performance for casual skiers that don’t want to break the bank.

The Bugaboo IV comes with 60g ‘Microtemp’ insulation and ‘Omni-Heat’ technology that provides admiral warmth in resort conditions. They also have a waterproof lining that is capable of keeping out the snow, although they lack the robust seam-sealing of the premium pants on this list.

The rugged outer fabric gives these pants durability that is well above their budget price and makes them capable of lasting for many ski holidays. We were also impressed by the useful features, which include an adjustable waistband and handy selection of pockets.

If you’re a short guy looking to stick to a budget; we highly recommend the Columbia Bugaboo IV Short. Despite lacking the premium quality of expensive pants, they’re more than capable of supporting regular resort usage and casual skiing.


  • Budget friendly price
  • Good insulation
  • Durable outer fabric
  • Waterproof material
  • Great range of pockets
  • Adjustable waist
  • Good fit for short guys


  • Only critical seams are sealed
  • No vents
  • Overall build is less durable than premium products

Summing Up

Finding the best ski pants for short guys should become much easier with this guide. It relays the pros and cons of the most suitable products on the market to help you make an informed decision.

The reviews we have provided are honest advice based on our research and experience of working on the mountain for many years. Our rankings are decided by assessing overall performance markers, but each ski pant is best suited to a different type of skier.

Finding ski pants that fit short legs isn’t always easy, but it’s vitally important if you want to ensure comfort. We believe that getting appropriate gear can improve ski performance and ensure a fantastic time on the slopes.