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The Best Ski Lock: Top 5 of 2024

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Keeping your ski gear safe is something that should never be overlooked. Quality equipment is expensive, so you need to take precaution and make sure it doesn’t go missing.

The most likely piece of equipment to disappear is your skis. It’s common to leave them on a rack outside a restaurant or bathroom, which can make them an easy target for thieves.

The most effective way to secure your skis is by using a ski lock. They provide an easy and inexpensive solution to ski safety, giving you piece of mind while you enjoy your lunch break.

Finding the best ski lock can be difficult, with a wide range of products on the market. However, this handy guide details the pros and cons of each option to make ski safety simple.

Best Ski Lock At A Glance




  • Reliable 37in retractable cable

  • Lightweight and compact design

  • Secure 4-digit combination



  • Easy-to-use 'keyless' locking system

  • Reliable key lock is secure

  • Lightweight, durable and rust proof



    • Durable ABS and rubber shell construction

    • Secure 30in braided stainless steel cable

    • Retractable cable is compact



    • Extra long 39in steel wire cable

    • Safe 4-dial combination locking system

    • Compact and lightweight retractable design


    • Pocket friendly ergonomic shape

    • Secure 30in retractable steel cable

    • Easy-to-use 3 number combination lock



    Why Do I Need The Best Ski Lock?

    Ski gear can be expensive, so you need to make sure it’s protected. It’s unfortunately become a common occurrence for skis to go missing when left unattended.

    Using a ski lock is a simple way to get some piece of mind. They use a basic design that hooks a cable around your skis to secure them on any ski rack.

    The cost of purchasing a ski lock is certainly cheaper than replacing your skis. Just knowing that your equipment is safe will also give you the piece of mind to relax and enjoy your time on the mountain.

    The best ski locks all follow a similar design, but have slightly different attributes. Be sure to check the key features to find the right one for you.

    Best Ski Lock
    Keeping your skis secure is seriously important

    How To Choose The Best Ski Lock

    Locking System

    Combination Lock

    The majority of ski locks use a combination system. It means that you don’t need to worry about loosing the keys. It can also be accessed by more than one member of your group if necessary.

    One noteworthy point is that they are more prone to ‘shimming’ than key locks, which makes them slightly less secure.

    Key Lock

    Key locking systems are less common, but can be just as effective. They are slightly more secure than combination locks and can be easier to use while wearing ski gloves.

    The main negative is the possibility of loosing the key, which can easily happen when you have so much gear to look after.


    Since you’re going to be carrying it around all day, you need a lock that’s portable. Most ski locks are small and lightweight enough to fit in your pocket.

    Some of the best ski locks have a retractable cable design. With the cable coiled inside the body of the lock, they are often the smallest in size.

    Some will loop the cable around the outside of the lock. These options tend to have improved durability due to their basic design, but can be less efficient to carry.

    If you are heading for a group or family ski trip, you can use a larger ‘coiled’ security cable to secure all the skis at once. They are also exceptionally safe, but can also be heavy and will need to be carried in a ski backpack.


    Heavy impacts and cold weather are sure to affect your ski lock. If the mechanism breaks or becomes too icy, you run the risk of getting locked out of your own equipment.

    Poor quality locks can have issues with cable retraction and combination setting. If the outer shell is made from substandard plastic, it will not last long either.

    Prioritise locks made from the strongest materials with a reliable design. One of the best ways to gauge long term durability is by assessing previous customer reviews to get a variety of viewpoints.

    Best Ski Lock
    Ski locks need to be durable (Photo Credit: South Shore Boy)

    Best Ski Lock Reviewed

    Dakine Cool Lock

    Key Features

    • Lock Type: Combination
    • Cable Length: 37in (94cm)

    Dakine are a known producer of quality ski gear, with their Cool Lock being a great way for skiers to secure their skis. It features a 4-digit combination lock system that is safe enough to reduce your fears.

    The 37in cable is long enough to secure most skis and can be retracted for portability. The outer casing is constructed from durable plastic, with rubber included to increase impact resistance.

    If you’re looking for a lock designed by a ski brand you can trust, look no further than the Dakine Cool Lock. It has a secure dial system and cable long enough to keep the widest powder skis safe.


    • Strong 37in cable
    • Secure 4-digit combination
    • Portable size
    • Easy cable retraction
    • Strong plastic casing
    • Rubber edges for impact resistance


    • Code reset button can be temperamental

    Safeman Cable Lock

    Key Features

    • Lock Type: Key
    • Cable Length: 30in (76cm)

    The safeman cable lock has a unique design that prioritises ski safety. It has an automatic ‘double loop’ locking system that can be easily locked without using the key.

    The use of a key lock makes it one of the most secure on the market. It also has an ultra-strong steel cable that can take a high amount of pressure, coupled with durable casing.

    If you’re looking for a strong key lock for your skis, the Safeman Cable Lock is a great choice. It has a secure locking system and a reliable cable that will give you piece of mind when you’re in the ski lodge.


    • Safe key lock system
    • Practical keyless locking
    • Lightweight and compact
    • Two loops for a variety of locking options
    • Rust proof material
    • Strong steel cable


    • Key can get stuck

    Lewis N. Clark Cable Lock

    Key Features

    • Lock Type: Combination
    • Cable Length: 30in (76cm)

    The Lewis N. Clark Cable Lock is one of the most popular ski security products on the market. It features a 30in stainless steel braided cable that can handle a large amount of tensional force.

    The cable retracts into a durable rubber and ABS shell for practicality. The locking system is 3-digit combination with easy-to-use unlock and reset options.

    If you’re looking for a tried and tested ski lock, the Lewis N. Clark Cable Lock is a popular choice. It has an easy to use design that is light and portable enough to carry on the slopes.


    • Durable rubber and ABS housing
    • Strong braided steel cable
    • Easy-to-use lock and release
    • Portable size
    • Pocket friendly shape
    • Non-slip shell is practical


    • Less secure than a 4-digit combination

    Skiweb Ski Lock

    Key Features

    • Lock Type: Combination
    • Cable Length: 39in (100cm)

    The Skiweb Ski Lock has a skier specific design that can provide security for your prized possessions. It has a 39in steel wire cable that provides ample strength and enough length for plenty of ski gear.

    The 4-dial combination locking system is secure and large enough for easy use on the mountain. It’s also compact in size, with the retracting cable making sure it’s portable.

    The Skiweb Ski Lock has an easy-to-use design that’s ideal for skiers. The retracting cable is long enough to fit multiple pairs of skis and it’s compact enough to carry in your jacket pocket.


    • Long 39in cable
    • Steel wire cable is secure
    • Easy-to-use 4-digit dial
    • Compact enough for skiers
    • Reliable cable retraction
    • Easy to reset combination


    • Plastic body can lack durability
    • Comparatively expensive

    Burton Cable Lock

    Key Features

    • Lock Type: Combination
    • Cable Length: 30in (76cm)

    Burton are one of the biggest brands in snowsports, with this cable lock being their solution for ski safety. It has a 30in retractable cable that’s constructed from durable and reliable steel.

    The cable retracts into a compact and pocket-friendly housing that’s easy to carry. It comes with a basic 3-digit combination and simple release button that’s easy to access

    If you’re looking for a ski specific lock from a trusted brand, the Burton Cable Lock might be your best bet. It has a simple ergonomic design that is portable and reliable enough for your trip to the slopes.


    • Pocket-friendly shape
    • Portable design
    • Strong steel cable
    • Easy-to-use release button
    • Colour makes it easy to find
    • Budget friendly price


    • Retraction mechanism could be better
    • Dial can be hard to use in the cold

    Summing Up

    Loosing your skis is sure to put a dampener on any ski holiday. Leaving them outdoors without any security runs the risk of theft, especially if they are valuable.

    Ski locks provide a simple and effective way to safeguard your skis. It’s a small investment that will ensure piece of mind when you’re on the mountain.

    The best ski locks are all designed to be strong, safe and reliable. Take the time to assess the benefits of each option and choose the one that suits your needs.