Best Ski Jacket Under $100

Best Ski Jacket Under $100: Top 4 of 2024

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Severe cold, strong winds and heavy snow are all part of mountain life. If you want to stay warm and dry in challenging conditions, you need to wear a quality jacket.

Many ski jackets provide the comfort required for the slopes. However, they often come at eye-watering prices.

Here at SnowSunSee, we believe that warmth doesn’t need to break the bank. That’s why we have created this guide, reviewing a range of options to help you find the best ski jacket under $100.

Best Ski Jackets Under $100 At A Glance




    • Waterproof and windproof polyester fabric

    • Warm and soft fleece lining

    • Lightweight cotton insulation



    • Waterproof polyester shell with windproof membrane

    • Down alternative cotton insulation

    • 'Fuzzy' lining provies added warmth and comfort



    • High-density fabric and coating is windproof

    • Durable water-repellent outer layer

    • Needle cotton insulation locks in heat



    • Water-repellent polyester outer shell

    • Lightweight cotton insulation

    • High-density fabric and coating stop wind



    Why Do I Need The Best Ski Jacket Under $100?

    If you want to enjoy your time on the slopes, you need to make sure you’re comfortable. Being cold and wet is not ideal when you’re on the mountain and will undoubtedly impact your ski performance.

    In order to make sure you’re protected from the elements, you need a quality ski jacket. It will provide the insulation and waterproofing to stay warm, while also being comfortable and practical.

    Good quality ski jackets often cost extortionate prices. However, if you know how to assess key quality indicators, sticking to a budget is still a possibility.

    Every ski jacket in this guide aims to provide the weatherproofing and ski features required for comfort on the slopes. Although costing under $100, they provide great value for money and are more than capable of keeping most skiers smiling.

    TIP: If you’re willing to expand on your budget a little more, we have also reviewed the best ski jackets under $200 and the best ski jackets under $300.

    Best Ski Jacket Under $100
    The best ski jacket under $100 can provide warmth without breaking the bank

    How To Choose The Best Ski Jacket Under $100


    If you want your ski jacket to keep you warm, you need to make sure it’s well insulated. Ski jackets use a varying amounts and quality of insulation, so it’s important to assess the key features.

    Most ski jackets under $100 will use a synthetic insulating material. One of the most popular choices is polyester, providing a decent amount of insulation without adding too much bulk.

    Cotton is another popular insulation choice. It can be produced to work in the same way as down by trapping heat within its clusters. It also does a great job of regulating heat in variable temperatures, making it a good all-round choice.

    If you’re heading to a warmer resort, or plan on doing some ‘spring skiing’, then a lesser-insulated jacket might suit your needs. However, if you’re heading to one of the coldest resorts, be sure to prioritise insulation.

    Best Ski Jacket Under $100
    If you’re heading to a super cold resort, prioritise insulation!


    Heavy snow, melting slush and falling sleet will all test your ski jackets waterproofing capabilities. If you want to stay warm and dry, you need to make sure it’s resistant to water.

    Most jackets will be designed using a water-resistant outer shell. The most common shell fabric is polyester. Although not fully waterproof, it’s protective enough for most ‘rain and snow’ situations.

    Some jackets will then add another waterproof layer. Often described as a ‘coating’ or ‘membrane’, it’s specifically designed to repel water and make it ‘bead’ away from the jacket.

    If you’re looking for maximum protection, always aim for full waterproofing. Water-resistant jackets are adequate for many conditions, but they can leave you exposed in the harshest weather.


    Wind-chill can have a big impact on overall warmth. Although the air temperature might not be too cold, strong winds can make the ‘real feel’ a whole lot colder than you might expect.

    In this case, it’s important to make sure your ski jacket is windproof. No matter what time of year you’re heading to the slopes, wind is always a possibility and protection should be prioritised.

    Most jackets will use high-density fabrics that are designed to block the wind. In addition, some will offer an outer ‘layer’ or ‘film’ that is designed to stop wind from penetrating the fabric.

    When assessing your options, be aware that ‘wind-resistant’ is not the same as ‘windproof’. If you are looking for maximum protection, always aim for ski jackets that are fully windproof.

    Ski Features

    Modern ski jackets are designed to be practical on the slopes. Coming with a range of added features, they will make your life much easier than a regular jacket.

    • Lift pass pocket is a popular feature. Often located on the arm or chest area, it saves you searching for your ticket at every lift station.
    • Detachable hood can be useful. It gives you the freedom to remove it on sunny days or wear it during heavy snow.
    • Liners can come in a range of designs. Some provide extra insulation, while others are removable or waterproof.
    • Vents are common on modern ski jackets. Usually located under the armpit, you can open or close them depending on the weather.
    • Pockets come in all different shapes and sizes. The amount and design of the pockets should not be overlooked, as they can make carrying your valuables much easier.
    • Cuffs are often designed to be adjustable, allowing you to close them and keep the snow out. Some even come with a stretchable thumb hole for added protection.
    • Snow skirt is one of the most common features. It uses an elasticated waist section that can be closed to keep wind and snow out.

    The best ski jackets under $100 come with varying amounts of functionality. Every option has a slightly different set-up, so assess the key features to find the option that works for you.

    Best Ski Jacket Under $100
    Every ski jacket will have different features

    Best Ski Jackets Under $100 Reviewed

    Camel Crown Men’s Mountain Snow Ski Jacket

    Key Features

    • Shell Material: Polyester
    • Insulation: Cotton
    • Liner: Fleece
    • Best For: Men’s Overall

    Providing warmth and weatherproofing, the Camel Crown Men’s Mountain Snow ski jacket is a great budget friendly option. It has a polyester outer shell with a laminated membrane that makes it waterproof and windproof.

    Lightweight cotton insulation is used to provide warmth without bulk, while a ‘fuzzy’ fleece lining provides another layer of heat retention. It also comes with a range of ‘ski friendly’ pockets that add practicality when you’re on the slopes.

    Camel Crown have produced this ski jacket to provide weatherproofing and comfort for a reasonable price. It offers a fair amount of insulation and a flexible design that will help you perform at your best on the slopes.


    • Waterproof outer coating
    • Windproof polyester fabric
    • Anti-scratch outer material
    • Cotton insulation is lightweight
    • Soft fleece lining is comfortable
    • Removable hood
    • Stretchable ‘thumb hole’ cuffs
    • Wide range of colour options


    • Zipper quality is not great

    Wantdo Women’s Mountain Jacket

    Key Features

    • Shell Material: Polyester
    • Insulation: Cotton
    • Liner: Fleece
    • Best For: Women’s Overall

    The Wantdo Women’s Mountain Jacket proves that a quality ski jacket doesn’t need to break the bank. Combining an elastic polyester shell fabric with a waterproof TPU membrane, it’s well equipped to deal with harsh mountain weather conditions.

    Using down alternative cotton as insulation, this jacket provides a solid amount of warmth with a lightweight and flexible feel. Inside the jacket; you will find an inner fleece lining that is warm, anti-static and skin friendly.

    If you’re looking for a great women’s ski jacket for a reasonable price, the Wantdo Mountain Jacket might be your best bet. Reliable in most weather conditions and packed full of ski features, it’s sure to improve your time on the slopes.


    • Waterproof PU membrane
    • High-density windproof polyester shell
    • Soft and warm fleece lining
    • Down alternative cotton insulation
    • Elastic shell fabric gives freedom of movement
    • Detachable hood
    • Variety of useful pockets


    • Stitching durability could be improved
    • Fit not suitable for everyone

    Moerdeng Men’s Ski Jacket

    Key Features

    • Shell Material: Polyester
    • Insulation: Cotton
    • Liner: Fleece
    • Best For: Men’s Second Best

    The Moerdeng men’s ski jacket has great weatherproofing and temperature regulating capabilities. Featuring a high-density polyester outer shell with a water-repellent coating, this jacket is great at combating the elements.

    Using 2400 needle cotton insulation, body heat is well retained to improve overall warmth. In addition, the jacket uses a micro-pore fabric that allows body heat and moisture to be released when the weather gets warmer.

    If you’re looking for a solid all-round ski jacket at a bargain price, Moerdeng have got you covered. Their men’s ski jacket is well suited to mountain conditions and will make sure you’re comfortable enough to produce your best skiing.


    • Strong high-density polyester shell
    • Windproof outer film
    • Durable water-repellent coating
    • Cotton insulation locks in heat
    • Breathable fabric design
    • Soft ‘fluffy’ inner lining
    • Stretchable cuff with thumb hole
    • Multiple colour options


    • Lacking drawcord hem around the waist
    • Not the most flexible jacket

    Fanture Women’s Ski Jacket

    Key Features

    • Shell Material: Polyester
    • Insulation: Cotton
    • Liner: Fleece
    • Best For: Women’s Second Best

    The Fanture women’s ski jacket is well designed for mountain weather. Its high-density polyester shell uses a transparent PU film for full waterproofing, with a water-repellent coating for added protection.

    Inside the jacket, you will find a ‘fuzzy’ fleece lining that provides added comfort and another layer of warmth. It also comes with a variety of practical pockets and a detachable hood for added functionality.

    The Fanture women’s ski jacket provides warmth for a reasonable price. It has solid weatherproofing and a practical design that will improve your time on the slopes.


    • Waterproof polyester fabric
    • Water-repellent coating
    • Windproof outer shell
    • Soft and warm fleece lining
    • Variety of practical pockets
    • Detachable hood
    • Range of colour options


    • One of the more bulky options
    • Size can run small

    Summing Up

    Finding a quality ski jacket can be a challenging task, especially if you’re on a budget. With so many key features and quality indicators to assess, choosing the right option isn’t always easy.

    The best ski jackets under $100 are all designed to provide protection at a reasonable price. We have prioritised warmth and weatherproofing when making our choices to make sure you’re well prepared on the slopes.

    Be sure to review the pros and cons and make the best decision for your needs. If you stick to the ski jackets on this list, you are sure to have a great time on the mountain.