Best Ski Helmet For Kids: Top 5 of 2024

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It’s no secret that every parent or guardian wants their little ones to be safe on the slopes. This makes choosing the best kids ski helmet a task of high importance.

No matter how much you wrap them up in cotton wool, kids are always going to get bumps and bruises; especially if they love snowsports! Making sure they have the correct gear is essential, especially when it comes to safety.

In this article we have researched, analysed and reviewed to find you the best ski helmet for kids. We have listed the pros and cons of each option and provided the key features, helping you choose the best option for your trip to the mountains.

Best Ski Helmet For Kids At A Glance




  • ASTM Certified Safety

  • 14 individual vents to avoid overheating

  • Removeable and washable fleece liner



  • In-mold construction makes it lightweight

  • Vertical tuning for perfect goggle compatability

  • Super cool vents to reduce heat



  • ASTM Certified Safety

  • Adjustable dial to fit all head shapes and sizes

  • Comes with free high-quality matching goggles



  • Lightweight 'in-mold' construction

  • Super soft and comfortable liner

  • 'AirEvac' ventalation and cooling system


  • CE Certified Safety

  • Built-in visor

  • 'In-mold' construction for lightweight protection



Why It’s Important To Get The Best Ski Helmet For Kids

Making sure your kids are safe should be the most important part of any ski trip.

In most resorts, it’s now mandatory that children wear ski helmets. In addition, it’s a requirement of almost every ski school that kids wear helmets during lessons.

The importance of wearing a helmet has been recognised across US ski resorts in recent years. According to the NSAA (National Ski Areas Association), around 90% of skiers now wear helmets; highlighting their importance.

Making sure you get the right kids ski helmet will also allow you to enjoy your time on the slopes. Knowing the safety of your kids is taken care of will allow you to relax and focus on your own skiing!

Best Ski Helmet For Kids
Kids Need To Wear A Ski Helmet During Their Lessons

How To Choose The Best Ski Helmet For Kids

Safety Certification

Any ski helmet you buy should comply with helmet safety regulations.

There are three main regulatory systems for ski helmets. You should always look for a certification guarantee from one of these before you make your purchase:

If you are purchasing your kid’s ski helmet from a reputable online distributer, it’s highly likely that that helmet will meet these standards. However, if you are uncertain, it’s always worth double-checking the safety certification.

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Best Ski Helmet For Kids
The Best Ski Helmet For Kids Is Definitely Going To Be Certified!

Get The Right Fit

Even if a ski helmet has the best safety rating around, it’s not going to be effective if it’s the wrong size.

If the helmet is too small, the constant squeezing will lead to a headache. If it’s too big, the helmet is going to be rattling around all-day, running the risk of it falling off at any moment.

The last thing you want is your helmet coming off during a fall. Trust us, it does happen!

Ski helmets are sized using head circumference. Obtain the correct measurement by using a soft tape-measure around the circumference of your child’s head, just above the eyebrows.

Most ski helmets are adjustable, so they will usually give you some ‘wiggle room’ in case you are slightly out. We suggest you buy the helmet on high side of the size bracket to allow for some growing space.


One problem with buying ski gear for kids is that you know they will eventually grow out of it. Although, if you can find a good helmet, it might last a bit longer than you expected.

The best ski helmets for kids are usually adjustable, giving them some growing space.

It’s always better to choose a helmet that’s very slightly larger than the child’s head size. This will give you the required space for a longer lasting fit.


Any ski helmet you buy needs to be comfortable enough to be worn all day.

In order to get a comfortable helmet, you first need to make sure you get the right size. After this, look at the quality of the interior padding.

Ski helmets have additional padding around the ears, providing both warmth and comfort. Padding is also important for safety as it helps with shock absorption during impact.

Kiids are always happier to wear a helmet if it’s comfortable. If they enjoy wearing it, it’s going to be much easier to make sure they keep it on during the day!


Poor quality ski helmets are unsafe, uncomfortable and impractical.

One common issue with poor quality helmets is the plastic moulded shell coming loose or falling off. This is a serious safety issue.

When choosing your helmet, look for key quality indicators. Safety certifications, sufficient padding, multifunctional features and good reviews are all clear quality markers.

With so many options available, we know how difficult it can be to choose the right ski gear. That’s why we’ve made list this of the best kids ski helmets, helping you avoid quality issues so you can focus on skiing.

Best Ski Helmet For Kids
When it comes to ski helmets, quality is key.

Best Ski Helmet For Kids Reviewed

1. OutdoorMaster Kelvin

OutdoorMaster Kelvin

Key Features

  • Safety Certified: ASTM Certified
  • Liner: Removable Fleece
  • Ventilation: 14 vents
  • Available Colours: 9
  • Retailers: Amazon
  • Alternate Versions: N/A

The OutdoorMaster Kelvin is one of the best kids ski helmets on the market. It offers safety, comfort and practicality for an affordable price.

This ASTM Certified helmet is built with a reinforced ABS shell and shock absorbent EPS core. Along with these high-spec safety features, this helmet is also made with comfort in mind.

It features 14 vents that are designed as an ‘airflow evacuation channel’ to allow for heat reduction. In addition, it has an extra soft fleece liner with removable ear pads.

This helmet OutdoorMaster is more than capable of keeping your kids safe on the slopes. Its combination of safety and comfort make it a great option for any young skier.


  • ASTM certified safety
  • Reinforced ABS shell
  • Shock-absorbing EPS core
  • Size adjustment dial for perfect fit
  • 14 vents for temperature control
  • 9 different colour options


  • Ear pad durability can be an issue
  • Size can run small

2. Giro Launch

Giro Launch Kids Ski Helmet

Key Features

  • Safety Certified: CE Certified
  • Liner: Impact Absorbing Foam
  • Ventilation: ‘Super cool’ vents
  • Available Colours: 18
  • Retailers: Amazon,
  • Alternate Versions: Spur MIPS

Giro are one of the most well-known helmet producers in skiing, with the Launch snow helmet proving they know how to make a quality product. This CE Certified helmet is produced with safety in mind, using a polycarbonate outer shell and shock-absorbent foam liner for maximum impact protection.

The helmet is also easy to adjust, using an ‘in form fit system’ dial to easily change the helmet size at any time. This allows up to 6cm of adjustment, making it a long lasting option for kids who are still growing.

Additionally, it uses ‘vertical tuning’ to accommodate different head shapes. It also uses the same technology to make it a perfect fit with most ski goggles.

This Giro Launch Snow Helmet is high-quality, safe and versatile. Also, since it comes in 18 colour styles, you are certain to find a look that keeps the kids happy.


  • Durable hard shell construction
  • Protective EPS foam liner
  • CE certified safety
  • 6cm of size adjustment
  • Easy to adjust the size using the ergo-friendly dial
  • Super cool vents limit overheating


  • Helmet strap can lack durability

3. Wildhorn Spire

Wildhorn Spire Kids Ski Helmet

Key Features

  • Safety Certified: ASTM Certified
  • Liner: Impact Absorbing Foam
  • Ventilation: Integrated Plush Liner
  • Available Colours: 5
  • Retailers: Amazon
  • Alternate Versions: N/A

The Wildhorn Spire offers everything you should look for in a quality ski helmet. With safety a priority, they use an outer PC shell fused to inner EPS foam that is great at absorbing impact.

The helmet also uses an integrated dial fit system, allowing the helmet size to be adjusted easily at any moment. All of this is offered in a helmet that is claimed to be 25% lighter than similar options.

In addition, this helmet also uses a combination of ventilation channels and a plush liner to keep the inside warm and dry. Wildhorn also supply the US Ski Team, so they have proven they know how to make quality headgear.

Here, they have produced a helmet of excellent quality. When you add in the free goggles, this helmet is easily one of the best ski helmets for kids.


  • ASTM certified safety
  • Solid in-mold construction
  • Adjustable dial fit system
  • Shock absorbing foam
  • Lightweight design
  • Ski goggles included


  • Goggles can have durability issues
  • Top price bracket

4. Smith Zoom Junior

Smith Zoom Junior Kids Ski Helmet

Key Features

  • Safety Certified: CE & ASTM Certified
  • Liner: Tricot Fleece
  • Ventilation: AirEvac Vents
  • Available Colours: 14
  • Retailers: Amazon, Evo
  • Alternate Versions: Holt Junior

The Smith Zoom combines safety and practicality while still remaining lightweight. It uses an ‘in-mold’ polycarbonate construction, allowing it to offer CE & ASTM certification without adding extra weight.

This is a practical helmet for young skiers, with a dial fit system designed to accommodate heads of differing shapes and sizes. It also has ‘AirEvac’ adjustable vents that can be opened and closed when necessary.

Inside the helmet, there is an extra soft ‘furry’ tricot lining and matching ear pieces. This allows the helmet to be multifunctional, with the cooling vents and extra warm liner a good combination.

Smith are well known in the ski industry for their goggles. However, with the Zoom Junior they have shown that they can produce a high-quality kids ski helmet as well.


  • CE and ASTM certified safety
  • Lightweight design
  • Safe and solid in-mold construction
  • Dial fit adjustability system
  • Vents can be opened or closed when necessary
  • Soft and comfortable lining
  • Removable goggle lock


  • One of the bulkier options
  • Size can run large

5. Giro Buzz MIPS

GIro Buzz MIPS Kids Ski Helmet

Key Features

  • Safety Certified: CE Certified
  • Liner: Removable & Washable
  • Ventilation: Super Cool Vents
  • Available Colours: 2
  • Retailers: Amazon
  • Alternate Versions: Giro Crue MIPS

The Giro Buzz MIPS is a high-end kids ski helmet that’s packet with safety and performance features. The standout trait of this helmet is the integrated visor, which in my experience provides superior comfort and reliability for kids. Plus, it’s one less thing for them to loose!

The CE certified helmet comes with MIPS integration for maximum shock-protection. It’s also incredibly lightweight for such a sturdy helmet, owing mainly to its in-mold construction and robust design.

The Giro Buzz is also highly adaptable and comes with an in-form fit system that can be adjusted to fit growing kids heads. The Buzz does come with a high price-point, but you’ll be hard pressed to find a helmet with superior performance and safety.


  • CE certified safety
  • Super cool vents
  • Lightweight design
  • MIPS safety
  • Removable and washable liner
  • Highly adjustable
  • Built-in visor
  • No need to buy goggles


  • Expensive

Summing Up

Skiing can be a dangerous sport, so making sure you’re wearing the right protective gear is of high importance.

With so many options to choose from, getting the right gear isn’t an easy task. However, with this guide, we aim to make finding the best ski helmet for kids a whole lot easier.

If you stick to the headgear on the list, you you are sure to end up with a certified, safe and reliable ski helmet.