Best Ski Goggles For Small Faces

Best Ski Goggles For Small Faces: Top 5 of 2024

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Goggles are a vital part of ski performance. They allow you to see the slope clearly, giving you the vision required to produce your best skiing.

Finding the right ski goggles can be a challenge, especially if you have a small face. Most modern ski goggles are designed with huge frames and wide lenses, which can prove too large for many skiers.

In order to maximise your mountain view, we listed the best ski goggles for small faces. Every option is designed with a smaller than average size to give you a secure and stable fit.

The Best Ski Goggles For Small Faces At A Glance




    • MAG interchangeable lens system

    • 3-layer face foam wicks away sweat

    • 5x anti-fog inner lens technology



    • PRIZM lens provides excellent snow visibility

    • F-3 anti-fog inner lens absorbs moisture

    • Wide lens and frame shape maximises field of view



    • Quick magnetic lens changing system

    • Vivid lens enhances contrast and definition

    • Frameless design for maximum field of view



    • Built in air-flow technology for maximum ventilation

    • OTG design reduces temple pressure points

    • Budget friendly price



    • Flexible frame designed for smaller faces

    • Anti-fog and scratch resistant lens coating

    • Superior airflow system prevents fogging



    Why Do I Need The Best Ski Goggles For Small Faces?

    If you have a small face, finding the right size ski goggles can be a challenge. Most modern ski goggles maximise vision by using a wide lens and frame, making them best designed for larger faces.

    The best ski goggles should feel stable and secure on your face. If they are too large, they are likely too loose and may compromise your vision.

    The best ski goggles for small faces use the cutting edge technology of regular goggles, but with a reduced size. This means that you will get the design quality associated with the best products in a size that suits your face.

    Quality can come at cost, so we have also created articles reviewing the best ski goggles under $100 and the best ski goggles under $50. In addition, we have also reviewed the best sunglasses for skiing if you’re aiming to look stylish on the slopes.

    Best Ski Goggles For Small Faces
    Most modern ski goggles are very large

    How To Choose the Best Ski Goggles For Small Faces

    Size & Fit

    If you have a small face, making sure your goggles are the right size should be a priority. You should generally look towards goggles with a narrower frame or smaller nose bridge to get a snug fit.

    Many brands produce some of their products with an ‘Asian fit’ version. These goggles are designed for skiers with a smaller and flatter nose bridge. They will often use an extra layer of face foam to get a snug fit, but can also come with a smaller frame size.

    Many of the best ski goggles for small faces are ‘reduced size’ or ‘Asian fit’ versions of the larger original design. These give you the highest quality features and widest vision, while still providing a comfortable fit.

    Some smaller fitting ski goggles can be more basic than modern products. They can serve a great purpose if you’re looking to stick to a budget, but they can also compromise peripheral vision.

    Best Ski Goggles For Small Faces
    Some smaller ski goggles can lack peripheral vision, but are also a comfortable fit

    Lens Type

    No matter how well your new goggles fit, they will be difficult to use without the correct lens. Every lens type is best suited to different weather conditions, so picking the right option is vital.

    The most important lens feature to assess is ‘variable light transmission’ (VLT). This tells you how much light is able to pass through the lens, determining the weather conditions that are most suitable.

    Lenses with a low VLT % are best designed for low light conditions. Lenses with a high VLT % are best suited to sunshine.

    Some of the best small fit ski goggles come with interchangeable lenses. This allows you to be prepared for any weather, provided you’re carrying the right lens.

    If you’re plannig to ski in challenging light conditions, we also have a guide detailing the best ski goggles for flat light. They are all designed to improve contrast and depth perception in the most challenging conditions, so it might be worth checking them out.


    Keeping your goggles fog-free is vital. If condensation appears on your lenses, it can make skiing almost impossible.

    Most ski goggles will come with an anti-fog lens coating. This creates a hydrophobic layer that turns the fog into water droplets that can easily roll away.

    Ventilation is another way to stop fogging. Quality ski goggles will always come with a great ventilation system, keeping air flowing to stop condensation.

    Check the key features to make sure the anti-fog capability of your new goggles is sufficient. Another way to gauge their effectiveness is by reading previous customer reviews.

    Best Ski Goggles For Small Faces
    Making sure your goggles are fog-free is vital

    Best Ski Goggles For Small Faces Reviewed

    Smith I/O MAG S Snow Goggles

    Key Features

    • Lens: Spherical Carbon-X
    • Frame: Responsive Fit ‘Smaller’ Frame
    • Anti-fog: 5x anti-fog inner lens
    • Interchangeable Lenses: Yes

    The Smith I/O MAS S snow goggles are designed to provide the highest-quality vision for skiers with small faces. They are built with a smaller than average frame, yet still use a wide spherical lens for maximum field of view.

    The lenses are interchangeable via an efficient magnetic system. They also come with a triple-layer of face foam that will provide a snug fit and wick away moisture.

    Smith are a known producer of quality ski goggles, with the I/O MAG S being their best small sized option. They provide an exceptionally clear and wide view of the slopes in any weather conditions.


    • Chromapop lens provides excellent clarity
    • Magnetic lens changing system
    • Spherical design for wide field of view
    • Excellent inner lens anti-fogging
    • Smaller than average frame size
    • Conforming triple-layer face foam


    • Lenses can scratch quite easily
    • Lens changing could be quicker

    Oakley Flight Deck XM Snow Goggles

    Key Features

    • Lens: PRIZM High Contrast
    • Frame: Reduced Size Rimless
    • Anti-fog: Water Absorbing Lens
    • Interchangeable Lenses: Yes

    The Oakley Flight Deck XM snow goggles have a great field of view and quality design. They use interchangeable PRIZM lenses that maximise clarity and have high impact resistance.

    These goggles use a reduced size rimless frame that maximises field of view for skiers with small faces. They also have excellent ventilation and a special anti-fog coating that allows the inner lens to absorb water.

    Oakley are a trusted brand for many avid skiers, with the Flight Deck XM snow goggles being one of their best products. They give you great peripheral vision, clear lens quality and are durable enough to last for many years.


    • High contrast and clarity lens
    • Excellent anti-fog technology
    • Interchangeable lenses
    • Impact resistant
    • Reduced size frame for small faces
    • Dual ventilation for extra anti-fog


    • Lens changing can be challenging in certain situations
    • Moisture can occasionally form between the two lens layers

    Giro Contour Asian Fit Snow Goggles

    Key Features

    • Lens: Vivid High Definition
    • Frame: Frameless Asian Fit
    • Anti-fog: Lens Coating
    • Interchangeable Lenses: Yes

    These Giro Contour snow goggles provide style and vision for anyone with a smaller face or lower nose bridge. They use ‘vivid’ lens technology that filters out haze to provide great contrast and definition.

    The lenses use an anti-fog coating and ‘Evak’ ventilation to keep your vision clear in all conditions. The frameless technology provides a wide view and accommodates a spherical lens for maximum vision.

    If you have a smaller face and lower nose bridge, these goggles from Giro might be your best bet. They have great lens quality, exceptional durability and will give you a wide view of the slopes.


    • High definition and contrast lens
    • Frameless panoramic view
    • Reduced size ‘Asian fit’
    • Lenses are interchangeable
    • Spherical lens increases vision
    • Air evacuation vents prevent fogging


    • Frame could be too wide for some smaller faces
    • Top price bracket

    Smith Knowledge OTG Asian Fit Snow Goggles

    Key Features

    • Lens: Cylindrical Carbon-X
    • Frame: OTG Adapted Asian Fit
    • Anti-fog: Fog-X Inner Lens
    • Interchangeable Lenses: No

    The Smith Knowledge Asian fit snow goggles provide reliable vision for an affordable price. They use a cylindrical ‘carbon-x’ lens that is scratch and impact resistant, while also providing clear vision.

    These goggles come with adjustable vents to make sure you’re fog-free in changing weather conditions. They are also well designed for skiers who wear glasses, providing a seamless OTG accommodating fit without pressure points.

    If you have a smaller face shape and also wear glasses, the Smith Knowledge goggles are a great option. They provide great vision, have a highly durable construction and are available for a reasonable price.


    • Cylindrical lens boosts peripheral vision
    • Lens reduces sun glare
    • Foam membrane ideal for over the glasses
    • Adjustable vents improve anti-fogging
    • Asian fit style provides a secure feel
    • Budget friendly price


    • Anti-fog system could be better
    • Lenses not interchangeable

    Dragon Alliance NFXS Ski Goggles

    Key Features

    • Lens: Lumalens High Clarity
    • Frame: Flexible Frameless
    • Anti-fog: Super Anti-Fog Coating
    • Interchangeable Lenses: Yes

    The Dragon Alliance NFXS ski goggles provide wide vision and comfort for skiers with small faces. They use a flexible ‘frameless’ design that conforms to the shape of your face for maximum comfort.

    These goggles come with ‘lumalens’ technology that enhances clarity and improves depth perception. They also have an anti-fog lens coating that combines with a multidirectional air venting system to keep your lenses fog-free.

    Dragon Alliance have produced the NFXS ski goggles to give a stable and secure fit for skiers with small faces. They include all the features you should look for in high-quality goggles and are sure to improve your mountain view.


    • High clarity lens
    • Flexible and comfortable frame
    • ‘Frameless’ design for maximum field of view
    • Reduced size to fit smaller faces
    • Interchangeable lenses
    • Great anti-fog lens and venting


    • Peripheral vision could be marginally improved
    • Can occasionally get foggy for some skiers

    Summing Up

    Goggles are one of the most important pieces of ski gear you will buy. Having a clear view of the slope will make a huge difference to your confidence and performance.

    If you have a small face, choosing the right goggles can be tricky. However, with the help of this guide you should find the process much easier.

    The best ski goggles for small faces are made to give you reliable vision. They all have a frame size and lens shape that is designed for a comfortable and secure fit.

    Take the time to read the pros and cons of each option to find what works for you. If you stick to the goggles on this list, we’re sure you will have a great view of the slopes this winter.