Best Ski Goggles For Kids

Best Ski Goggles For Kids: Top 5 of 2024

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I don’t need to tell you how important having clear vision is when you’re skiing. If you want your child to make the most of their time on the slopes, getting the best kids ski goggles should be one of your top priorities.

With so many options to choose from and attributes to consider, getting the right eyewear can be a time consuming challenge. Thankfully, we have put together a guide to make your life easier!

In this article, we give you our list of the best ski goggles for kids. We tell you the key features, weigh up the pros and cons and help you make the best decision possible.

Best Ski Goggles For Kids At A Glance




  • Minimal frame for maximum field of vision

  • P-80+ anti-fog coating

  • Carbo-glass anti-scratch treatment



  • Flexible low-profile frame for wide vision

  • Dual layered PRIZM lens with amazing contrast

  • Highly durable and impressive build-quality



  • OTG (over the glasses) compatible

  • 100% UV400 protection

  • Ventilation and anti-fog lens providing clear vision



  • Spherical lens to maximise peripheral vision

  • Double lens with hydrophilic anti-fog coating

  • Choice of different goggle colours and lens tints


  • Double lens enhances contrast and protection

  • Comfortable PU frame with double layer face foam

  • Anti-scratch and anti-fog



Why Do I Need The Best Ski Goggles For Kids

Getting the right eyewear is fundamental to ski performance. If you want to perform at your best on the slopes, you need to be able to see where you’re going!

Poor quality kids ski goggles tend to fog up, limit peripheral vision, and are generally uncomfortable. Additionally, durability can be an issue if you choose the wrong product.

Goggles are also a necessary line of defence between your eyes and the powerful mountain sun. Surprisingly, the most common skiing injury is to the eyes.

Even on a cloudy day, the sun’s UV rays are too much for kids’ eyes to handle.

Best Ski Goggles For Kids
Vision And Safety Are Of Vital Importance On The Mountain

How To Choose The Best Ski Goggles For Kids

Lens Quality

Getting the correct lens is vital for both safety and performance. The first part is to make sure the lens has 100% UV protection.

Generally, most ski goggles from reputable sellers will provide sufficient UV protection. However, this is definitely something worth checking before you make your purchase.

You also need to make sure that the lens tint is suitable for the light conditions you will encounter on the mountain. Different lenses are tinted to suit different conditions, so be sure to check which lens is included.

Other key features to look for are anti-scratch and anti-fog. These are indicators of quality, as well as being necessary for perfect vision.

Best Kids Ski Goggles
Make Sure You Get The Right Lenses!

Field Of Vision

Peripheral vision is of high importance when you’re on the mountain. With so much going on around you, it’s vital that you can see your surroundings.

Many poor quality children’s goggles will give them ‘tunnel vision’. This will seriously affect their performance and safety.

The best ski goggles for kids use features that improve peripheral vision, allowing them to ski at their best.

The more you can see, the better you will ski.


If you want to enjoy your time on the slopes, you need to make sure your ski gear isn’t about to fall apart. This is especially true with goggles, because without them you won’t be able to ski.

Quality goggles are designed to last for many years, not just for one season. Durable products are always a great investment, especially when it comes to ski gear.

In order to find kids ski goggles that will stand the test of time, look for sturdy construction and quality materials. Additionally, reading product reviews and researching trusted brands are also great ways to judge durability.


No matter how high quality your goggles are; if they don’t fit, they aren’t going to be practical.

Most kids ski goggles are highly adjustable. This factors in different head sizes, as well as allowing for some growing room.

Different goggles have different sized frames, with each one better suited to a different face size. It’s important to look at the size and shape when purchasing, making sure that they are going to fit your features.

Best Kids Ski Goggles
Goggles Are Adjustable, But Make Sure You Get The Best Frame Size

Best Ski Goggles For Kids Reviewed

Bollé Royal Kids Ski Goggles

Bolle Royal Kids Ski Goggles

Key Features

  • Lens: Carbo-Glass, Anti-Scratch
  • Anti-Fog: P-80+ Anti-Fog
  • Frame: Minimal Frame
  • Glasses Compatible (OTG): No

The Bollé Royal Kids Ski Goggles provide a great mix of protection and quality. They use a minimal frame design, allowing for maximum peripheral vision.

These goggles use a double lens system to protect against fogging. They use a thermal barrier between the lenses to stop condensation from forming, while a P-80+ anti-fog coating is used on the inside lens for crystal clear vision.

The ‘carbo-glass’ lenses are coated with an anti-scratch armour for durability. Additionally, they also use ‘flow-tech’ venting to further combat fogging and condensation.

Bollé have produced these goggles with clear vision in mind. Their anti-fogging capabilities, large field of vision and high durability make them some of the best kids ski goggles on the market.


  • Great peripheral vision
  • Double lens stops condensation
  • P-80+ anti-fog lens coating
  • Anti-scratch lens
  • Venting stops fogging
  • Range of different colours


  • Not the best for cloudy weather

Oakley Line Miner Youth Ski Goggles

Oakley Line Miner Youth Ski Goggles

Key Features

  • Lens: PRIZM
  • Anti-Fog: F3 Anti-Fog Coating
  • Frame: Flexible, Low-Profile
  • Glasses Compatible (OTG): No

Oakley have produced the Line Miner Youth Ski Goggles to provide great vision and durability. Their patented PRIZM lens is specially designed to produce amazing contrast and clarity for fantastic vision.

The lens also uses an anti-fog and anti-scratch coating, keeping vision clear and adding durability. Additionally, these goggles also provide 100% UVA, UVB and UVC protection.

Surrounding the lens is a flexible ‘low-profile’ frame, allowing the goggles to conform to any face shape and provide outstanding field-of-view. The inside of the frame is lined with triple-layer face foam and polar fleece for maximum comfort.

The Oakley Line Miner Youth Ski Goggles are built to the highest standard and are designed to provide great vision for many years.


  • Flexible conforming frame
  • Low-profile design maximizes field-of-view
  • Superb lens contrast and clarity
  • 100% UVA, UVB and UVC protection
  • Anti-fog coating
  • Comfortable face foam
  • Super durable
  • Wide range of colours and styles available


  • Top price bracket

Supertrip Kids Ski Goggles

Supertrip Ski Goggles

Key Features

  • Lens: Dual-Layer UV Protection
  • Anti-Fog: Anti-Fog Inner Lens
  • Frame: Frameless
  • Glasses Compatible (OTG): Yes

These Supertrip Goggles are designed to provide high-quality features for a budget friendly price. The frameless design allows maximum field of vision for a panoramic view.

The lens is dual-layer, designed to prevent fogging while providing UV protection. Additionally, these goggles use a ventilation system to stop condensation from obscuring your view.

For added versatility, Supertrip have also made these goggles OTG (over the glasses) compatible. With comfort in mind, they also include a triple-layer of face foam, designed to mould to all face shapes and sizes.

These goggles offer a range of quality features and a great field of vision. They are more than capable of keeping most kids happy on the slopes.


  • Wide peripheral vision
  • Anti-fog inner lens
  • OTG compatible
  • Ventilation system
  • 100% UV Protection
  • Non-slip strap


  • Face foam not the best quality

AKASO Ski Goggles For Kids

Akaso Kids Ski Goggles

Key Features

  • Lens: Spherical Lens
  • Anti-Fog: Hydrophilic Coating
  • Frame: Flexible TPU Frame
  • Glasses Compatible (OTG): No

These Kids Ski Goggles by Akaso are not the most sophisticated on the market, but they do the basics well. Their spherical lens offers 100% UV protection, while also providing great peripheral vision.

Its double-layer lens design uses a hydrophilic coating to stop fogging. Their is also venting at the top and bottom to combat condensation build up.

The frame is constructed from soft TPU, making it comfortable and durable. Additionally, their is a triple-layer of face foam that is designed to be soft against skin.

The Akaso ski goggles provide great comfort and quality vision. They have all the key attributes you should look for in high-perforce goggles and are sure to deliver a great mountain view.


  • Maximised peripheral vision
  • Anti-fog coating
  • Vents stop condensation
  • Soft and lightweight frame
  • Comfortable face foam
  • Durable construction
  • Range of colours and lens tints


  • Can get snow in the lens
  • Not the most durable

POCito Children’s Ski Goggles

POCito Kids Ski Goggles

Key Features

  • Lens: Hydrophobic Lens
  • Anti-Fog: Anti-Fog Treated Lens
  • Frame: Soft PU Frame
  • Glasses Compatible (OTG): No

POC are well-known within the ski industry for their high quality products. These POCito Children’s Ski Goggles live up to that reputation, offering a high quality and durable construction that is built to last.

They use a double lens system that enhances contrast for crystal clear vision. Additionally, the lens is also hydrophobic; meaning it’s great at repelling snow, water and dust.

The goggles are also anti-fog and anti-scratch treated, for long lasting vision. Surrounding the lens is a soft PU frame, designed to conform to all face shapes and sizes.

If you’re looking for durable goggles that can last for many years, these could be your best bet. They offer great eye protection and vision, while also being built to last for many winters.


  • Colour contrast lens
  • Hydrophobic to repel water
  • Anti-fog layer
  • Anti-scratch treatment
  • Extremely durable
  • Conforming soft frame
  • Multiple colours available


  • Higher price bracket

Summing Up

Getting the right goggles is one of the most important equipment decisions you will make. They provide protection and vision, both of which are vital to on slope performance.

All of the eyewear on this list has unique attributes; so take the time to make an informed decision. Every child has their own style preferences, but making sure they are safe and protected is the main objective.

Getting the right goggles is key to enjoying your mountain view. Hopefully with this list of the best kids ski goggles, we have made that view a little bit clearer.