Best Ski Gloves Under $50: Top 5 of 2024

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Frozen fingers can turn the best ski trip into a painful experience. This makes warm and comfortable ski gloves one of the most important items you need on the mountain.

Unfortunately, good quality ski gear often comes at high prices; so finding budget ski gloves can pose a challenge. However, we are here to prove that having warm hands doesn’t necessarily mean you need to break the bank.

In this guide, we have listed the best ski gloves under $50. We have analysed the multitude of options that are available in order to provide you with a simple breakdown of what you can expect from each option.

Best Ski Gloves Under $50 At A Glance




  • 5K waterproof rating

  • 3M Thinsulate insulation for warmth without bulk

  • Touch screen compatible index finger and thumb



  • 3M Thinsualte and 140g polyester insulation

  • Waterproof TPU shell wicks away moisture

  • Thumb and index finger are touch screen compatible



  • 3M Thinsulate and polar fleece for wamth

  • Fluffy lining provides extra comfort and warmth

  • Thumb and index finger are touch screen compatible



  • Waterproof and windproof

  • 3M Thinsulate insulation is lightweight and breathable

  • Reinforced PU wear-resistant palm



  • 3M Thinsulate insulation

  • Waterproof coating and windproof TPU film

  • PU leather palm for durability



Why Do I Need The Best Ski Gloves Under $50?

Getting the right ski gloves is fundamental to any ski trip. If you’ve had cold hands on the slopes before, you already know how much it can detract from the experience.

However, the best ski gloves have more to offer than insulation. They also provide the durability required to last for many years, as well as the comfort needed for a great day on the slopes.

If you are new to skiing, or hoping to find a bargain, then the gloves on this list are for you. Just because gloves are low in price, doesn’t mean that are not capable of fulfilling your needs.

Best Ski Gloves Under $50
Grab A Bargain Pair Of Ski Gloves This Winter

How To Choose The Best Ski Gloves Under $50


Ski gloves are designed to keep your hands warm, so making sure they are well insulated is one of the main considerations you should make.

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Look for gloves that have warming attributes, such as; extra insulation, weather proofing, wrist locking and quality lining. It’s a combination of these factors that work together to combat the cold, so make sure you assess your options carefully.

Remember; if you’re going to a warmer ski resort or skiing during the spring, you probably don’t need the warmest gloves on the market. Make a decision based on the ski conditions you will most likely face, you can always take additional ski glove liners to use in emergencies!

Best Ski Gloves Under $50
Making Sure Your Hands Are Warm Is The Whole Point Of Wearing Ski Gloves…

Weather Proofing

Keeping your hands dry is a big part of keeping them warm. Often, it’s the outer shell of the gloves that stops water from penetrating through to your hands, so making sure they has sufficient water-resisting properties is vital.

Additionally, the best ski gloves should also be windproof. Even if the ski resort air temperature is not the lowest, wind is going to have a big impact on the warmth of your hands.

Look for gloves made of strong fabrics that are designed to combat the elements. Additionally, check to see if the gloves have an extra waterproof coating applied to them.

Many of the best ski gloves also lock at the wrist to stop snow entering. This is a feature that will be especially beneficial in the event of a fall, or if you plan on skiing deep powder.


Nobody wants to buy new ski gloves every winter, so making sure you find a pair that are durable is important.

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Whether you’re on the mountain or in the après-ski bar; your ski gloves are going to take some punishment. Taking them on and off, picking up skis and pushing with your poles will put the quality of your gloves to the test.

Look for ski gloves made with high build quality and sturdy materials. Make sure you study the key features and reviews to make an informed decision.


No matter how good your ski gloves are, they will never be comfortable unless you get the right fit.

If your ski gloves are too big, you will loose dexterity. Additionally, you will find they can easily fall off – which could lead to an embarrassing ski lift glove drop!

If they are too small, they can be difficult to take on and off. Additionally, they will not have enough room to fit glove liners or hand warmers when necessary.

Make sure you find a pair that fit snug, with your fingers just about touching the ends. Most gloves come in a range of different sizes, so be sure to check the relevant size guide and customer reviews before making your purchase.

Best Ski Gloves Under $50
If They Don’t Fit, Then Nothing Else Matters!

Best Ski Gloves Under 50 Reviewed

Extremus Outlook Peak Ski Gloves

Extremus Outlook Peak Ski Gloves

Key Features

  • Insulation: 3M Thinsulate
  • Waterproof: Hydrolysis-Resistant
  • Touch Screen Compatible: All Fingers
  • Lining: Fleece

The Extremus Outlook Peak Ski Gloves provide warmth and practicality that is sure to keep your hands happy on the slopes. They use 3M Thinsulate for lightweight warmth, while also remaining breathable.

These gloves also feature a TPU membrane and water-resistant PU palm for protection from the elements. Additionally, the shell is also windproof to make sure your hands stay warm in all conditions.

The gloves feature touch screen sensitivity on every finger. Also, if you do need to take your gloves off, the elastic wrist cuffs make sure you don’t need to worry about dropping them.

The Extremus Outlook ski gloves provide warmth, weatherproofing and practical features that are hard to beat; making them some of the best ski gloves under $50.


  • Padded cushioning in high-wear points
  • 3M Thinsulate insulation
  • Breathable on warmer days
  • Water-resistant TPU membrane
  • Touch screen compatible
  • Ergonomic comfortable shape
  • Elastic wrist cuffs
  • Durable PU palm


  • Waterproofing could be better

Velazzio Ski Gloves

Velazzio Ski Gloves Under $50

Key Features

  • Insulation: 3M Thinsulate, Polyester
  • Waterproof: Fan-Tex Membrane, DWR Coaring
  • Touch Screen Compatible: Index Finger & Thumb
  • Lining: Polyester

If your looking for warmth and practicality on a budget, these Velazzio Ski Gloves might be your best bet. They are packed with great features and are designed to keep your hands warm in the coldest conditions.

They use a combination of 3M Thinsulate and 140 grams of polyester for insulation. Additionally, the tough outer shell is windproof, adding to their cold resistant capabilities.

Their ‘Fan-Tex’ TPU membrane ensures waterproofing and also wicks away moisture, which is useful on warm, wet and cold days. These gloves are also practical and durable, with a tear resistant PU leather palm and touch screen compatibility.

The Velazzio Ski Gloves are some of the best value on the market. They provide a great range of features and are made with the quality required to keep your hands warm on the mountain.


  • 40g 3M Thinsulate insulation
  • 140g added polyester insulation
  • Windproof outer shell
  • Waterproof TPU design
  • Tear resistant PU leather palm
  • Touch screen compatible
  • Great palm grip
  • Adjustable wrist buckle


  • Touch screen fingers are hard to use
  • Gloves run small
  • Can have long-term durability issues

Cevapro Waterproof Ski Gloves

Cevapro Ski Gloves

Key Features

  • Insulation: 3M Thinsulate, Polar Fleece
  • Waterproof: Waterproof TPU Layer
  • Touch Screen Compatible: Index Finger & Thumb
  • Lining: Fluffy Lining

The Cevapro Ski Gloves have all the features you could expect from the highest quality gloves, but for a budget friendly price. They use 3M Thinsulate and thick polar fleece to provide maximum warmth without bulk.

With a focus on warmth and comfort, they have also added a fluffy inner lining. Additionally, they are layered with waterproof TPU inserts to keep your hands completely dry.

The PU leather palm is made to be durable and anti-slip, while they are also touch screen compatible. For practicality, they are designed to be flexible and easy to use.

These gloves offer great weatherproofing properties, along with the practicality to make your life easier on the slopes.


  • 3M Thinsulate insualtion
  • Added polar fleece for warmth
  • Comfortable fluffy inner lining
  • Waterproof TPU layers
  • Water repellent outer shell
  • Touch screen compatible
  • Durable PU leather palm
  • Hand warmer pocket
  • Windproof wrist strap


  • Could be warmer in extreme conditions

Wolfilist Ski Gloves

Wolfilist Ski Gloves

Key Features

  • Insulation: 3M Thinsulate, 140g Cotton
  • Waterproof: TPU Shell
  • Touch Screen Compatible: 5 Finger
  • Lining: Thickened Fabric

The Wolfilist ski gloves are designed to provide maximum waterproofing and durability. They have a TPU shell to stop moisture molecules from entering, along with being windproof at the same time.

The gauntlet wrist and user-friendly straps help to stop snow from entering the gloves. Additionally, they use a combination of 3M Thinsulate and 140g cotton to keep your hands warm.

These gloves are built to last, with a reinforced PU palms making them wear and scratch resistant. This also acts as a non-slip surface, adding to their practicality.

The Wolfilist ski gloves are some of the highest rated budget ski gloves on the market. They also provide enough waterproofing and insulation to fend off cold fingers in most conditions.


  • Waterproof TPU Shell
  • Windproof
  • 3M Thinsulate insulation
  • 140g cotton layer for warmth
  • Reinforced PU palm
  • Full touch screen compatibility
  • Gauntlet and straps keep snow out


  • Size runs large
  • Can feel bulky at times

RIVMOUNT Winter Ski Gloves

Rivmount Ski Gloves

Key Features

  • Insulation: 3M Thinsulate, Cotton
  • Waterproof: Waterproof Outer Coating
  • Touch Screen Compatible: No
  • Lining: Dense Velvet

These RIVMOUNT Winter Ski Gloves are designed to offer warmth and weatherproofing for a budget friendly price. They use 3M Thinsulate to keep your hands warm throughout the day, while still remaining lightweight.

The outer layer has a waterproof coating and TPU film to make sure your hands stay dry on the slopes. They are also windproof, which improves their ability to retain heat.

The gloves use a mid-length gauntlet to keep the snow out on powder days, along with an adjustable wrist strap. They also have PU leather palms to make them extra durable.

These gloves by RIVMOUNT may not be packed with modern features, but they do the basics well. They offer warmth and weatherproofing, making them some of the best budget ski gloves on the market.


  • Waterproof outer coating
  • 3M Thinsulate insulation
  • Windproof
  • Quick drying
  • Wrist stap stops snow entering
  • PU leather palms
  • Thumb nose wipe cloth
  • Soft dense velvet lining


  • Not the most durable
  • Lining can pull out

Summing Up

Having cold hands is not fun, so getting the right gloves can make a big difference to your ski trip.

Make sure you take the time to assess the key attributes and make an informed decision. Every glove has its pros and cons, so try to choose the gloves that best suit the ski circumstances you expect to face.

With this guide to the best ski gloves under $50, we have provided the most outstanding budget options on the market. Now all you need to do is make a decision and hit the slopes!