Best Ski Gloves Under $100

Best Ski Gloves Under $100: Top 5 of 2024

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Keeping your hands warm on the slopes is vital. It will make you feel comfortable enough to enjoy your surroundings and produce your best skiing.

The best way to fend off frozen fingers is by wearing a quality pair of ski gloves. However, finding the best option can be tricky; especially if you’re on a budget.

In order to help keep your hands warm this winter, we’ve reviewed the best ski gloves under $100. Every product on this list is designed to provide quality heat without breaking the bank.

Best Ski Gloves Under $100 At A Glance




    • Fully waterproof Gore-Tex insert

    • Grippy and durable 'Rubbertec' palm

    • Removable and washable stretch fleece liner



    • 'Hipora' waterproof and breathable insert

    • Durable goat leather palm

    • Back zipper gives easy access to your hands



    • Waterproof 'Dryride' TPU membrane

    • Full touchscreen compatibility

    • Removable four-way stretch liner



    • Lightweight and warm 3M Thinsulate insulation

    • Waterproof TPU membrane

    • Durable and water resistant goat leather outer shell



    • Waterproof and breathable fabric

    • Thermal reflective lining for added warmth

    • Enhanced grip and abrasion-resistant palms



    Why Do I Need The Best Ski Gloves Under $100?

    Having cold hands can detract from your time on the slopes. It can be seriously uncomfortable and can inevitably lead to poor ski performance.

    Quality ski gloves keep your hands warm in a variety of conditions. They protect against freezing temperatures, wet snow and severe wind.

    The cost of quality can be high when it comes to ski gloves. However, this guide helps you break down the multitude of options available to find you the best budget options around.

    Keeping your hands warm is an important part of a great ski trip. The gloves we have listed are all designed to be warm, waterproof, comfortable and durable enough to keep you happy on the slopes.

    If you are looking to stick to a strict budget, we also have an article detailing the best ski gloves under $50. In addition, we have also reviewed the best heated ski gloves, the best ski gloves for kids and the best ski glove liners that can cover your hand-warmth requirements.

    Best Ski Gloves Under $100
    If you’re heading to the snow, warm and dry gloves are essential

    How To Choose The Best Ski Gloves Under $100


    The main purpose of ski gloves is to keep your hands warm. If they lack the insulation required for you to brave the coldest conditions, then they are not the gloves for you.

    Most ski gloves use a synthetic insulating material that traps body heat within its microfibers. Two of the most common forms of synthetic insulation you will see are ‘3M Thinsulate’ and ‘PrimaLoft’, which both work in similar ways.

    If you regularly suffer from cold hands, then be sure to prioritise gloves that offer maximum insulation.

    If you’re heading to a warmer resort, you may not need to focus as much on insulation. Lesser insulated gloves will provide the warmth required for spring skiing, while also giving you increased dexterity.

    Best Ski Gloves Under $100
    Choose the insulation that’s necessary for the conditions you will face


    If your hands are wet, they are going to get cold. No matter what conditions you’re facing, you should always make sure your gloves are waterproof.

    Many of the best ski gloves use a waterproof ‘insert’. It is usually made from a synthetic ‘plastic’ material and should provide full waterproofing.

    Some gloves also include an additional waterproof outer layer, often referred to as a ‘membrane’. This stops water from penetrating the ski glove, while still remaining breathable.

    One thing to note is that ‘water resistant’ gloves are able to resist the penetration of water to a certain degree, but not entirely. If you’re heading to wetter climates or looking for the best quality, always look for the term ‘waterproof’.


    The material your gloves are constructed from will affect their performance. Each fabric has its own benefits that make it a good choice for various situations.

    • Nylon and polyester are popular synthetic ski glove choices. They are both popular due to their water resisting properties, durability and reasonable cost.
    • Leather is often used in top-quality ski gloves. It has great natural insulating capability, natural water resistance and is highly durable. However, it can come at a premium price.

    Some ski gloves will look to use a combination of synthetic and leather. Due to its durability, leather will often be used in areas that see the most ‘wear and tear’, such as the palms. The rest of the glove will then use a synthetic material for its ergonomic feel and cost effective price.

    Additional Features

    Ski gloves come with a range of small features than can make a significant difference to your time on the slopes.

    • Pull on closure is one of the most features you will see. This means that the gloves naturally lock at the wrist during use, providing an extra defence against snow.
    • Long gauntlets add another layer of protection that can stop snow entering your gloves.
    • Nose wipe refers to a special fabric that’s added to the thumb to wipe your nose against. If you cant reach a tissue in time, this could be important.
    • Wrist leashes are a great addition if you’re prone to glove drops. They use elastic wrist ‘bracelets’ that attach to your gloves for security.
    • Touch screen compatibility has become a common feature in recent years. Some gloves offer thumb and index finger compatibility, while others will incorporate the whole glove.
    • Hand warmer pocket is used to hold a disposable hand warmer on the coldest days. It can also be used as a vent on warmer days.
    • Extra sticky palms will improve the practicality of your ski gloves. If you don’t want to drop your valuables, you should look for this feature.

    Every pair of gloves will have a variety of features. The key is to assess your personal requirements and pick the gloves that have the features to make your life more efficient.

    Best Ski Gloves Under $100
    The best ski gloves under $100 come with a variety of features

    Best Ski Gloves Under $100 Reviewed

    Dakine Titan Gore-Tex Snow Glove

    Key Features

    • Shell Material: Polyester
    • Insulation: High Loft Fill (Polyester)
    • Waterproof: Gore-Tex Insert
    • Lining: Removable Tricot Fleece

    Dakine have produced the Titan ski gloves to keep your hands warm and dry for a reasonable price. They are constructed using a durable polyester shell that is coated with a water-repellent finish.

    These gloves come equipped with a Gore-Tex insert that is waterproof and breathable. In addition, they use high loft insulation for reliable warmth in most weather conditions.

    The Dakine Titan ski gloves provide waterproofing that is capable of braving the harshest weather. They also come with practical features and a solid design that’s sure to keep you comfortable on the slopes.


    • Polyester shell is water-repellent
    • High loft insulation provides good warmth
    • Gore-Tex inserts are waterproof and breathable
    • Removable and washable fleece lining
    • Grippy and durable palms
    • External stash pocket


    • Liner durability can be an issue
    • Can feel a little bulky for some skiers

    FRDM Elevate Ski Gloves

    Key Features

    • Shell Material: Nylon, Leather
    • Insulation: High Pile Berber Fleece
    • Waterproof: Hipora Insert
    • Lining: Fleece

    The FRDM Elavate ski gloves are constructed from quality materials that provide warmth and waterproofing. The outer shell combines nylon with goat leather for a great combination of dexterity and durablility.

    Waterproof and breathable Hipora inserts are used for maximum weather resistance. They also come with a unique rear zipper that allows you to release your fingers without removing the glove, which can work well when using your phone on chairlifts.

    The FRDM Elavate ski gloves are windproof, waterproof and breathable. They are designed from quality materials and have everything you should look for in a quality pair of gloves.


    • Goat leather and nylon shell is waterproof
    • Waterproof ‘hand access’ zipper
    • Waterproof and breathable insert
    • Velcro wrist lock closure
    • Thick berber fleece insulation and liner
    • Sewn-in nose wipe


    • Slightly bulky feel
    • Could be warmer in the coldest conditions

    Burton Baker Ski Gloves

    Key Features

    • Shell Material: Polyester
    • Insulation: Thermacore
    • Waterproof: DryRide TPU Insert
    • Lining: Removable Polyester Brushed Microfiber

    The Burton Baker ski gloves offer warmth and waterproofing for a budget price. They use a 2-layer polyester outer shell with a waterproof TPU insert for maximum weather protection.

    Inside these gloves, you will find a removable four-way stretch liner that increases warmth. In addition, they use Thermacore insulation that is designed to keep your hands warm without bulk.

    The Burton Baker ski gloves offer great weather proofing capability and a range of practical features. They also prove great value for money, making them some of the best ski gloves under $100.


    • Two-layer durable polyester fabric
    • Waterproof TPU membrane
    • Warm Thermacore insulation
    • Additional sherpa fleece insulation
    • Removable ergonomic liner
    • Touch screen compatible


    • Difficult to remove the gloves without the liner coming out
    • Windproofing not the best

    Kutook Three Finger Ski Mittens

    Key Features

    • Shell Material: Goat Leather
    • Insulation: 3M Thinsulate
    • Waterproof: TPU Membrane
    • Lining: Thermal Fleece

    If you’re in the market for some top-quality mittens, Kutook have got you covered. Their three finger ski mittens are constructed from highly durable goat leather, while they also include a TPU membrane for full waterproofing capability.

    These mittens combine 3M Thinsulate insulation with a thermal fleece liner for maximum warmth. In addition, they come with detachable wrist leashes to keep them safe at all times.

    The Kutook three finger ski mittens provide quality for a reasonable price. They use durable materials, have great weather proofing capability and come with a range of practical features.


    • Warm 3M Thinsulate insulation
    • Fully waterproof TPU membrane
    • Durable goat leather construction
    • Soft thermal fleece liner
    • Removable wrist leashes
    • Zipper pocket for lift pass


    • Size can run small
    • Leather can harden and change over time

    Columbia Tumalo Ski Gloves

    Key Features

    • Shell Material: Nylon
    • Insulation: Farenhot Polyester
    • Waterproof: Omni-Tech Membrane
    • Lining: Chamois Tricot Polyester

    Columbia have a reputation for producing quality ski gear, with the Tumalo ski gloves being a great example. They have a nylon outer shell that uses an ‘Omni-Tech’ membrane, making them fully waterproof and breathable.

    These gloves use Farenhot polyester insulation combined with a thermal reflective lining to stop heat from escaping. They also come with abrasion-resistant palms that are extra grippy for added practicality.

    The Columbia Tumalo ski gloves provide great bang for your buck. They use great heat retention technology and are built with quality in mind, while also being available for a very reasonable price.


    • Warm Farenhot insulation
    • Abrasion-resistant palm
    • Waterproof and breathable membrane
    • Insulated thermal reflective lining
    • Pull on closure wrists
    • Thumb nose wipe


    • Not the warmest in really severe weather
    • Can absorb some water throughout the day

    Summing Up

    Cold hands are capable of putting a dampener on any ski day. If you want to make the most of your time on the slopes, you better make sure your gloves are up to the task.

    Finding quality ski gloves can be tricky, especially when you’re on a budget. However, the gloves in this guide are all capable of keeping your hands warm for a reasonable price.

    When choosing the best ski gloves under $100, be sure to read the key features to find the best option for you. If you read the pros and cons, you are sure to get a good idea of what to expect.