Best Ski Boots For Wide Feet

Best Ski Boots For Wide Feet: Men’s & Women’s 2024

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The most important part of getting the right ski boots is making sure they fit. Although most manufacturers try to accommodate all shapes and sizes, getting the right model can be tricky if you have wide feet.

In this article, we have outlined the best ski boots for wide feet. We have analysed every option and given you our top pick for each ability level.

We truly believe that getting the right boots can make a significant difference to your comfort and performance. If you stick to the options in this guide, you’re sure to to have a great time on the slopes this winter.

Best Ski Boots For Wide Feet At A Glance

Best Ski Boots For Wide Feet: Men




Best Beginner

  • Extra soft shell and liner to promote comfort

  • Soft plastic allows for easy boot entry and exit

  • Reinforced sole and spine for added control

Best Intermediate

  • Easy step in zone and wide tongue

  • Adjustable forward lean for a perfect set up

  • 3M Tinsulate insulation

Best Advanced

  • Easy entry instep for larger feet

  • Wide 102mm last @ size 28.5 and above

  • Balance between precision and comfort

Best Ski Boots For Wide Feet: Women




Best Beginner

  • Soft shell and liner for maximum comfort

  • Boot is built to be extra supportive

  • Lightweight construction


Best Intermediate

  • IVC insert allows width to adjust from 104mm-100mm

  • Tight mono-injected shell provides a snug fit

  • Instep opens extra wide for easy entry and exit

Best Advanced

  • Wide 103mm last with high-volume fit

  • Powerful 85 flex provides superb control

  • Heat moldable shell and liner

Why Do I Need The Best Ski Boots For Wide Feet?

Painful ski boots can turn a great day on the slopes into a agonising experience. If you have wide feet, it’s common to feel crushed and cramped in most ‘regular sized’ ski boots.

Ski boots are much more adjustable than they used to be. However, making sure you get a natural fit can make all the difference on the mountain.

The best wide fitting boots aim to provide the additional room you need, while still giving you the snug and secure fit required for optimal ski performance.

Additionally, wide fitting ski boots are often desirable for skiers looking for comfort. If you are looking for a relaxed fit and maximum comfort, then the boots on this list are for you.

The comfort provided by wide ski boots makes them a popular choice for beginner skiers. If you’re new to skiing, we have also listed our best ski boots for beginners.

Best Ski Boots For Wide Feet
Getting The Right Boots Is Fundamental For A Good Ski Trip

How To Choose The Best Ski Boots For Wide Feet


Whenever you choose ski boots, you always need to make sure you get the right fit for your foot. Look for a boot that accommodates your need for extra space, while also providing the security required for skiing.

Most wide fitting ski boots are designed to provide extra space around the middle and forefoot, while still cradling the heel for support.

Alongside the natural shape of the boot: buckles and straps can also make a big difference. If the boot is highly adjustable, it’s going to allow you to gain extra security when needed.

Getting the right fit can be one of the most challenging parts of buying boots. However, checking out the best ski boots for wide feet is the first step to finding comfortable footwear.

Best Ski Boots For Wide Feet
Making Sure Your Boots Fit Should Be Your Priority

Performance & Flex

Different ski boots are designed for different skiers. If you want to make the most of your time on the mountain, you need to make sure you get boot that matches your ability level.

In general, a boot’s flex rating will determine how easy it is to use. More flexible boots are used for beginners; with stiffness gradually increasing as ability level improves.

Higher performance (stiffer) boots are generally tighter and more uncomfortable. If you are a relaxed skier looking for comfort, make sure you stick to the flex ratings suited to your ability level – otherwise you might regret it!

Quality of Construction

When it comes to buying ski gear, quality is king. Ski boots need to be able to stand up to the elements, so making sure they are made with sturdy construction is vital.

Although it’s easy to get overwhelmed with features like flex, comfort and design; making sure your boots are long lasting is just as important. Ski boots should be viewed as an investment and a good pair can last you for many years.

Look for boots made using robust materials from trusted brands. Reviews are another key quality indicator, so make sure you have done your research before making your purchase.

Design & Appearance

It’s easy to get wowed by flashy designs and appealing colours, but these factors should be at the bottom of your priority list when buying ski boots.

Getting comfortable ski boots that perform well is going to guarantee you many great years on the slopes, so prioritise these features first.

Most modern ski boots are designed to look great, so it’s unlikely you will be disappointed with your purchase – as long as your feet are comfortable.

Best Ski Boots For Wide Feet
They Might Look Cool, But That Doesn’t Mean They’re The Right Boots For You!

Best Ski Boots For Wide Feet Reviewed: Men’s

Nordica Sportmachine 3 80

Nordica Sportmachine 3 80

Key Features

  • Flex: 80 (Soft)
  • Width: 102mm (Wide)
  • Best For: Beginner
  • Liner: Comfort Fit, Heat Moldable

If you are new to skiing and looking for a comfortable and wide fitting ski boot; the Nordica Sportmachine 3 80 might be your best bet. They have a generous forefoot width of 120mm, designed to accommodate medium and wide feet.

These boots have a soft flex rating of 80, making them ideal for beginners. This forgiving shell is accompanied by a reinforced sole and spine for extra control.

Additionally, these boots offer a dual entry instep for easy entry and exit. If you are looking for further customisation, they also have a heat moldable liner.

The Nordica Sportmachine 3 80 are some of the most comfortable boots on the market. Their combination of generous width and a forgiving shell makes them an ideal starting boot for any skier with wide feet.


  • 102mm last for wide feet
  • 80 flex for beginners
  • Heat moldable liner
  • Reinforced sole & spine
  • Easy entry instep
  • Lightweight design
  • Comfort & control


  • Could be slightly wider
  • Flex can soften over time

Atomic HAWX Magna 100

Atomix Hawx Magna 100

Key Features

  • Flex: 100 (Medium)
  • Width: 102mm (Wide)
  • Best For: Intermediate
  • Liner: 3M Thinsulate

The Atomic Hawx Magna provides the mid point between ease of use and performance, making them ideal for any intermediate skier. They feature a 102mm wide fit, while still allowing for snugness to improve control.

Their 100 flex rating places these boots in the intermediate category, making them ideal for anyone looking to improve their performance while still prioritising comfort.

The liner uses 3M Thinsulate to make sure your feet are kept warm on the mountain. Additionally, the shell and liner are both heat moldable for anyone looking for the perfect fit.

If you are looking for comfort and precision, then these are the boots for you. A combination of width, support and stability makes them a great candidate for the best ski boots for wide feet.


  • 102mm wide fit
  • 100 flex for intermediates
  • 3M Thinsulate warm liner
  • Heat moldable
  • Comfort & control
  • Memory fit liner
  • Easy step-in


  • Not the most adjustable

Rossignol Allspeed Elite 130

Rossignol Allspeed Elite 130

Key Features

  • Flex: 130 (Stiff)
  • Width: 102mm (Wide)
  • Best For: Advanced
  • Liner: Customizable

The Rossignol Allspeed Elite 130 gives an extra wide fit that is not often found in high performance boots. They are 102mm in width, while also providing additional ankle and toe spacing. These attributes offer excellent comfort for anyone with larger feet.

With a flex rating of 130, these boots are designed with advanced skiers in mind. Although stiff in construction, they do offer a great amount of comfort that’s blended with precision.

The boots are packed with ‘Thinsulate’ insulation to keep your toes warm and comfortable. Another noteworthy feature was the power-transmission that leaves you feeling a sense of contraol at any speed.

These Rossignol Allspeed Elite 130 Ski Boots are a great choice for any advanced skier with wide feet. They have the stiff shell required for control, coupled with features that make them exceptionally practical.


  • 102mm extra wide fit (size 28.5)
  • 130 flex for advanced skiers
  • Lightweight build
  • Extra warm insulation
  • Strong heel for support
  • Performance with comfort
  • Strong power transmission


  • Only wide fitting at size 28.5 and above

Best Ski Boots For Wide Feet Reviewed: Women’s

Salomon X Access 60

Salomon X Access 60 Wide Ski Boots

Key Features

  • Flex: 60 (Soft)
  • Width: 104mm (Extra Wide)
  • Best For: Beginner
  • Liner: ‘Flex Line’ Comfort

The Salomon X Access 60 is a great option for any beginner with wide feet. They have an extra wide 104mm foot and a flex rating of 60, making them easy to use and comfortable for anyone just starting out on the slopes.

These boots are designed to be lightweight, using a polyolefin shell to give support without added weight. Inside the boot, a ‘flex line’ comfort liner flexes around the calf and ankles for optimized comfort.

The liner is also designed with an anatomic tongue made from moldable foams, providing comfortable padding around the shin and instep areas.

These boots from Salomon provide the comfort and support necessary for any skier with wider feet. Although ideally suited to beginners, they have the build quality to last for many years of ski progression.


  • 104mm extra wide fit
  • 60 flex for beginners
  • Lightweight shell
  • Comfort flexible liner
  • Instep and shin padding
  • High build quality


  • Too flexible once your level improves

Nordica Cruise 75

Nordica Cruise 75 Ski Boots

Key Features

  • Flex: 75 (Medium)
  • Width: 104mm (Extra Wide)
  • Best For: Intermediate
  • Liner: Adjustable Insert

The Nordica Cruise 75 offers practicality and performance that is hard to beat for any intermediate skier with wide feet. They offer a naturally wide 104mm width that can be adjusted to 100mm using an innovative IVC insert.

These boots come with a 75 flex rating, ideal for intermediate skiers who are looking to improve their control. For practicality, they use a dual soft-flap instep, allowing them to open extra wide for entry and exit.

The boot’s cuff can also be adjusted, making sure it’s capable of cradling any size calf. This also works to neutralise your stance to reduce fatigue and improve performance.

These Nordica Cruise 75 boots are some of the most adaptable and forgiving boots on the market. Their adjustable foot width and flex rating of 75 makes them one of the best ski boots for wide feet.


  • 104mm extra wide fit
  • 75 flex for intermediate skiers
  • Adjustable width (100mm-104mm)
  • Wide opening instep
  • Adjustable cuff


  • Can become too flexible over time

Tecnica Mach Sport 85 HV

Tecnica Mach Sport 85 HV

Key Features

  • Flex: 85 (Medium/Stiff)
  • Width: 103mm (Wide)
  • Best For: Advanced
  • Liner: ‘Performance’ Heat Moldable

The Tecnica Mach Sport 85 HV ski boots provide a wide and comfortable fit for anyone progressing into the advanced levels of skiing. They combine a 85 flex rating with 103mm width, which provides the support and comfort required by high-level skiers with wide feet.

The boots use a lightweight C.A.S frame construction, designed to give control and enhance power transfer. Additionally, the power strap and buckles give you a secure locked-in feel that promotes confidence in all conditions.

With practicality in mind; these boots use an easy step-in shell and can be fully customized by any boot fitter. Inside the boot, you will find a N.F.S liner that is pre-shaped for comfort and can be molded to fit any foot shape.

The Tecnica Mach Sport 85 HV Ski Boots offer practicality, adjustability and build-quality that is hard to beat. In addition, their 103mm width makes them ideal for any advanced skier with wide feet.


  • 103mm wide last width
  • Overall high-volume fit suits wide feet
  • 85 flex for Intermediate and advanced skiers
  • Highly customizable shell
  • Great power transfer
  • Reduced weight
  • Liner can be heat molded
  • Superb locked-in feel


  • More expensive than other brands

Summing Up

Getting the best ski boots for wide feet is vital for anyone who has suffered from the crushing pain that poorly sized footwear can cause.

The boots on this list aim to provide the space you need for a comfortable fit, while also giving you the secure and snug feeling you need to produce your best skiing.

Every boot has its pros and cons, so take the time to make an informed decision and choose the right boot for your ability. If you stick to this guide, we’re sure your feet will be thanking us later.