Best Ski Boots For Kids

Best Ski Boots For Kids: Top 5 of 2024

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If you want your kids to maximise their ski potential, you better make sure they have the right equipment. The most important item is probably ski boots, which play a vital role in comfort and performance.

The right pair of boots will make your kids feel comfortable. It will allow them to focus on their skiing, rather than being distracted by painful feet.

In this guide, we have narrowed down the best ski boots for kids. By listing the pros and cons of every option, we aim to make finding the right boots easy.

Best Ski Boots For Kids At A Glance





  • 20 flex rating for lightweight beginners

  • Dura-Grip soles for added walking safety

  • Buckle closure is quick and easy to adjust




  • Flex can be adjusted from 35 - 45 

  • 2 buckle closure provides easy-to-use performance

  • PU soles are designed to improve walking grip




  • U-Flex system is smooth and comfortable

  • Insulated liner keeps feet warm

  • Lightweight and forgiving for small beginners




  • 40 flex suited to lightweight intermediates

  • Boot construction uses thin layers to save weight

  • 3 buckle design for progressive flexion



  • Progressive 60 flex for intermediate kids

  • Norrower junior specific last for a snug fit

  • Junior pro liner provides comfortable cushioning




  • Precise and powerful 70 flex rating

  • Pressure reducing tongue improves comfort

  • Solid power strap improves fit and performance



Why Do I Need The Best Ski Boots For Kids?

Kids need to feel comfortable with their ski gear. If their feet are cold or painful, it can sometimes make them want to stop skiing.

Ski boots are arguably the most important piece of ski equipment you will purchase. They have a big impact on the control you have over your skis and should provide a snug fit without any pressure points.

The best ski boots for kids come in a range of different styles, with each option designed for a different ability level.

Every boot on this list is optimized to keep kids’ feet feeling comfortable and can significantly improve their skiing experience.

Hint: If you’re looking for more kids ski equipment, we have also reviewed the best kids ski poles.

Best Ski Boots For Kids
Comfortable ski boots will help your kids to improve their technique

How To Choose The Best Ski Boots For Kids


‘Flex’ refers to how difficult it is to flex the ski boot forward. The flexibility of a ski boot will have a big impact on its performance. 

  • Kids that are heavier, stronger or have a high level of ability will require a stiffer flexing boot. It will give them stability at speed and a high level of control.
  • Kids that are lightweight or still learning the basics require a softer flexing boot. It will be forgiving and comfortable enough to keep them skiing with a smile.

Some kids ski boots will rate flex in numeric form, which is the most accurate system. Others will just use the term ‘soft’, ‘medium’ or ‘stiff’.

In order to get a gauge of how flex rating corresponds to ability, we have included the below table. Keep in mind that this is just a guide and that other factors need to be taken into account when making your decision.


Flex Rating


Beginner - Intermediate



Intermediate - Advanced



Advanced - Expert



Expert - Race


Very Stiff


The buckles used play a big role in kids’ ski boots. They usually use a single ‘ratchet’ buckle, or a more traditional buckle closure system.

  • Smaller or more basic kids ski boots will often use a single ratchet buckle. It’s the quickest and easiest to use, with most kids being able to tighten it themselves.
  • Larger or more advanced kids ski boots will often use a buckle closure system. The same as a regular adult, it gives the greatest amount of precision and control.

If you have younger kids that are just starting out on the slopes, single ratchet closure is a great way to make their lift easier. Once ability and age improves, you can then look for more precise ski boots.


When it comes to kids ski boots, size is vital. They need to tight enough to maintain control over the skis, but not so tight that they cause painful pressure points.

It’s usually best to aim for a ‘comfort’ fit when choosing kids ski boots. This means their toes should just about touch the front of the shell when standing up with their legs straight.

You will notice that when they flex their ankles and bend their knees, their toes will pull back from the shell. This gives a small amount of growing space, while still providing a ‘snug’ fit.

While wearing the ski boot, it’s important that they can still wiggle their toes. However, when flexing forward their heel shouldn’t raise from the sole of the boot.

Keep in mind that ski boot sizing is measured in ‘mondopoints’. It is a measurement of foot length in centimetres that is designed to improve accuracy.

In order to give you an idea of the size required, we have included the below table. It converts regular kids shoe sizes into mondopoints.

(Comfort Fit)

Boys/Unisex (US)

Girls (US)


8 (Kids')



8 (Kids')



9 (Kids')



9 (Kids')



10 (Kids')



11 (Kids')



12 (Kids')



13 (Kids')



13.5 (Kids')


























Best Ski Boots For Kids Reviewed

Dalbello CX-1

Dalbello CX-1 Kids Ski Boot

Key Features

  • Gender: Boys
  • Flex: 20
  • Ability: Beginner

The Dalbello CX-1 is a great boot to help young and lightweight skiers learn their first turns. Designed with a super-soft 20 flex rating, it’s one of the most comfortable and forgiving boots you will find.

Using a single buckle for closure, these boots are easy to put on and quick to adjust. The soles are made with a ‘Dura-Grip’ design that aims to making walking to the slope easier.

If you’re youngster is just learning the basics, the Dalbello CX-1 is a good choice. Designed to be simple, comfortable and flexible; it’s a reliable choice for the smallest feet.


  • Forgiving 20 flex for light beginners
  • Super comfortable liner
  • Added sole grip
  • Quick and easy buckle closure
  • Ergonomic boot shape for small feet
  • Comfortable and lightweight design


  • Only for really lightweight beginners

Nordica Speedmachine J2

Key Features

  • Gender: Boys
  • Flex: 35 – 45
  • Ability: Intermediate

The Nordica Speedmachine J2’s are designed to provide support and comfort for progressing intermediate kids. They are flex adjustable from 35 – 45, allowing you to adapt them as their confidence improves or weight increases.

The PU sole is designed to be extra grippy for walking safety. In addition, the two-buckle design gives them a reliable progressive flex that improves control.

If you’re looking for a versatile intermediate boot that will help your kids progress, the Nordica Speedmachine J2 is a good choice. It has a comfortable and forgiving fit, with a progressive flex that is sure to improve performance.


  • Adjustable flex rating
  • Forgiving feel for intermediate learners
  • Ergonomic forefoot width
  • 2-buckle design is easy-to-use
  • PU soles provide walking grip
  • Durable and versatile overall design


  • Heavier intermediates may want a stiffer flex

Elan Boom

Elan Boom Kids Ski Boot

Key Features

  • Gender: Girls
  • Flex: Soft
  • Ability: Beginner

The Elan Bloom is a soft and comfortable ski boot that is designed for small and light beginners. Featuring a soft ‘U-Flex’ system, they have a forgiving feel that’s great for learning the basics.

A flexible plastic plate is used around the ankle for easy entry and exit. They have also used an insulated liner that keeps feet warm and comfortable in any weather.

The Elan bloom is lightweight, soft and easy-to-use. It’s a forgiving boot that promotes comfort and will help young skiers learn the basics.


  • Soft and forgiving flex
  • U-shaped ankle plate aids entry and exit
  • Warm insulated liner
  • Easy-to-use buckle closure
  • Lightweight construction
  • Comfortable fit and feel


  • Lacks support for slightly heavier beginners

Rossignol Fun Girl J3

Rossignol Fun Girl J3

Key Features

  • Gender: Girls
  • Flex: 40
  • Ability: Intermediate

The Rossignol Fun Girl J3 provides comfort and support for progressing intermediate kids. Featuring a 40 flex rating with a 3-buckle closure system, they offer a great blend of forgiving control.

The soft comfort insulation and welded sole provide enough insulation to keep toes warm on colder days. The shell design is intended to fit close to the foot for maximum control and uses a thin layered construction to save weight.

If your kids are serious about progressing their ski performance, the Rossignol Fun Girl J3 is a good choice. With the perfect blend of comfort and performance, they are sure to keep young skiers happy.


  • 40 flex ideal for young intermediates
  • Smooth flex pattern
  • Snug fitting design improves control
  • Thin and lightweight shell
  • Comfortable insulated liner
  • Durable aluminium 3-buckle closure


  • Heavier intermediates might be better with a 4-buckle ski boot

Tecnica Cochise Jr

Tecnica Cochise Jr Kids Ski Boots

Key Features

  • Gender: Unisex
  • Flex: 60
  • Ability: Advanced

If your kids are starting to show some advanced confidence and ability, the Tecnica Cochise Jr is a ski boot that will keep them improving. Coming with a 60 flex rating that feels smooth and progressive, they are forgiving enough to learn new skills without sacrificing control.

The use of four micro-adjustable buckles with an overlapping shell design gives them a precise fit. Inside the boots you will find a supportive liner that uses thermoformable membranes to improve comfort.

The Tecnica Cochise Jr is a solid ski boot choice for advanced kids that are starting to ski at speed. It has a a supportive and responsive shell that combines with a comfortable liner, producing great all-round performance.


  • 60 flex is responsive for advanced kids
  • Snug fitting junior liner
  • Outer shell is heat moldable
  • Precise micro-adjustable buckles
  • Overlapping shell has a close fit
  • Power strap improves rebound


  • Difficult to flex for lighter skiers

Fischer RC4 Podium

Fischer RC4 Podium

Key Features

  • Gender: Unisex
  • Flex: 70
  • Ability: Expert

The Fischer RC4 Podium is a race inspired ski boot that’s made for expert kids that love speed. It has a stiff 70 flex rating that brings the power and precision required for aggressive skiing.

The boots create a natural stance with the toes slightly pointing outwards, which is designed to improve turning efficiency. They also use forefoot geometry that improves high-precision steering to maximise performance.

If your kid is a strong skier or looking for his or her first pair of race boots, the Fischer RC4 Podium is a great option. They have a highly responsive feel, while not being overly demanding on young legs.


  • 70 flex is highly responsive
  • Stiff enough for skiing at high speed
  • Natural stance improves turning control
  • Forefoot geometry improves precision steering
  • Pressure reducing tongue improves comfort
  • Adjustable race canting


  • Top price bracket
  • Too much boot for a regular holiday skier

Summing Up

Choosing the right ski boots can make all the difference on the mountain. Tasked with keeping feet warm and comfortable, they play a vital role in their skiing experience.

The best ski boots for kids are designed to combine performance with comfort. They provide a kid specific fit that aims to make learning new skills easy.

Take the time to assess the pros and cons of every option to determine that one that’s right for your child. If you stick to the boots on this list, you’re on the path to a great family ski trip.