Best Ski Boot Cat Tracks

Best Ski Boot Cat Tracks (Sole Protectors): Top 3 of 2024

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Ski boot soles just aren’t designed for walking. Constructed predominantly from plastic, they are ultra slippery on ice and are prone to significant wear and tear.

The best way to protect your ski boots is by using cat tracks (aka ‘sole protectors’). By attaching to the bottom of your ski boot, they provide added protection and grip when walking.

Not all sole protectors are made equally, so finding the most reliable option can be a challenge. That’s why we’ve created this guide, reviewing the best ski boot cat tracks that are currently on the market.

Best Ski Boot Cat Tracks At A Glance




    • Flexible rubber design is wear resistant

    • Small cleats included for better grip

    • Solid length adjustment from 260-350mm



    • Retractable metal cleats for maximum traction

    • Curved sole creates a natural stepping flow

    • Length adjustable from 225-300mm



    • Basic 'slip on' design is easy to use

    • Compact size fits inside your pocket or backpack

    • Large, small and junior size options available



    Why Do I Need The Best Ski Boot Cat Tracks?

    Protecting the soles of your ski boots is essential. As the plastic gets worn down over time, it can affect the way your ski boot clips into your binding. Inevitably this causes your ski boot to detach from the ski too easily, which can potentially lead to injury.

    In addition, ski boot cat tracks provide a layer of grip to the bottom of your ski boots. Walking around icy ski resorts can be dangerous with plastic soles, making added grip vital for many.

    The best ski boot cat tracks provide an essential layer of traction and protection to the soles of your ski boots. They allow you to walk around in your ski boots without feat of falling, making them invaluable to most skiers.

    Best Ski Boot Cat Tracks
    Ski boots are not designed for walking on concrete

    How To Choose The Best Ski Boot Cat Tracks

    Sole Design

    The sole of your cat tracks will be providing traction, making it of high importance. Each product will have a slightly different design that aims to provide maximum grip in icy conditions.

    Ski boot cat tracks predominantly use rubber or polyurethane soles. Both materials provide good traction and are flexible enough to comfortably stretch across your ski boot.

    The gripping sole pattern will vary amongst different products, with each option claiming to be the most effective. Some also include ‘cleats’ within the design, providing additional grip on ice.

    Best Ski Boot Cat Tracks
    The best ski boot sole protectors will give you grip in the lift lines


    When it comes to cat tracks, getting the right size is essential. If they’re not a perfect fit, they will likely be completely useless.

    Since they’re designed from flexible material, sole protectors will often fit a wide range of boot sizes. Some options are able to accommodate almost any adult boot size, thanks to a clever design.

    Be sure to check your sole length is suitable for the cat tracks you intend to purchase. If they are even slightly too small, it can be almost impossible to put them on; so be accurate with your measurements.


    Most of the best ski boot cat tracks use a similar style. Designed from flexible material, they are stretched over the sole of your ski boot for a secure fit.

    The most common style is designed to cover your heel and toe plates with traction. However, the middle portion will only feature a length of ‘stretchy’ material to allow size adjustment.

    Cat tracks are designed to hook over the ‘raised’ front and back part of your sole, which is normally used to clip into your ski bindings. Designed to be simple and effective, cat tracks are an easy to way add safety to your ski boots.

    Best Ski Boot Cat Tracks
    Without using cat tracks, stairs can be a real danger

    Best Ski Boot Cat Tracks Reviewed

    Sidas Ski Boot Traction

    Key Features

    • Material: Rubber
    • Size Range: 260-350mm
    • Best For: Overall

    Sidas are one of the most trusted ski footwear companies around, so it’s no surprise to see their ski boot traction cat tracks performing well. Designed entirely from flexible rubber, they are highly durable weather-resistant.

    The sole features a trustworthy design that includes small cleats for added grip on ice. In addition, they use solid screw adjustment system that allows them to fit ski boots from 260-350mm.

    If you’re looking for reliable grip in all conditions, the Sidas traction ski boot cat tracks are a good choice. Including a strong design with a great adjustment system, they provide the traction required by most skiers.


    • Flexible rubber design
    • Durable and resistant construction
    • Rubber traction sole with cleats
    • Inner frame grips ski boots well
    • Solid length adjustment system


    • Could be lighter
    • Rubber can stretch over time

    Ski Skooty Traction Cleats

    Key Features

    • Material: Rubber, Plastic, Metal
    • Size Range: 225-300mm
    • Best For: Ice Grip

    If you’re looking for maximum grip on ice, the Ski Scooty traction cleats might be your best option. Designed with retractable metal ‘claws’, you can expose their metal cleats whenever you come across dangerous ice and snow.

    Using a rocker style, they are designed to provide a natural heel-toe walking motion. With versatility in mind, they can be adjusted from 225mm to 300mm, which is enough to fit a wide range of boot sizes.

    The Ski Skooty traction cleats use a unique style to provide maximum grip. The retractable metal cleats are sure to improve your traction on ice, while they also have a strong and adaptable design.


    • Retractable metal cleats
    • Rubber traction sole
    • Length adjustable design
    • Rocker shape facilitates natural walking
    • Folds into a reasonable pocket size


    • Rubber is lacking some durability
    • One of the more expensive options

    Seirus Innovation 4150 Cat Tracks

    Key Features

    • Material: Polyurethane
    • Size Range: Junior, Small, Large
    • Best For: Lightweight/Budget

    If you’re looking for traction on a budget, the Seirus Innovation 4150 cat tracks might be your best bet. Using a polyurethane construction, they are designed to be flexible enough to fit a range of boot sizes.

    With a sole pattern that is well designed for snow and ice, they provide reliable grip in most conditions. Walking is also made easier by the cushioning effect they have underfoot.

    The Seirus Innovation 4150 cat tracks are a reliable and budget friendly way to get some grip. Using a lightweight design that is easily compacted, they are a popular choice.


    • Lightweight design
    • Stretch material fits a range of boot sizes
    • Traction sole designed for snow and ice
    • ‘Pocket friendly’ compact design
    • Cushioned walking feel
    • Budget friendly price


    • Can be difficult to take on and off
    • Sizing lacks some accuracy

    Summing Up

    If you’re tired of slipping over when walking back from the ski lift, then a good pair of cat tracks is crucial. Not only do they add traction to your ski boots, they also provide valuable protection for your sole plates.

    The best ski boot cat tracks are effective and easy to use. Coming with a simple and flexible design, they are built to improve your ski resort safety.

    Every sole protector has a slightly different design, so take the time to assess the key features and find the best option. Each product is designed with your safety in mind, allowing you to relax and enjoy your trip to the slopes.