Best Ski Boot Bags

The Best Ski Boot Bags: Top 10 of 2024

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Lugging ski equipment around is never easy. Almost every item can seem heavy and awkward, with one of the worst offenders being ski boots.

If you travel with your own ski boots, then you will be looking for an easy way of carrying them. That’s where boot bags come in, providing a practical way to transport your ski boots anywhere the snow might take you.

Finding the right ski gear isn’t always easy, so we have listed the best ski boot bags to make your life easier. We have looked at the key features and assessed the pros and cons, bringing you the most practical options on the market.

The Best Ski Boot Bags At A Glance




    • 50L storage capacity

    • Easy access compartments and ski carry capability

    • Exterior fabric is fully waterproof and durable



    • 58.5L storage capacity

    • Expanding centre storage compartment

    • Vented boot section with drainage for quick drying



    • 95L storage capacity

    • 8 functional pockets for maximum storage 

    • 600-denier polyester fabric is waterproof and durable



    • 5 internal pockets provide divided storage

    • 420-denier nylon exterior is water-resistant

    • Boot compartment includes ventilation and drainage



    • 50L storage capacity

    • Dedicated boot, helmet and goggle zones

    • Zip-down back panel allows easy ski boot access



    • Fully padded back panel for comfortable carrying

    • Fleece lined goggle pocket

    • Oxford PVC coated fabric is waterproof and durable



    • 50L storage capacity

    • Water-repellent interior and exterior

    • Vertical ergonomic design with 3 compartments



    • 65L storage capacity

    • Highly durable 1680-denier outer shell

    • 5 exterior zip-up pockets for safe and easy storage



    • 50L storage capacity

    • Three seperate dedicated main compartments

    • Waterproof and durable exterior and bottom



    • Large main compartment with U-shaped zipper

    • Ripstop duralite 600 denier construction is tough

    • Ski boot side pockets with drainage and ventilation



    Why Do I Need The Best Ski Boot Bag

    Without proper protection, it’s easy for your ski boots to get damaged during transportation. Whether you’re walking to the lift station, or taking a long haul flight, bags provide a safe place to store your ski boots.

    The best ski boot bags provide practicality and protection. They are designed to be easy and comfortable to carry, making your life easier.

    In addition, many boot bags provide a storage option for more than just your boots. Easy to use pockets and equipment specific spaces are common, making it a great way to carry the majority of your ski gear.

    Although ski boot bags are a great way to transport your gear to the resort, they are not the best at carrying your belongings for a day on the slopes. If you need a way to store your day items, we have also listed the best ski backpacks.

    Best Ski Boot Bags
    The Best Ski Boot Bags Are Able To Carry More Than Just Boots!

    How To Choose The Best Ski Boot Bag

    Style & Design

    Ski boot bags can come in a range of different shapes and sizes. Although the shape of the bag can change, the general style used is similar a giant backpack.

    Ski boots are heavy pieces of equipment, so carrying them on your back is efficient. In addition, keeping them on your back frees up your hands to carry the rest of your luggage.

    Traditionally, ski boot bags were narrow on top and wide on the bottom, mimicking the ‘trapezoid’ shape of a ski boot. However, many of the best ski boot bags now use a square or rectangular shape, giving you space to store more items.

    Each product is designed to make your ski equipment accessible and secure. Look at the key features and product reviews to analyse which option works best for you.

    Wish So Much Ski Gear On The Market, Decisions Are never Easy!


    The size of ski boot bags is measured in litres. They generally range from 30 – 90 litres, so choosing the size that meets your needs is important.

    Smaller boot bags are lightweight and easy to carry. They provide an efficient way to carry your ski boots, but not much else.

    Larger boot bags provide a great place to store a large amount of ski gear. However, they can be too heavy and cumbersome for some skiers.

    The size you require will depend on how much equipment you intend on carrying. Take the time to assess how much space you need when making your decision.

    Material & Weatherproofing

    Ski boot bags are going to see a lot of wear and tear. They need to be durable enough stand up to the strains of transportation, as well as potentially hostile weather conditions.

    The exterior fabric of a bag can have a big affect on its durability. Most ski boot bags are produced using polyester or synthetics, both of which are strong and durable.

    In addition, water-resistant coating is popular amongst the better products. This is of high importance, as you don’t want your belongings to get soaked by the snow.

    Boot bags can also use a range of different padding. This is a great perk as it provides a comfortable carry, while also offering additional protection during transportation.

    The Best Ski Boot Bags
    Padding Is Essential For Ski Boot Protection


    Ski boot bags come with a range of features, both internal and external. Each option will have different perks, so checking the product details is key.

    Common interior features include a range of different compartments and ski boot security straps. Many ski gear items (such as goggles) can be fragile, so having padded internal pockets can be a big benefit.

    Exterior features include pockets, handles and bungees; all of which can make your life easier. Some ski boot bags also use straps on the outside to carry ski boots, which is a desirable option for some.

    Good additional features have the ability to turn a good boot bag into a great one. Every product has a different set up, so assess your needs and weigh up the pros and cons to find the best option for you.

    Air Travel

    If you plan on taking your boots on an aeroplane, you need to be aware of the carry-on size specifications. Whether you intend on taking your boot bag on-board or in the hold needs to be a consideration when making your choice.

    Most ski boot bags do not fit the requirements of cabin luggage. They are often too bulky to fit under aeroplane seats, while weight restrictions can also pose a problem.

    Many airlines will accept a boot bag and ski bag as one item of luggage, so this is something to consider. However, every airline has its own policy, so this is certainly not guaranteed.

    Best Ski Boot Bags
    Many Ski Boot Bags Cannot Be Used As Cabin Luggage

    The Best Ski Boot Bags Reviewed

    Unigear Ski Boot Bag

    Key Features

    • Capacity: 50L
    • Fabric: Tarpaulin, Nylon
    • Weatherproofing: Waterproof

    The Unigear Ski Boot Bag combines durability with practicality. It’s constructed using a combination of tarpaulin and 1050-denier nylon that is super durable and waterproof.

    This bag features three main compartments that are complemented by an array of smaller pockets, making it more than capable of carrying most of your gear. It also has ski/snowboard carry straps on either side, making it exceptionally practical.

    This Unigear ski boot bag makes carrying equipment easy. It uses an intelligent and durable design that makes it one of the best ski boot bags on the market.


    • Durable nylon exterior
    • Waterproof tarpaulin liner
    • Bag bottom is low temperature resistant
    • Flip-down ski boot access panel
    • Ski/snowboard carry straps
    • Super protective padding
    • Soft back panel is comfortable


    • May not fit the largest ski boots
    • Carry strap durability can be an issue

    Athalon Everything Ski Boot Bag

    Key Features

    • Capacity: 58.5L
    • Fabric: Nylon, Polyester, PVC
    • Weatherproofing: Water-Resistant

    The Athalong Everything Ski Boot Bag is loaded with features that make carrying your ski gear convenient. It features zippered ski boot side pockets that are fully ventilated, along with an extra large centre compartment that can fit a wide range of equipment.

    This bag is easy to carry, with lumbar back pads making it comfortable and additional carry handles for practicality. Its nylon and polyester exterior fabric is durable and water-resistant, while it also has a PVC bottom that is fully waterproof.

    If you are looking for a large and practical boot bag for a reasonable price, then the Athalon Everything is one of your best options. It’s designed to make carrying ski boots easy, while also using a thoughtful design that can store a wide range of ski gear.


    • Ventilated ski boot pockets
    • Large centre compartment
    • MP3 pocket with headphone port
    • Useful glove clips
    • Waterproof PVC bottom
    • Water-resistant fabric
    • Padded hidden backpack straps
    • Wide range of colour options


    • Handle stitching can lack durability

    Rossignol Hero Ski Boot Bag

    Key Features

    • Capacity: 95L
    • Fabric: Polyester, Tarpaulin
    • Weatherproofing: Waterproof Coating

    If you are looking for a ski boot bag that can hold a large amount of ski gear, look no further than the Rossignol Hero Ski Boot Bag. It was originally designed for athletes, providing enough space to fit all of the gear and clothing you might need for a day on the mountain.

    This bag features two side ski boot compartments, protective internal storage for helmet and goggles, fleece lined pocket for valuables and a massive main compartment. It is also exceptionally durable, using a heavy duty 600-denier polyester fabric that is waterproof and tear-resistant.

    This Hero Ski Boot Bag by Rossignol is one of the largest on the market and is ideal for carrying all of your ski gear. It’s made with exceptional build quality and high-end materials, making it a super durable option.


    • Huge 95L capacity
    • Protective internal goggle storage
    • Side ski boot compartments
    • Easily accessible zippers
    • Fully waterproof
    • Abrasion and tear-resistant
    • Durable 600-denier polyester exterior


    • Too big for some skiers

    Wildhorn Brimhall Ski Boot Bag

    Wildhorn Brimhall Ski Boot Bag

    Key Features

    • Capacity: 50L
    • Fabric: Nylon, Polyester
    • Weatherproofing: Water-Resistant

    Wildhorn have produced this Brimhall Ski Boot Bag to be a carry-all for your ski gear. It is divided into 5 separate storage compartments, with the ski boot compartment benefitting from ventilation and drainage ports.

    This bag is made with durability in mind, featuring a 420-denier nylon outer shell and water-resistant polyester lining. In addition, it has multiple easy to use carry methods, including backpack straps that have their own stow-away compartment.

    The Wildhorn Brimhall Ski Boot Bag provides an efficient way to transport your ski gear. It’s well designed and produced using high-quality materials, making it one of the best ski boot bags on the market.


    • 5 separate storage compartments
    • Ventilated ski boot storage
    • Water-resistant fabric and liner
    • 3 different carry handles
    • Stow-away backpack straps
    • Easy access valuables pocket


    • Plastic clips can get broken
    • Lacks the cavernous storage space some skiers require

    Dakine Ski Boot Bag

    Key Features

    • Capacity: 50L
    • Fabric: Polyester
    • Weatherproofing: Water-Resistant

    This 50L Ski Boot Bag from Dakine offers a comfortable and accessible way to carry your ski boots. It has separate boot and helmet zones, along with a padded goggle storage compartment and useful external pocket.

    The bag uses a zip-down back panel for easy ski boot access. In addition, it uses a combination of polyester outer fabric and tarpaulin lining to make it water-resistant and durable.

    Dakine are a known producer of quality ski gear, with this boot bog being no exception. It’s extremely convenient and easy to carry, along with being one of the most stylish options on the market.


    • Ski boot and helmet storage zones
    • Padded goggle pocket
    • Water-resistant lining
    • Easy ski boot access via back panel
    • Quality 600-denier polyester shell
    • Range of different colours


    • Stitching could be more durable
    • Fabric not super heavy-duty

    Element Equipment Ski Boot Bag

    Key Features

    • Capacity: 50L
    • Fabric: PVC Coated Polyester
    • Weatherproofing: Waterproof

    This Element Equipment Ski Boot Bag provides a super convenient way to carry your ski gear. Its size allows it to carry your ski boots, helmet, gloves and clothes with minimal effort.

    This ski boot bag is built to last, using reinforced 600-denier PVC coated polyester that is highly durable and waterproof. It also has padded backpack shoulder straps that are comfortable and capable of being stowed when not in use.

    If you are looking for a high-quality ski boot bag that can make transporting your gear easy, then this bag from Element is a great option. It’s constructed using durable materials and a simple yet comfortable design.


    • Large storage compartment
    • Fleece lined goggle pocket
    • Vented ski boot compartment
    • Comfortable padded back panel
    • Waterproof PVC coated polyester
    • 600-denier fabric is durable


    • Strap stitching can be an issue

    Sukoa Ski Boot Bag

    Key Features

    • Capacity: 50L
    • Fabric: Polyester
    • Weatherproofing: Water-Repellent

    The Sukoa Ski Boot Bag uses an ergonomic design that makes carrying your ski boots comfortable. It has a vertical design and reinforced back support for a balanced posture when worn.

    This bag features 3 main compartments, each of which is lined with a water-repellent coating to protect your valuables. With practicality in mind, it has large weather-resistant zippers that are easy to use in all conditions.

    This ski boot bag from Sukoa is one of the most accessible and comfortable on the market. It uses a practical and durable design that makes it one of the best ski boot bags on the market.


    • Ergonomic easy-carry design
    • Water-repellent shell
    • Large accessible compartments
    • Easy-open zippers
    • Side straps for external storage
    • Double-reinforced boot pocket


    • Zippers are not the most durable
    • Liner stitching can come apart

    Swix Tri Pack Ski Boot Bag

    Key Features

    • Capacity: 65L
    • Fabric: Nylon, Polyester, Tarpaulin
    • Weatherproofing: Water-Resistant

    If you’re looking for a ski boot bag that is extra large and highly durable, the Swix Tri Pack is one of your best options. It features a large main compartment coupled with two side pockets and two accessory pockets.

    With durability in mind, this bag is built using 1680-denier ballistic polyester fabric with tarpaulin reinforced zones. It is also padded in key areas while keeping weight and gear balanced, leading to a comfortable carry.

    The Swix Tri Pack is one of the best ski boot bags on the market. It has an ultra-durable construction that is built to last for many years.


    • Extremely large main compartment
    • Durable polyester design
    • Tarpaulin reinforced zones
    • Vents and drain holes in boot zones
    • Outer zip pockets with organisers
    • Padded back for comfortable carry
    • Design keeps gear balanced and secure


    • Slightly too bulky for some skiers

    OutdoorMaster Lynx Ski Boot Bag

    Key Features

    • Capacity: 50L
    • Fabric: Nylon
    • Weatherproofing: Waterproof

    The OutdoorMaster Lynx Ski Boot Bag combines practicality with durability. It is made up of three main compartments that are designed to carry your boots, helmet and everything else.

    Constructed using a nylon outer fabric, this ski boot bag is waterproof and tear resistant. In addition, it uses comfortable carry handles and an adjustable chest strap for easy transportation.

    If you’re looking for a quality product that is reasonably priced, the OutdoorMaster Lynx Ski Boot Bag is a great option. Its accessible compartments and easy-carry design make it one of the best ski boot bags around.


    • 3 easy–access storage compartments
    • Waterproof nylon fabric
    • Tear resistant shell
    • Waterproof durable bottom
    • Zippered front and side pockets
    • Budget friendly option


    • Top strap can lack durability
    • Outer shell not super heavey-duty

    High Sierra Ski Boot Bag

    Key Features

    • Capacity: 81L
    • Fabric: Nylon
    • Weatherproofing: Water-Resistant

    The High Sierra Ski Boot Bag is designed to be spacious and durable. It features an extra large main compartment, with two zippered ski boot side compartments that have drainage and ventilation.

    Made from Diamond Ripstop Duralite nylon, this water-resistant boot bag is super durable. In addition, its adjustable padded backpack straps are super comfortable and make travelling easy.

    This High Sierra Ski Boot Bag is designed with a solid construction and quality materials. It is large enough to carry more than just your ski boots and is durable enough to last for many winters.


    • Extra large main compartment
    • Ventilated ski boot pockets
    • Ripstop nylon shell is durable
    • Water-resistant coating
    • Comfortable back straps
    • Range of colour options
    • Value for money


    • Zippers could be better quality
    • Could do with more padding

    Summing Up

    If you plan on travelling with your ski boots, then getting the right bag can make a big difference. It will provide much needed protection for your valuable ski gear, while also giving you a convenient way to store and carry your belongings.

    The best ski boot bags are practical and durable. Every option in this guide has been chosen due to its high quality design and handy features.

    Take the time to assess the pros and cons, analyse the key features and read the reviews. If you stick to the ski boot bags on this list, you will end up with a stylish product that can keep your boots safe for many winters.