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The Best Ski Bag: Top 5 Reviewed 2024

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Transporting your skis to the slopes isn’t easy. Their size, shape and weight can make getting them to the ski resort a serious challenge.

The best way to transport your skis to the slopes is by using a ski bag. It will provide padding for prized asset, while also giving you a convenient way to carry them.

Choosing the best ski bag for your travels isn’t easy. They come in a variety of shapes and offer a wide range of features.

In order to make your life easier, we have reviewed the best ski bags on the market. We have assessed the pros and cons of every option, giving you the information required to make an informed purchase.

Best Ski Bag At A Glance




  • Structural reinforcements minimise sagging

  • High level of padding includes padded ski divider

  • Fits 2 pairs of skis and poles plus accessories



  • Holds up to three pairs of skis or two snowboards

  • Solid shell is highly durable and lightweight

  • Interior padding and strapping is secure



  • Water-resistant, durable and padded

  • Length adjustable bag fits one pair of skis

  • Budget friendly price



  • Holds two pairs of skis plus removeable ski boot bag

  • 6000 denier ripstop outer fabric is water repellent

  • Durable over-sized wheels with strong carry handle



  • Internal padding and straps secure one pair of skis

  • Polyester and tarpaulin construction is durable

  • Adjustable roll top fits most ski lengths



Why Do I Need The Best Ski Bag?

Skis are not designed for the rigours of transport. If left exposed, they are sure to get scratched, dinged, dented and gauged; no matter what transportation method you use.

Using a ski bag is the best way to protect your skis. It will provide padding and security to make sure your equipment arrives in one piece.

Ski bags can also make your life much easier while travelling to resort. They provide you with a convenient carry handle that will make your life easier.

Many of the best ski bags come with a range of features that can make your life easier. Some options come with wheels, while others will offer the facility to carry the rest of your ski equipment.

How To Choose The Best Ski Bag


You will need to make sure your ski bag is longer than your skis. It will not stretch if it’s too short, so making sure it has adequate length is vital.

Some of the best ski bags are length adjustable. This is a great feature; providing the minimum and maximum lengths are suitable for your equipment.

If your ski bag is too long, it will give you space to pack additional ski gear in the unused portion. However, be aware that longer ski bags can be more challenging to transport.


The width of a ski bag will determine the number of skis it can carry. They are often designed to carry one or two pairs of skis, but some of the larger options are able to carry more.

Keep in mind that the width of your skis will also impact the number of skis your bag can carry. Ultra-fat powder skis can sometimes occupy the space of two pairs of piste skis.

The best way to confirm a ski bag is suitable for your skis is by combining the width of your skis in comparison to the width of the bag. You will also need to pay attention to the size of your bindings, with tall bindings sometimes making for a tight fit.

Some of the widest ski bags are capable of fitting skis and snowboards. These are the most versatile options, but can be oversized if you don’t plan on taking your board every time.


Ski bags can be made from soft or solid material. The majority of ski bags will be made from flexible fabric, while some are made from hard plastics.

Soft Ski Bags

Soft ski bags are usually made from synthetic fabrics. They are designed to provide padding and water-resistance, while also remaining lightweight.

If you’re purchasing a soft bag, be sure to check the durability of the outer material. Most polyester bags will give you the ‘denier’ rating of the fabric, with a higher denier meaning a tighter and more durable weave.

Soft ski bags don’t always provide the protection of their solid counterparts. When making your purchase, be sure to check the level of padding that is offered and the long-term durability you can expect.

Solid Ski Bags

Solid ski bags are made with robust and lightweight plastics. This hard shell will provide exceptional protection for your ski gear, while also making sure it’s watertight.

You will usually find the interior will include padding or fastening straps. This is essential to make sure your skis don’t rattle or get damaged during transit.

Pay attention to the durability of the plastic when making your purchase. Also, keep in mind that hard ski bags can be heavier, so keep an eye on the weight if you plan on travelling by air.


Ski bags with wheels have increased in popularity in recent years. The wheels will be placed on one end of the bag, allowing you to pull the front while the back rolls behind you.

Usually, you will find that the heaviest bags come with wheels. Carrying two or three pairs of skis by hand can be almost impossible and manufacturers have taken this into account.

Most ski bag wheels are made using plastic that’s coated with rubber. The best way to assess their long-term durability is by reading previous customer reviews and assessing the materials used.

Wheels can make your life much easier when hauling your skis through airports. If you are required to make any long walks while heading to a resort, they are almost essential.

Added Features

Some ski bags offer additional features that can make carrying your gear easier. Item specific pockets are a common option, providing space to carry your helmet, shovel and probes. They can also carry your ski clothing, with space to store socks, hats, gloves and base layers often spread across multiple pockets.

Room to carry your ski boots is another popular feature. This allows you to safely stow them, while giving you one less thing to carry.

If your chosen ski bag doesn’t carry ski boots, we have also reviewed the best ski boot bags.

It’s also important to check the durability and practicality of the carry handles provided. Shoulder straps and side handles all need to be assessed for strength, while also making sure they provide the necessary padding.

best ski bag
Ski equipment isn’t always easy to fit in one bag!

Best Ski Bag Reviewed

Thule RoundTrip Ski Roller Bag

Thule Round Trip Ski Roller Bag

Key Features

  • Construction: Polyester (6000D)
  • Ski Capacity: 2 Pairs
  • Wheels: Yes
  • Best For: Soft Bag

If you’re looking for a protective ski bag that can carry a lot of gear, the Thule RoundTrip is a great choice. It uses high-quality padding to make sure your skis are protected from all angles.

This bag uses structural reinforcement and compression straps to stop sagging while it’s being wheeled. For added ski protection, it also uses two ‘ski sleeves’ that keep your gear secure and organised during transport.

The Thule RoundTrip uses intelligent padding methods to keep your skis safe. Its design makes it easy to carry and is sure to make your life more convenient on any ski trip.


  • Outer protective padding
  • Padded inner ski divider
  • Two padded cinch-top sleeves
  • Strong reinforced structure
  • Sturdy and smooth wheels
  • Durable 600 denier outer fabric
  • Internal and external compression straps


  • Carry handle durability can be an issue
  • Top price bracket

Sportube Series 3 Ski Bag

Key Features

  • Construction: High Density Polyethylene
  • Ski Capacity: 3 Pairs
  • Wheels: Yes
  • Best For: Solid Bag

If you are looking for serious ski protection, the Sportube Series 3 might be your best bet. It has a lightweight and durable solid shell that will keep your skis safe in any situation.

This bag is capable of carrying 3 pairs of skis, with internal strapping that protects against movement and shaking during travel. It also features roller wheels and a variety of carry handles that make it efficient during transit.

The Sportube Series 3 has a solid construction that is built to withstand the rigours of travel. It also has the capacity to hold 3 pairs of skis, making it one of the largest ski bags on the market.


  • Solid shell provides ski protection
  • Internal strapping and padding
  • Capable of carrying 3 pairs of skis
  • Capable of carrying 2 snowboards
  • Smooth roller wheels
  • Roof rack compatible
  • Lightweight and durable design


  • Closing the bag can be challenging
  • Closure system design is not the best

Element Equipment Padded Ski Bag

Element Equipment Padded Ski Bag

Key Features

  • Construction: PVC Coated Polyester (6000D)
  • Ski Capacity: 1 Pair
  • Wheels: No
  • Best For: Budget

The Element Equipment ski bag can protect your skis for a reasonable price. The outer fabric is durable, water-resistant and provides 360 degree ski protection.

This bag is expandable and can be adjusted to carry skis up to 190cm. It also uses compression straps to keep your gear secure, with a fully waterproof liner inside to stop leaking snow.

If you are looking for a ski bag that does the basics well, this is a great option. It is made using durable fabric and has enough padding to keep your skis safe when you head to the mountain.


  • 360 degree padding
  • Water-resistant outer fabric
  • Waterproof inner liner
  • Length adjustable
  • Secure compression straps
  • Budget friendly price


  • Lacking wheels
  • Plastic buckles can break quite easily

Dakine Fall Line Ski Roller Bag

Key Features

  • Construction: Ripstop Polyester (6000D)
  • Ski Capacity: 2 Pairs
  • Wheels: Yes
  • Best For: Mid Range

Dakine are a known producer of quality ski gear, with the Fall Line Roller Bag being a great example. Its durable outer fabric is made from 6000 denier ripstop polyester that has a water repellent finish to combat the elements.

This bag has space for two pairs of skis and poles, along with a removable boot bag. It also combines smooth urethane wheels with a sturdy tow handle to make airport navigation easy.

The Dakine Fall Line ski bag has enough space to carry a large amount of ski gear. It’s constructed from highly durable outer fabric, making it a great ‘value for money’ product.


  • Durable ripstop fabric
  • Water repellent outer coating
  • Removable ski boot bag
  • 360 degree padding
  • Durable urethane wheels
  • Useful exterior zipper pocket


  • Ski bag can sag when carrying shorter skis
  • Lacking straps to hold skis in place

Sukoa Premium Padded Ski Bag

Key Features

  • Construction: Polyester (6000D)
  • Ski Capacity: 1 Pair
  • Wheels: No
  • Best For: 1 Pair of Skis

The Sukoa Premium Padded Ski Bag is great for anyone travelling with one pair of skis. It’s made from 6000 denier polyester with a tarpaulin base that can handle severe weather conditions.

This bag has an adjustable roll top that makes it adaptable to a range of ski lengths. It also has a stable spine and double stitched carry handles, making it one of the most solid options you will find.

This ski bag provides padding and protection for your skis. It’s adjustable to fit a range of ski lengths and has a durable build quality that can last for many years.


  • Durable polyester and tarpaulin construction
  • Length adjustable
  • Reinforced and padded carry handles
  • 5mm padding throughout the entire bag
  • Adjustable clips secure your gear
  • Internal straps hold your skis in place


  • Lacking wheels
  • Some skiers will require more ski capacity

Summing Up

Transporting your skis to the slopes can be a challenging task. They are heavy, awkwardly shaped and prone to damage; so making sure they’re protected is vital.

The best ski bags can make your life a whole lot easier. They give you a practical way to carry your skis, while also keeping them secure during transit.

Finding the best bag for your needs depends on the amount of gear you need to carry and your preferred method of transport. Take the time to weigh up the features of each option to find the one that works for you.