Best Park Skis

The Best Park Skis: Top 5 of 2024

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If you love spending time lapping the snow park, then you’re sure to benefit from the best park skis. With a design that’s set up for big airs and switch landings, they can have a significant impact on your freestyle performance.

Rails, aerials and half-pipes will all become easier once you’ve found the right gear. That’s why we’ve created this guide, helping you find the best skis to maximise your time in the park.

Best Park Skis At A Glance




  • Poplar and ash core is lightweight and lively

  • Super flexible tips and tails maximise buttering

  • Thick base and edges are highly durable



  • Stiff construction is super stable at speed

  • Cambered profile provides a poppy jumping platform

  • Multilayer core is durable enough for hard stomps



  • Camber underfoot provides plenty of pop

  • Medium-soft flex is forgiving on landing

  • Stable enough for big jumps



  • 102mm waist is well suited to off-piste features

  • Camber underfoot provides pop for jumps

  • Beech core is stiff enough for stomping cliff drops


  • Lightweight aspon core has plenty of pop

  • Stiffer tail offers pop, power and stability at speed

  • Women specific design is built for smaller riders



Why Do I Need The Best Park Skis?

Park skiing has a unique skillset that requires specialized equipment. Kickers, half-pipes, rails and boxes can put serious strain on your skis.

Regular skis aren’t designed for use in the park. They are often too heavy and perform poorly when riding switch.

The best park skis use a design that is specific to freestyle skiing. Complete with a lightweight twin-tip build, they are ideally suited to performing spins, butters and slashes.

If you spend the majority of your time in the terrain park, or love treating the mountain like a playground, you should invest in park skis. Not only will they improve your ability to perform tricks, they will make your overall experience more enjoyable.

Hint: If you’re looking for some solid bindings to match your new planks, we’ve also reviewed the best park ski bindings.

Best Park Skis
The best park skis will help you fly with style

How To Choose The Best Park Skis


Most park skis use a rocker/camber/rocker profile. This is often viewed as the best all-round ski profile for jumps and jibs.

Using camber through the middle of the skis will give additional ‘pop’ when hitting kickers. It’s also the best shape to gain edge grip, allowing you to carve off jumps and control your skis on the piste.

Using rockered tips and tails will make turn initiation easier and improve manoeuvrability. It will also reduce the risk of snagging an edge when smearing, spinning and buttering.

If you plan on hitting big kickers at speed, look for a ski offering slightly more camber. However, if you love toying with man-made features, you should look for a ski offering a bit more rocker.

Best Park Skis
Choose a ski profile that best suits your style


The flex of a park ski will affect its performance in certain aspects. In general, most park skis will use a ‘moderate’ flex that will allow you to smear turns without compromising stability on landing.

  • Softer skis are best for buttering knuckles and riding rails. If you’re looking for a playful ski that is best suited to features, you should find a ski that can flex easily.
  • Stiffer skis are best suited to big kickers and high-speed landings. Providing improved all-round stability, you will feel more secure when stomping big airs.

The flex of your park skis should be chosen based on your individual riding preference. However, if you enjoy a bit of everything, be sure to look for a ski with a medium flex rating.

Waist Width

The best park skis usually range anywhere from 80mm to 100mm in width. The type of freestyle you most frequently perform should dictate the width you choose.

  • Wider skis are great at providing a big platform. If you plan on heading off-piste to find some natural features, they will provide a big sweet spot when landing cliff drops.
  • Narrower skis give you better edge grip, which is important when carving into kickers. They also allow you to control direction better before taking off and after landing.

Most park skis will aim for somewhere in the middle of this range in order to cover all bases. However, if you lean towards performing jumps or features, you should look to find a width that best suits your style.


In general, average ski lengths can range anywhere between your chin and the top of your head. Length choice usually comes down to type of ski and personal preference.

Shorter skis easier to spin, making them a favourite for skier that prefer jibbing. However, if you plan on hitting big jumps, a longer ski will provide more stability upon landing.

Most park skiers prefer a length that’s just below what they would consider ‘average’. This provides the playful feel of a short ski, without sacrificing too much stability.

Best Park Skis
Every park skier prefers a different ski length

Best Park Skis Reviewed

Armada BDog

Key Features

  • Lengths (cm): 164, 172, 180
  • Waist Width: 94mm
  • Turn Radius: 15m (@ 172cm)
  • Weight (per ski): 4lb 2oz (@ 186cm)
  • Best For: Urban Features

If you love buttering and jibbing, then you’re sure to enjoy riding the Armada BDog park skis. The rocker/camber/rocker design creates great pop when hitting kickers, while still leaving enough in the tips and tails to smear with ease.

Using a fairly short turn radius of 15m, this ski responds quickly when carving away from jumps and will get on edge when required. The use of wide tips and tails gives these skis a stable platform that is intuitive when making quick movements through the park.

The Armada BDog is designed to be fun and lively on urban features. It’s the ideal park ski for anyone looking to jib, while still retaining the stability required to stomp big landings.


  • Flexible tips and tails are great for buttering
  • Camber gives plenty of pop
  • Wide tips and tails are intuitive
  • Super durable construction
  • Stable for a jib ski
  • Will get edge grip when required
  • Versatile enough to be an all-mountain ski


  • Not designed for huge jumps
  • Turn radius is a bit short for fast sweeping carved turns

Volkl Revolt 87

Key Features

  • Lengths (cm): 161, 169, 177, 185
  • Waist Width: 87mm
  • Turn Radius: 20.1m (@ 177cm)
  • Weight (per ski): 4lb 2oz (@ 177cm)
  • Best For: Big Jumps

If you love hitting big jumps, then the Volkl Revolt 87’s are sure to get you flying. Featuring a fully cambered profile and a springy aspen wood core, they’re well designed to provide maximum pop.

Being one of the stiffer skis on this list, they are made for stability at speed and stomping big landings. The base is also Volkl’s highest density p-tex version that maximises speed to help you approach kickers with confidence.

Volkl have produced the Revolt 87’s for skiers that prioritise big air. They have focussed on maximum pop and reliable stability to keep you locked in when hitting big jumps.


  • Stiff enough to stomp any landing
  • Stable at high speed
  • Super poppy camber profile
  • Light and bouncy wood core
  • High-density base increases speed
  • Symmetrical shape is great for switch riding
  • Multilayer construction is highly durable


  • Not best suited to buttering and jibbing

Line Chronic

Line Chronic Park Skis

Key Features

  • Lengths (cm): 164, 171, 178, 185
  • Waist Width: 95mm
  • Turn Radius: 16m (@ 178cm)
  • Weight (per ski): 4lb 3oz (@ 178cm)
  • Best For: Versatility

If you’re looking for a solid all-round park ski, the Line Chronic is a great choice. Using a maple and aspen wood core, these skis offer a reliable medium flex that is snappy and stable enough for big jumps.

Combining camber through the middle with rockered tips and tails, you will find these skis to be poppy through jumps while retaining the ability to smear. The 95mm waist and forgiving flex is great for progressive park skiers, while also being just as adept when searching for natural features.

The Line Chronic performs well in almost every area, making it one of the most popular park skis around. Pop and playfulness is combined with stability, making it a perfect ski for anyone looking to improve their overall freestyle ability.


  • Stable enough for big jumps
  • Flexible and forgiving feel
  • Cambered middle provides poppy feel
  • Flexible rockered tip and tail for buttering
  • Wide enough for off-piste freestyle
  • Consistent flex and durable design
  • Versatile all-round park and resort ski


  • Could be more stable at really high speed
  • Experienced park skiers may want something more specialized

Faction Candide 2.0

Key Features

  • Lengths (cm): 173, 178,183, 188
  • Waist Width: 102mm
  • Turn Radius: 20m (@ 183cm)
  • Weight (per ski): 5lb (@ 183cm)
  • Best For: All-Mountain Freestyle

If you’re a park skier that loves taking your skills off-piste, the Faction Candide 2.0 skis are sure to keep you entertained. Modelled on the style of Candide Thovex, they combine a generous 102mm waist with a poppy camber underfoot that makes hitting natural jumps feel phenomenal.

The use of a symmetrical shape with soft flex in the tips and tails makes them perfect for buttering knuckles and popping lips. Inside the ski, the poplar and beech wood core has great absorption and gives the required stiffness to stomp big landings.

The Faction Candide 2.0’s will make the whole mountain feel like a snow park. Secure on big jumps, adept at smearing and surfy off-piste; they are great all-mountain park skis.


  • 102mm waist is surfy in powder and variables
  • Soft tip and tail rocker will butter and smear
  • Camber underfoot supplies pop for jumps
  • Stiff enough core for heavy landings
  • Durable sidewall and edge design
  • Great vibration absorption
  • Perfect for all-mountain freestyle


  • Can become unstable at very high speed
  • Top graphics are prone to wear and tear

Line Honey Bee

Line Honeybee Women's Park Skis

Key Features

  • Lengths (cm): 144, 155,166
  • Waist Width: 92mm
  • Turn Radius: 16.5m (@ 155cm)
  • Weight (per ski): 3lb 5oz (@ 155cm)
  • Best For: Women’s Specific

If you’re looking for a lightweight women’s park ski, look no further than the Line Honey Bee. Constructed using a lightweight aspen core, they have a poppy and lively feel.

Combining a soft tip with a stiffer tail, they are built to spin and butter with ease while still remaining stable on landing. The use of fibreglass also makes these skis extremely durable, despite their light and flexible design.

The Line Honey Bee women’s park skis are lightweight, versatile and playful. They are easy to handle when jibbing through the park, while still retaining the versatility for use on all-mountain jumps.


  • Super lightweight design
  • Poppy and playful at all times
  • Stiffened tail adds stability
  • Softer tip makes skis intuitive
  • Durable construction
  • Surprisingly powerful for a light ski
  • Good all-round park performance


  • Can lack some stability on big jumps
  • Top graphics can scratch easily

Summing Up

If you spend most of your time in the park, getting the right equipment is vital. Jumps, spins and rails are all much better when you have a secure pair of skis on your feet.

The best park skis are a great way improve your freestyle performance. They are often extremely enjoyable and will allow you to turn the whole mountain into a playground.

Analyse the key features of each option to find the one that suits your style. If you stick to the options on this list, you’re one step closer to stomping the tricks you’ve been stacking.