Best Park Ski Boots

The Best Park Ski Boots: Top 5 of 2024

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Park skiing is a discipline that requires a specific skillset. It is one of the most enjoyable and rewarding experiences on the mountain; providing you have the right equipment.

Although their importance is often overlooked, getting the best park ski boots will assure you’re jumping and jibbing with confidence. Built to provide forgiving flexibility, they use a unique design that will improve your chances of stomping big landings.

With so many ski boots available, choosing the best option for the park isn’t always easy. That’s why we’ve created this guide, reviewing and analysing the best products on the market to help you make the right choice.

Best Park Ski Boots At A Glance




  • 90 flex rating is great on rails and stable on landing

  • Shock absorbing sole plate 'boot boards'

  • Super secure power strap and buckle system



  • Stiff 120 flex for powder days and the biggest jumps

  • Balanced rocker stance improves landing stability

  • Retention system minimizes heel lift and improves fit



  • 102mm last is comfortable for wide feet

  • 70 flex is soft and forgiving for new park skiers

  • Additional 'j-shaped' ankle keeps your foot locked



  • Versatile 110 flex for powder and park jumps

  • 3-piece design has a deep and progressive flex

  • Inverted toe buckle improves comfort


  • Deep 90 flex is soft and forgiving

  • Performance wrap liner offers added cushioning

  • Comfortable and reliable women specific design



Why Do I Need The Best Park Ski Boots?

If you spend most of your time in the park, you will benefit from wearing park ski boots. They’re usually designed with a softer flex than regular ski boots, stopping your shins from getting damaged on impact.

Additionally, their soft design makes them much more forgiving than stiffer alpine boots. It will also aid in shock absorption, which is of high importance if you love hitting big jumps.

Regular ski boots aren’t well designed for freestyle skiing. Stiff and solid in design, they often lack the absorption needed for comfort on jumps and features.

The best park ski boots will have a big impact on your performance. They a great way to improve your chances of of mastering the tricks you’ve been practicing.

Hint: If you’re searching for a full park setup, we have also reviewed the best park skis and the best park ski bindings.

Best Park Ski Boots
The best park ski boots will help you slide in style

How To Choose The Best Park Ski Boots


In general, park skiers will prefer boots with a softer flex. You should expect freestyle ski boots to have a flex rating below 120 if you want to maximise performance and comfort.

Using soft flexing ski boots is vital if you want to protect your shins on impact. They are also generally more forgiving, giving you a better chance of stomping landings and recovering from mistakes.

However, beware that you will loose an element of control with soft boots. This is something to keep in mind when you’re on the piste, but it’s a worthwhile sacrifice if you spend your days lapping the park.

Best Park Ski Boots
A softer flex is great for heavy landings


Ski boot fitting is vital in all types of skiing. A well-fitted boot will not only improve your performance, but also make sure you’re comfortable enough to enjoy the jumps.

Park ski boots definitely require a snug fit, but they should not be painful. You should be able to wiggle your toes, but your heels should remain planted to the floor at all times.

A loose fitting ski boot might feel comfortable, but it will reduce the amount of pop and control you can get in the park. In addition, it will leave you exposed to injury.

Ski boot manufacturers use a Mondopoint sizing system, which that measures your feet in centimetres. If you’re looking to convert your shoe size into Mondopoints, we have included the below graph for your reference:

(Comfort Fit)

Men (US)

Women (US)
































































The above chart is for skiers looking for a comfortable fit. However, if your main objective is performance, you can go reduce reduce your boot size by 0.5 or 1 Mondopoint to get an extra snug fit.


The best park ski boots are often highly adjustable. Whether you’re hitting boxes and rails or aiming for big air; you can change your setup to suit the situation.

  • Most boots will give you the option to adjust forward learn. Quick and easy tilt adjustment will allow you to adapt to the features you’re skiing as you progress through the day.
  • Shock absorption is a popular park boot feature. It usually consists of an additional layer found in the liner or sole plate, designed to reduce shock and vibration.
  • Some boots offer adjustable flex. This feature means you can choose between control and comfort at any point, making a great pair of park boots useful in a range of scenarios.

Every boot will come with various buckle layouts, liner types and added features that improve comfort and performance. Keep an eye on the key features to make sure you find an option that suits your style.

Best Park Ski Boots
Key features will improve the performance of a park ski boot

Best Park Ski Boots Reviewed

Full Tilt Tom Wallisch Pro

Full Tilt Tom Wallisch Pro Park Ski Boots

Key Features

  • Flex: 90
  • Last Width: 99mm
  • Weight: 4lb 8oz (size 27.5)
  • Best For: Overall

If you’re a seasoned park skier looking for a solid all-round boot that can match your ambition, you won’t be disappointed with the Full Tilt Tom Wallisch Pro. Coming with a reliable 90 flex, they are feel at home on the rails and forgiving on landing.

Using a 99m last and a ‘soul’ shell, these boots provide the stability and response necessary for park skiing. They are also super comfortable, with shock absorbing soles and a solid locking system that feels secure.

The Full Tilt Tom Wallisch Pro’s can handle everything you can throw at them. They are shock absorbing, forgiving, secure and comfortable; making them a great investment for park skiers.


  • Progressive 90 flex is great on landing
  • Shell provides solid lateral stability
  • Widened toe box stops toe bang
  • Intuitive liner molds to your foot
  • Buckles lock your heel in place
  • Shock absorbing sole layer
  • Strong and reliable power strap
  • Solid performance on jibs and jumps


  • Not an easy fit for the widest feet

Dalbello Il Moro

Key Features

  • Flex: 120
  • Last Width: 98mm
  • Weight: 4lb 10oz
  • Best For: Huge Jumps & Freeride

The Dalbello Il Moro is a serious freestyle ski boot for those looking to hit the biggest jumps and venture into ‘natural’ terrain. With a responsive flex rating of 120, they are powerful enough to stomp hug landings and negotiate variable snow.

The sole, footbed and liner of these boots are all designed to maximise shock absorption and cushion flat landings. In addition, they have a secure 98mm last with a solid power strap that will reduce shin pain and discomfort.

If you’re a park skier that loves hitting big off-piste kickers, the Dalbello Il Moro is a great choice. It has a responsive and progressive flex with excellent shock absorbing features that are well suited to park skiing.


  • Deep and progressive flex
  • 120 flex rating adds control and support
  • 98mm last gives a secure hold
  • Liner designed to cushion hard landings
  • Shock absorbing footbed
  • Solid power strap locks your shin in place
  • Centre balanced stance improves stability
  • Heel retention system improves security


  • Not a natural fit for wide feet
  • Some park skiers will want a softer flex

Full Tilt Kicker

Full Tilt Kicker Park Ski Boots

Key Features

  • Flex: 70
  • Last Width: 102mm
  • Weight: 4lb 7oz (size 27.5)
  • Best For: Wide Feet

If you’re looking for a comfortable and forgiving park ski boot, look no further than the Full Tilt Kicker. With a 102mm last and extra wide toe box, these boots are built to provide comfort for the widest feet.

Coming with a 70 flex that feels smooth and natural, these boots are forgiving enough to keep less experienced park skiers happy. The use of inner ‘j-bar’ ankle padding and multi-layer lining keeps your foot secure despite the increased boot volume.

The Full Tilt Kicker is built to be comfortable and forgiving for skiers with wider feet. It has a soft flex that is perfect for mastering new skills, while still providing the foot security required for park performance.


  • 102mm last suitable for wide feet
  • Extra wide toe box
  • Forgiving 70 flex rating
  • Smooth and natural feeling flex
  • Flipped bottom buckle won’t get in the way
  • Added ankle security padding
  • The most comfortable park ski boots


  • Too soft for the biggest jumps
  • Not a performance fit for narrower feet

Dalbello Krypton 110 ID

Key Features

  • Flex: 110
  • Last Width: 98mm
  • Weight: 4lb 11oz
  • Best For: Freeride

If you want to turn the whole mountain into a playground, the Dalbello Krypton 110 ID might be your best bet. These freeride specific boots have a progressive 110 flex that gives a smooth and powerful feeling when landing jumps or skiing powder.

Using a heel retention system with a 98mm last, these boots have a snug and secure feeling. Inside the boot, you will find a anatomical ‘contour fit’ design with a customizable liner for a perfect fit.

The Dalbello Krypton 110 ID is the perfect ski boot for park enthusiasts that want to take their skills off-piste. Using a smooth and progressive flex, they combine power with shock absorption for great all-round freestyle performance.


  • 110 flex provides forgiving power
  • Progressive and smooth flex
  • Strong heel retention
  • 98mm last for a performance fit
  • Contour fit maps your feet
  • Fully customizable liner
  • Freeride boot that performs in the park


  • Not best designed for jibbing
  • Narrow last won’t be a natural fit for all feet

Full Tilt Plush 90

Full Tilt Plush Women's Park Ski Boots

Key Features

  • Flex: 90
  • Last Width: 102mm
  • Weight: 3lb 15oz
  • Best For: Women

The Plush 90 is Full Tilt’s best women’s park boot. It has a super lightweight build with a soft and deep flex that is perfect for all-round park performance.

With comfort and shock absorption in mind, these boots come with a performance wrap liner that provides support and cushioning. Using a 102mm last and a widened toe box, Full Tilt have prioritised comfort while still maintaining a secure ‘locked-in’ feeling.

The Full Tilt Plush 90 provide a forgiving and comfortable feel that will instil confidence in the park. Lightweight, flexible and reliable; they are a great purchase for women looking to improve their park performance.


  • 90 flex is great for all-round park performance
  • Forgiving and controlled flex pattern
  • Comfortable 102mm last
  • Widened toe box improves comfort
  • Performance wrap liner is cushioned
  • Shock absorbing sole and footbed
  • Comfortable performance women’s park ski boot


  • Some will want a narrower performance fit

Summing Up

If you want to make the most of your time in the park, getting the right boots is essential. They provide vital comfort on heavy impacts and can improve your chances of stomping big landings.

The best park ski boots have all proven they can stand up to the rigours of freestyle skiing. Although each product offers slightly different attributes, they can all make your jumping and jibbing more successful.

Take the time to read the reviews to find the option that best suits your style. Once you have found the right equipment, you will surely see your performance improve.