Best Neck Gaiters & Warmers For Skiing

Best Neck Gaiters & Warmers For Skiing: Top 5 of 2024

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If you want to enjoy your time on the slopes, staying warm is vital. It will allow you to feel comfortable in your surroundings, helping you produce your best skiing.

If you want to retain maximum warmth, you need to make sure your neck is covered. A substantial amount of heat can be lost through your neck without proper protection.

With so many products on the market, finding the best option can pose a challenge. However, this guide to the best neck gaiters and warmers for skiing is sure to make your life easier.

We have analysed and reviewed the best products on the market to help you make an informed decision. Every option on this list is sure to improve your warmth and comfort on the slopes this winter.

Best Neck Gaiters For Skiing At A Glance




    • Cotton velvet fabric is warm and windproof

    • Stretchy material for a comfortable fit

    • Long and thick design is highly versatile



    • 100% merino wool fabric is light and insulating

    • Moisture wicking and odour resistant material

    • Versatile as a neck warmer, gaiter or headband



    • Super soft and comfortable fleece material

    • High loft fleece provides great insulation

    • Machine washable and fast drying design



    • Double layered polar fleece is warm

    • 4 way stretch fabric for a comfortable fit

    • Breathable microfibre and moisture wicking design



    • Polyester material is thin and insulating

    • Enhanced mouth holes for easy breathing

    • Windproof fabric protects you from the elements



    Why Do I Need The Best Neck Gaiter For Skiing?

    Making sure you’re warm on the slopes is crucial. It will allow you to feel comfortable enough to produce your best skiing and get maximum enjoyment from your time on the mountain.

    Leaving your neck exposed can make your whole body significantly colder. It will allow a large amount of heat to escape, while it can also let cold air to enter through the top of your ski jacket.

    The best neck gaiters and warmers provide an insulated layer of protection that will give you a boost of warmth. They are a great way to retain heat, while also possessing water and wind resisting capabilities.

    Many are also versatile enough to be used as a face mask when required. Whether you’re on the slopes or walking around the resort, neck warmers can prove to be an extremely useful purchase.

    Don’t forget: Keeping your head warm is just as important when you’re on the mountain. With that in mind, we have also reviewed the best ski hats.

    Best Neck Gaiters & Warmers For Skiing
    Neck gaiters work well as face masks

    How To Choose The Best Neck Warmer For Skiing


    Neck gaiters and warmers can be designed using a variety of materials, with each one having its own unique benefits.

    • Fleece is a popular choice due to its natural water resistance and lightweight insulation. However, it’s not the most windproof option and can lack the insulating warmth of high-end materials.
    • Merino wool is a popular fabric in the ski industry. It’s famed for providing an excellent weight to warmth ratio, while also being quick drying and breathable. However, it is often the most expensive choice.
    • Polyester is common with thinner ‘cloth’ neck gaiters. It is a durable, lightweight and fairly water resistant. However, it’s not the most breathable option and can stick to your skin when it’s wet.
    • Cotton can prove a great option for some skiers due to its breathability and insulating properties. However, its insulation can be severely hampered when wet and it’s not always the most durable option.

    Choosing the best material is based on your requirements and personal preference. Different fabrics are best suited to different situations, so take the time to establish the conditions you will face on the mountain.

    Best Neck Gaiters & Warmers For Skiing
    The thinner materials are usually more flexible


    Neck gaiters and warmers come with varying thickness. Each design is best suited to different weather conditions, so you should look to choose the best option for your needs.

    Thinner neck gaiters are often made from polyester material. They are designed to provide a layer of protection from the weather, while still remaining lightweight.

    The thinner options usually offer the tightest fit due to their relatively high elastic content. They are often the most adaptable to changing weather and can be worn in a variety of ways.

    Thicker neck warmers are generally made from fleece material. They are great are keeping you warm and can provide a high level of comfort, making them well suited to the coldest conditions.

    Some options will look to combine the flexibility of a thin neck gaiter with the warmth of a thicker option. Merino wool is a common material for these products, providing great insulation without weight.


    The shape of your neck gaiter or warmer will have an impact on how it performs. Many are designed to be multifunctional, while some use a more simple design that aims to provide maximum neck warmth.

    Neck gaiters come in a solid tube that is long enough to cover the lower half of your face. This popular design is great for providing face coverage on the coldest days, or for use as a face mask when waiting in the lift lines.

    You will find that many neck gaiters can also be used as a hood, headscarf, headband or wristband if required. These models are generally made using elasticated fabric that makes them adaptable.

    Some of the thicker neck warmers have less functionality, but can provide the best heat retention. They often use a thicker material that is great at insulation, but can lack the elasticity to be super adaptable.

    Best Neck Gaiters & Warmers For Skiing
    Thick neck warmers are less versatile, but can be super comfortable

    Best Neck Gaiters For Skiing Reviewed

    Sunmeci Neck Warmer

    Key Features

    • Material: Cotton, Polyester, Spandex
    • Windproof: Yes
    • Weight: 101g

    If you’re looking to stay extra warm on the slopes, this Sunmeci neck warmer is a great choice. It uses cotton velvet fabric which is comfortable and breathable, combined with polyester for added weather proofing.

    This neck warmer uses spandex within the material blend for a ‘stretchy’ and snug fit. It is also one of the most durable options, using high-quality sewing and a solid material blend that can last for many years.

    The Sunmeci neck warmer is ideal for anyone looking for reliable warmth. It is insulating, windproof and breathable enough to provide comfort in most mountain conditions.


    • Cotton material is thermal regulating
    • Soft ‘velvet’ feel
    • Windproof polyester fabric
    • Stretchy spandex blend
    • Snug fit works well as a face mask
    • Durable sewing design


    • Not as stretchy as thinner neck warmers
    • Size can run small for some skiers

    Meriwool Merino Wool Ski Neck Gaiter

    Key Features

    • Material: Merino Wool
    • Windproof: No
    • Weight: 86g

    Merino wool is the ski clothing material of choice for many avid skiers, making this Meriwool ski neck gaiter one of the best options. Its 100% 18.5-micron merino wool construction provides excellent insulation without adding weight.

    This neck gaiter is great in all conditions, with odour resisting and moisture-wicking properties making it a great choice on warmer days. It’s also highly versatile and can be worn as a scarf, mask, ear warmer or headband.

    If you are looking for a lightweight neck gaiter that will keep you warm, this product from Meriwool might be your best bet. Its merino wool construction is great at insulating, while also remaining light and stretchy.


    • Super soft and non-itchy feel
    • Merino wool is insulating
    • Lightweight and breathable
    • Versatile for a variety of uses
    • Stretchy design
    • Moisture wicking and odour resistant


    • Fabric can get stretched out over time
    • Some may prefer a thicker and heavier design

    Turtle Fur Heavyweight Neck Warmer

    Key Features

    • Material: Acrylic Fleece
    • Windproof: No
    • Weight: 454g

    The Turtle Fur Heavyweight neck warmer is designed to provide the ultimate warmth in the coldest conditions. It’s constructed from fleece material that provides great insulation and a comfortable feel.

    This neck warmer is great for a range of skiing conditions, providing water resistance on wetter days and blocking 97% of UV rays when the sun is shining. It’s also machine washable and can even be tumble dried on low heat.

    If you’re looking to stay warm in the coldest weather, the Turtle Fur Heavyweight neck warmer could be the product for you. Its superior thickness looks to maximise heat retention, while also providing a water and sun resistant layer of protection.


    • Heavyweight design is extra warm
    • Fleece material works well to trap warm air
    • Water resistant properties
    • Blocks UV sun rays
    • Soft and comfortable feel
    • Easy to wash and dry


    • Material can bobble and fray over time
    • Not the most versatile neck warmer or gaiter

    Tough Headwear Neck Warmer

    Tough Headwear Neck Warmer

    Key Features

    • Material: Polar Fleece
    • Windproof: No
    • Weight: 50g

    The Tough Headwear neck warmer is designed to provide comfort in a range of mountain weather conditions. It’s constructed from double-layer polar fleece that traps body heat to retain maximum warmth.

    This neck warmer uses breathable microfibre to regulate your body temperature in changing weather conditions. It also uses 4-way stretch fabric for a comfortable and adaptable fit.

    The Tough Headwear neck warmer is a great addition to your ski clothing collection. Its polar fleece design keeps out the cold, while its breathable and moisture wicking properties are great on warmer days.


    • Warm polar fleece material
    • Double-layer microfibre protection
    • Breathable and moisture wicking
    • 4-way stretch fit
    • Water resistant fabric
    • Range of colour options


    • Can be prone to pilling over time
    • Size can run small
    • Stitching durability can be an issue

    Infini2 Neck Gaiter

    Key Features

    • Material: Nylon, Polyester, Spandex
    • Windproof: Yes
    • Weight: 59g

    The Infini2 neck gaiter is designed to provide lightweight and comfortable protection. It uses a synthetic material blend that provides a high level of water and wind resistance to keep you protected from the elements.

    This neck gaiter uses a spandex blend for a snug and flexible fit. It also comes with enhanced air holes around the mouth section for easy breathing.

    If you’re looking for a lightweight and flexible neck gaiter to protect you on the slopes, this product from Infini2 is a good choice. It has great weather proofing properties and is comfortable enough for most skiers.


    • Lightweight synthetic construction
    • Stretchy spandex blend
    • Windproof and water resistant
    • Air holes for easy breathing
    • UV protection
    • Durable and abrasion-resistant fabric


    • Size can run large
    • Synthetic fabric not the most breathable

    Summing Up

    If you want to maximise on-slope performance, you need to make sure you’re warm. The best neck gaiters and warmers can make a big difference, keeping out the elements to make sure you’re comfortable.

    Every product on this list has its own pros and cons, so take the time to analyse the information.

    Although it may not seem like the most important item on your packing list, the right gaiter can turn a cold day on the slopes into a great day skiing.