Best Kids Ski Poles

Best Kids Ski Poles: Top 5 of 2024

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Most young skiers relish the thought of getting their hands on some ski poles. It often signals an end to their time on the beginner slopes and the start of a journey to learn parallel skiing.

Most kids who use ski poles are at a more advanced level. You should expect their equipment to be put under pressure, especially if they’re sliding at speed.

Having solid ski gear is important. It allows young skiers to attack the mountain with confidence and produce their best skiing.

In order to help you choose the right equipment, we have reviewed the best kids ski poles on the market. Every option of this list is durable and lightweight enough to improve your child’s time on the slopes.

Best Kids Ski Poles At A Glance




    • Strong and durable aluminium construction

    • Steel pole tip for optimal snow grip

    • Race baskets that are reliable on any surface



    • Steel crown tip for grip on hard packed snow

    • Sturdy 16mm aluminium shaft

    • 4-finger junior grip and length adjustable strap



    • Length adjustable from 66-110cm (26-43in)

    • Can be used as ski poles or trekking poles

    • Adjustable nylon webbing straps for small hands



    • Compact and safe PAS hard grip for small hands

    • Racing basket is ideal for hard snow

    • Stable and lightweight aluminium construction



    • Kids grip is tailored for small hands

    • Aluminium alloy shaft is stiff and strong

    • Budget friendly price



    Why Do I Need The Best Kids Ski Poles?

    Ski poles become increasingly important as ability improves. A well-timed pole plant can work wonders with your rhythm and balance when parallel turning, while they’re also a great ‘pushing’ aid on flat sections!

    Once kids have progressed from the beginner slopes, it’s time to start thinking about ski poles. Your kids will enjoy the novelty of just carrying them at first, but they will become a vital tool as their technique develops.

    Ski poles are prone to wear and tear, with cheaper options often being easily bent or broken. Poor quality ski poles can also be heavy, which can lead to performance issues.

    The best kids ski poles are designed to be strong, lightweight and comfortable to use. Getting reliable ski poles can make all the difference on the slopes, helping you avoid unplanned trips to the rental store.

    Best Kids Ski Poles
    The best kids ski poles will keep your youngsters smiling

    How To Choose The Best Kids Ski Poles


    If you want your kids to be happy with their ski poles, you need to get the right length. If you make the wrong choice, it can have a negative impact on ski performance.

    • Ski poles that are too long can catch on the snow when swinging forward for a pole plant. They can also affect your balance while skiing, causing your body to rotate and destabilize after pole planting.
    • Ski poles that are too short can affect fore/aft balance by making your child drop too far down the slope when pole planting. They will also be too short to provide support through the first part of the turn.

    The best way to measure ski poles is to turn the poles upside down and hold them underneath the baskets. Standing in this position, your arms should be at a 90-degree angle with your elbows by your sides.

    It’s advisable to wear shoes or ski boots while measuring to get an accurate reading.

    If you’re buying online and don’t have the option to measure, you can also use this handy size chart to find your kids ski pole length.

    Skier Height

    Ski Pole Length (cm)

    5'10" - 6'0"


    5'7" - 5'9"


    5'4" - 5'6"


    5'1" - 5'3"


    4'9" - 5'0"


    4'5" - 4'8"


    4'1" - 4'4"


    3'9" - 4'0"


    3'5" - 3'8"


    3'1" - 3'4"



    Kids ski poles are usually made from either aluminium or carbon. Each option has distinct advantages, making your choice dependant on the young skier’s needs.

    • Aluminium is the most common kids ski pole material. It’s fairly durable and cost effective. However, they can be sometimes be heavy and lack the flexibility for super heavy impact safety.
    • Carbon poles have gained popularity due to their lightweight durability. However, they are often expensive and can sometimes snap under serious pressure.

    If you’re kids are serious skiers that are looking to save some weight, you might consider carbon ski poles. However, the majority of young skiers who are still honing their skills will find that aluminium ski poles are sufficient.

    Type of Skiing

    The design of a ski pole will impact its performance in different situations. The three main types of downhill ski poles are alpine, racing and backcountry.

    • Alpine ski poles are the most common type you will see on the slopes. When you think of a regular ski pole, it is an alpine ski pole.
    • Racing ski poles are designed to be lightweight and durable. They often use small baskets to save on weight and can sometimes be curved to fit around the skier while in a tuck position.
    •  Backcountry ski poles are made for off-piste excursions and use in powder. Big baskets are commonly used for better deep snow performance, while they are also lightweight for easy slope climbing. Another key feature they often have is length adjustability, which makes them a popular choice.
    Best Kids Ski Poles
    Different kids ski poles are made for various types of skiing

    Best Kids Ski Poles Reviewed

    LEKI Rider Kids Ski Poles

    Key Features

    • Shaft Material: 14mm Aluminium TS
    • Available Lengths: 70-105cm (28-41in)
    • Tip: Steel
    • Best For: Overall

    LEKI are one of the most trusted ski pole brands, with the Rider kids ski poles being a great option for young skiers. Designed using a 14mm aluminium TS shaft, they are stable and sturdy enough to cope with most ski slope situations.

    Using a steel tip and alpine basket, they are capable of providing a gripping pole plant on any terrain. A junior grip and adjustable pole straps are also included to make sure they’re compatible with small hands.

    If you’re looking for a solid pair of kids ski poles, the LEKI Rider’s are a great option. They have a strong shaft and durable design with kid specific grips that make them easy to use.


    • Durable 14mm aluminium shaft
    • Steel tip for planting grip
    • Strong basket for on-piste skiing
    • Junior grip is comfortable
    • Adjustable strap for small hands
    • Range of attractive colour options


    • Some might look for a lighter pole
    • Lacking off-piste baskets

    Volkl Phantastick Junior Ski Poles

    Key Features

    • Shaft Material: 16mm Aluminium 5083
    • Available Lengths: 90-110cm (35-43in)
    • Tip: Steel
    • Best For: Overall

    The Volk Phantastick Junior ski poles have solid and durable design that’s well adapted for young skiers. They come with a 16mm aluminium 5083 shaft that is slightly thicker than most kids ski poles for added strength.

    Pole planting grip in all snow conditions is enhanced by their use of a steel tip. They also come with a kid specific 4-finger grip and adjustable strap for maximum security and comfort.

    Volkl have produced the Phantastick Junior ski poles to provide maximum durability. They have a solid construction and comfortable grip that makes them one of the best options on the market.


    • Strong 16mm aluminium shaft
    • Steel tip is durable
    • Ergonomic 4-finger grip
    • Adjustable kids strap
    • Small race basket is easy to control
    • Value for money option


    • Thicker shaft is unnecessary weight for some skiers

    Black Diamond First Strike Kids Ski Poles

    Black Diamond First Strike Kids Ski Poles

    Key Features

    • Shaft Material: Aluminium 7075
    • Available Lengths: 66-110cm (26-44in)
    • Tip: Steel Safety Tip
    • Best For: Backcountry

    The Black Diamond First Strike are some of the most versatile kids ski poles on the market. They have an adjustable shaft that will allow you to choose a length between 66-110cm (26-44in), which is ideal for growing kids or changing conditions.

    These poles can also be transformed into trekking poles, with interchangeable powder and trekking baskets included. The grips are constructed from rubber for a comfortable and secure hold.

    If your kids love trekking and backcountry skiing, the Black Diamond First Strike poles are a great option. Their length adjustability is ideal for growing kids and they are well suited to all terrain conditions.


    • Length adjustable shaft
    • Can be used as a trekking or ski pole
    • Trekking and backcountry baskets included
    • Secure pole locking system
    • Durable steel tip
    • Soft and comfortable rubber grips


    • One of the more expensive options

    LEKi Racing Kids Ski Poles

    Key Features

    • Shaft Material: 14mm Aluminium TS
    • Available Lengths: 80-105cm (31-41in)
    • Tip: Steel
    • Best For: Racing

    If you’re looking for lightweight and durable kids ski poles, the LEKI Racing poles are a great option. Designed from 14mm Aluminium TS, they have a solid yet lightweight construction that is ideal for skiing at speed.

    Specifically designed for kids; these poles come with a hard compact grip and a smaller strap with safety release. They also come with racing baskets and steel tips for strength and stability in hard-packed snow.

    The LEKI Racing kids ski poles are great for youngsters who love skiing at speed. Complete with a durable design and comfortable feel, they are some of the best kids ski poles around.


    • Strong and lightweight aluminium shaft
    • Hard grip designed for kids hands
    • Small adjustable safety strap
    • Compact racing baskets
    • Strong steel tip


    • Regular skiers might want softer grips
    • Baskets not well designed for soft snow

    Salomon Kaloo Junior Alpine Ski Poles

    Key Features

    • Shaft Material: 14/16mm Aluminium Alloy 6061
    • Available Lengths: 70-105cm (28-41in)
    • Tip: Steel
    • Best For: Best Of The Rest

    If you’re looking for reliable ski poles at a reasonable price, the Salomon Kaloo Junior’s might be your best bet. The design features a durable aluminium alloy shaft that is durable and lightweight enough for young skiers.

    These poles come with a junior grip that is ergonomically designed for small hands. They also have a small and lightweight basket with a strong and durable tip for confident pole planting.

    The Salomon Kaloo Junior ski poles provide the strength and performance kids require. The shaft is designed to be strong and lightweight while the grip gives a comfortable feel.


    • 14/16mm lightweight and strong shaft
    • Ergonomic junior grip
    • Small and lightweight kids basket
    • Strong and durable tip
    • Value for money price
    • Strap tailored to young skiers


    • Painted colour can flake off over time

    Summing Up

    Most kids love using ski poles. Not only do they provide them with a feeling of professionalism, but they also improve their skill over time.

    Take the time to establish your child’s ski style and make an informed decision based on the key features. If you read the product advice in this guide, you’re on the path to finding a solid set of poles.