Best Hydration Pack For Skiing

Best Hydration Pack For Skiing: Top 5 of 2024

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Skiing is a physical sport that can take a lot out of you. It requires strength, endurance, balance and concentration to produce your best performance.

One of the most overlooked parts of skiing is nutrition. Especially water, with most skiers neglecting to drink the amount of water necessary for optimal performance.

With water bottles lacking the practicality for skiing, hydration packs have become increasingly popular. They allow you to carry the water on your back, giving you the freedom of ‘hands-free’ drinking at any time.

Like with most ski gear, there is a wide range of products to choose from. That’s why we’ve put together this guide, reviewing the best hydration packs for skiing.

Best Hydration Pack For Skiing At A Glance




  • 100oz (3l) reservoir is strong and easy to refill

  • Insulated harness stops your water from freezing

  • Diagonal ski carry straps for backcountry tours



  • 70oz (2l) reservoir is easy to clean and refill

  • Insulated bladder compartment and tube

  • Easy access back and waist pockets



  • 70oz (2l) reservoir with an insulated cover

  • Hose has an insulated outer layer

  • Outer carry staps for ski poles



  • 85oz (2.5l) reservoir fits into an insulated pocket

  • Hose clips to shoulder strap and is insulated

  • 18 liter pack capacity with a variety of pockets


  • 61oz (1.8l) reservoir with insulated thermal pouch

  • Insulated tube stops freezing and condensation

  • Ergonomic design prioritizes stability



Why Do I Need The Best Hydration Pack For Skiing?

We all know that it’s important to drink enough water. Although it might feel relaxing, skiing is a physical sport that requires proper hydration to perform at your best.

Unfortunately, water bottles aren’t best suited to the slopes. They can be difficult to use while wearing ski gloves and are often awkward to store.

The most convenient way to ensure access to water on the slopes is by wearing a hydration pack. It allows you to comfortably store the water on your back, while also providing convenient access via a long ‘hose’.

With so many options available, choosing the best hydration pack for skiing can be difficult. However, this guide aims to make your decision easier by listing the pros and cons of each option.

Best Hydration Pack For Skiing
Hydration packs make it much easier to access water

How To Choose The Best Hydration Pack For Skiing

Water Capacity

The amount of water your hydration pack can hold should be one of the main deciding factors. In general, the water capacity will range from 50 – 100oz (1.5 – 3 liters).

  • Smaller water capacity hydration packs have the advantage of being lightweight. They are usually the most comfortable and feel stable while you’re skiing. They are well designed to hold water for a short trip to the slopes.
  • Larger water capacity hydration packs can hold enough liquid to keep you going all day. They well suited to those venturing into the backcountry, with many also offering increased storage space. The downside is the added weight, while they often feel less stable while you’re skiing.

The water capacity you select should be entirely down to personal preference. Assess the type of skiing you most regularly perform and choose a capacity that works for you.

Best Hydration Pack For Skiing
If you’re looking to save weight, look for a smaller pack


When it comes to ski hydration packs, insulation is key. It’s what stops your water from getting frozen inside the reservoir or hose, making sure that it works in any weather.

Each hydration pack will come with varying levels of insulation. It will affect the temperature that it’s able to withstand, while also contributing to its overall size and weight.

Packs with the most insulation are best for the most severe conditions, but they often carry the most bulk. Smaller and lighter packs often carry less insulation, but they can run the risk of freezing on the coldest days.

Another key factor to note is the parts that are insulated. Some packs only use insulation around the tube or reservoir, while others also include the mouthpiece.

Additional Storage

Additional storage refers to the storage space available for anything other than water. Each hydration pack will offer a different amount of storage space and use a various assortment of pockets.

The lightest hydration packs often use a minimalist design with very limited storage space. Most will only provide space for small personal belongings, like your cell phone or wallet.

Larger hydration packs can give you the option of carrying more gear. They usually come with some larger pockets that can accommodate the gear required for a longer day on the slopes.

One thing to keep in mind is that pocket size is often limited to keep the pack balanced. If you’re looking for a way to carry your ski gear during longer backcountry tours, you’re better off reading out guide to the best ski backpacks.

Best Hydration Pack For Skiing
Hydration packs come with varying amounts of storage (Image credit: Kulmalukko)

Best Hydration Pack For Skiing Reviewed

CamelBak Powderhound 12

Camelbak Powderhound 12 Hydration Pack

Key Features

  • Water Capacity: 100oz (3L)
  • Packing Capacity: 9 Liters
  • Pack Weight: 1lb 8oz (690g)

Camelbak are one of the most trusted hydration pack brands. The Powderhound 12 is arguably their best product for skiers, featuring an insulated 100oz water reservoir that has an ergonomic and easy-to-use design.

The drinking tube sits inside a ‘zip-up’ insulated sleeve in the shoulder strap for maximum weather protection. The pack also includes a diagonal ski carry for walks to the lift or short backcountry hikes.

The Camelbak Powderhound 12 has a durable design that’s made with skiers in mind. It’s designed to keep you hydrated in any weather and has functional ski specific features.


  • 100oz reservoir with on/off lever
  • Easy-to-use reservoir handle
  • Tube fits inside insulated shoulder strap
  • Diagonal ski carry system
  • Height adjustable sternum strap
  • Reservoir delivers fast water flow
  • Snow repellent back panel


  • Top price bracket
  • Quick release hose can occasionally leak

Mothybot Hydration Pack

Mothybot Hydration Pack

Key Features

  • Water Capacity: 70oz (2L)
  • Packing Capacity: Not Specified
  • Pack Weight: 1lb 1oz (482g)

The Mothybot Hydration Pack has a practical design that is well suited to skiers. It features a 70oz reservoir that fits inside an insulated pocket, while it also includes insulation around the hose for the coldest weather conditions.

The pack has three main storage compartments for ski gear, along with waist pockets that are easy to access on the slopes. Its 600-denier polyester outer shell and PVC lining is water-repellent and tough enough for heavy snow.

If you’re looking for a practical and versatile hydration pack, this option from Mothybot is a great choice. It has the insulation and weather-resistant properties required for the slopes, while also providing a wide range of useful pockets.


  • 70oz reservoir with large refill opening
  • Insulated drinking hose
  • Insulated reservoir pocket
  • Water-repellent outer shell
  • 3 large storage pockets
  • Useful zipper waist pockets
  • Budget friendly price


  • Lacking insulation at the bottom of the bag
  • Flow valve can be a bit slow to release water

Freemove Hydration Pack

Freemove Hydration Backpack

Key Features

  • Water Capacity: 70oz (2L)
  • Packing Capacity: 10 Liters
  • Pack Weight: 2lb 4oz (1200g)

The Freemove Hydration Pack offers a host of versatile features that will satisfy most skiers. It comes with a 70oz reservoir that fits into an insulated bag to stop water freezing on the coldest days.

The water hose is also insulated and has a useful clip to secure it onto the shoulder strap. For practicality, the pack comes with a wide range of useful pockets and includes straps that can hold your ski poles.

The Freemove Hydration Pack has a wide range of features that can improve your time on the slopes. The hydration system has a cold weather design that’s ideal for skiers, while is also has a vast range of storage pockets that can hold your gear.


  • 70oz reservoir with insulated bag
  • Insulated water hose
  • Detachable waist pouch
  • 600-denier water-resistant outer fabric
  • Quick flowing bite valve
  • Fixing straps for ski poles
  • Reliable water hose tube fixing clips


  • Hose/reservoir connection can leak at times
  • Plastic mouthpiece cover is prone to breaking

Rupumpack Insulated Hydration Backpack

Rupumpack Insulated Hydration Backpack

Key Features

  • Water Capacity: 85oz (2.5L)
  • Packing Capacity: 18 Liters
  • Pack Weight: 1lb 7oz (650g)

If you’re looking for a pack that can store enough gear for a long day on the slopes, the Rupumpack Insulated Hydration Backpack is a good choice. It has an 18 liter packing capacity that includes a large main compartment, multiple smaller pockets and easy-access waist zipper pockets.

The water reservoir holds 85oz of water and fits directly into an insulation compartment within the pack. The hose pipe has also been insulated and conveniently clips onto the shoulder strap when not in use.

The Rupumpack Insulated Hydration Backpack is perfect for anyone looking to maximise storage space. It is designed with a range of useful pockets and has a hydration system that’s well suited to mountain weather.


  • 85oz reservoir is easy to refill
  • Insulated water hose
  • Insulated reservoir compartment
  • Large 18 liter packing capacity
  • Useful zipper hip pockets
  • Great size to weight ratio
  • Organised main storage compartment


  • Webbed side pockets aren’t the strongest
  • Water flow not the quickest

InnerFit Insulated Hydration Backpack

Key Features

  • Water Capacity: 61oz (1.8L)
  • Packing Capacity: 10 Liters
  • Pack Weight: 1lb 5oz (595g)

The InnerFit Insulated Hydration Backpack is designed to feel stable and secure. It has a low-profile design and ergonomic shape that minimises ‘bouncing’, making it well-suited to skiers.

The reservoir holds up to 61oz of water and comes with a thermal pouch to protect it from the elements. The drinking hose is also fully insulated and clips onto the shoulder strap for security.

If you’re a serious skier looking for a secure maximum pack stability, the InnerFit Insulated Hydration Backpack might be your best bet. Its got a design that feels secure on the toughest slopes and a reliable hydration system that has ample insulation.


  • 61oz reservoir with insulation pouch
  • insulated water hose
  • Ergonomic shape is stable
  • Durable ripstop outer shell fabric
  • Adjustable chest and waist straps
  • Three secure packing compartments
  • Anti-bounce reservoir strap


  • Water flow not the quickest
  • Can be difficult to refill the reservoir

Summing Up

Hydration packs provide an efficient way to access water. Unlike carrying a bottle, they allow you to drink water without taking off your gloves and searching through your bag.

Every hydration pack has a variety of key features and unique attributes. In order to make the right choice, be sure to read the pros and cons of each option to find the one the works for you.

Getting the best hydration pack for skiing is sure to improve your time on the slopes. Once you’ve got the proper gear, it’s much easier to focus on your ski technique.