Best Fanny Pack For Hiking

Best Fanny Pack For Hiking: Top 5 of 2024

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If you’re heading out for a day-hike, the last thing you need is a huge backpack weighing you down. However, you still need a safe place to stash your personal belongings.

During shorter days on the trail, a fanny pack can provide the perfect solution to your storage woes. It gives you a lightweight space to carry your essential supplies and is convenient to access at any time.

Despite the multitude of options on the market, finding the best fanny pack for hiking can be a challenge. Every option varies in capacity, design, durability and versatility.

In order to make your life easier, we’ve listed the fanny packs that are best suited to your hiking needs. We have laid out the pros and cons of each option, helping you find the one that’s right for you.

Best Fanny Pack For Hiking At A Glance




  • 9L gear capacity with a range of compartments

  • Two 32oz water bottle holders

  • Ergonomic and comfortable to carry



  • Lightweight and compact design

  • 3.5L capacity with multiple storage options

  • Cross-body or around the waist carry options



    • Volume adjustable from 3-6L or 7-10L

    • Stretch mesh water bottle pockets

    • Compression straps add overall stability



    • Spacious 13L storage capacity

    • Highly durable 420D nylon material

    • Side-reinforced pockets fit two 32oz water bottles


    • Large main storage space with exterior side pockets

    • Shoulder straps included for added security

    • Budget friendly price



    Why Do I Need The Best Fanny Pack For Hiking?

    Finding an efficient way to carry your hiking supplies is important. Personal belongings, water, snacks and essentials all need to be accessible throughout your time on the trail.

    Fanny packs provide a great solution for those looking to avoid heavy hiking backpacks. They conveniently attach around your waist, giving you a feeling of freedom during your day in the outdoors.

    Hiking fanny packs come in a range of different shapes and sizes. Some use a larger design with multiple pockets and attachments, while others provide a lightweight place to carry your essential items.

    Choosing the best fanny pack for hiking is an individual decision, with each one offering a variety of features. Every option on this list has the durability to last in the outdoors and keep your gear safe during your hiking experience.

    Best Fanny Pack For Hiking
    Every hiking fanny pack has a unique design

    How To Choose The Best Fanny Pack For Hiking

    Storage Capacity

    Hiking fanny packs can come in a range of different sizes. They are generally measured in liters, which takes into account the total storage space from every pocket.

    • Small hiking fanny packs usually have around 5L of storage capacity. This is enough to keep your personal items safe during shorter day-hikes, without adding too much weight.
    • Large hiking fanny packs can go all the way up to 15L of storage capacity. They provide ample space to all your valuables and trail snacks, but will be heavier once fully packed.

    Choosing the right storage capacity is dependent on your personal needs. If you need to store just a few belongings during short hikes, we suggest keeping the weight down. However, if you want to carry enough snacks for your whole family, it’s best to look towards the larger options.

    In this guide, we have included the best fanny packs in a range of different sizes. Once you know your storage needs, it’s easy to choose the size you require from the recommended products we’ve included.


    Each fanny pack has a different storage pocket setup. Some offer multiple pockets and storage capabilities, while others use a simple design to save weight.

    In general, having multiple pockets can be beneficial for most hikers. It improves practicality on the trail by allowing you to separate your items for faster access.

    The layout of the pockets will also dictate practicality. Some offer easy-to-access pockets that stretch around the side of your waist that can make your life easier.

    Water bottle holders are also a popular addition. We all know how important water is for hikers, so having a handy place to store a bottle is always a bonus.


    The fabric your fanny pack is made from can seriously impact its performance. Strong materials can provide the durability required for heavy usage and can protect your belongings from adverse weather.

    The most popular material choices are nylon and polyester. Both can provide serious strength without weight and are naturally water resistant.

    If you want to maximise durability, take a look at the ‘denier’ rating of the fabric. It measures the density and strength of the textile, with the highest denier materials being the most durable.

    Every fanny pack we have listed has a proven record of strength and durability. We know that life on the trail can be tough, so we have prioritised strength during our research.


    When you’re trying to enjoy your hiking adventure, the last thing you need is an uncomfortable fanny pack. If it lacks the adjustable features for a secure fit, it will feel too loose or uncomfortably tight.

    Most come with easily adjustable waist straps that has the size adjustability to suit most hikers. You will usually see a waist diameter included with the product, so just make sure it’s suitable for your size upon purchasing.

    Some of the larger fanny packs also include shoulder straps. Anything above 10L in size can get pretty heavy when fully loaded, making shoulder straps a useful for support and security.

    Best Fanny Pack For Hiking Reviewed

    Mountainsmith Tour Lumbar Pack

    Mountainsmith Tour Lumbar Pack

    Key Features

    • Storage Capacity: 9 Liters
    • Dimensions: 11.5x10x8.5in
    • Weight: 1lb 9oz (709g)
    • Water Bottle Holder: Two
    • Best For: Overall

    The Mountainsmith Tour Lumbar Pack is a practical and reliable way to carry your day-hiking supplies. It has a large 9L storage capacity that is spread across a range of pockets and compartments that make your gear easy to access.

    Featuring a compression load adjustment system and easy-to-adjust waistbelt, this fanny pack feels secure on any trail. It also comes with two reinforced side pockets that can hold water bottles up to 32oz.

    If you’re looking for a solid all-round hiking fanny pack, the Mountainsmith Tour is an excellent choice. The array of pockets and compartments will make your life easy, while it’s made from durable and high-quality materials that will last for many years.


    • 9L of accessible storage space
    • Padded electronics compartment
    • Smartphone compatible waistbelt pocket
    • Two water bottle carry capacity
    • Safe back panel stash pocket
    • Compression system adds stability
    • Comfortable back panel padding
    • Highly durable nylon construction


    • Can sag at times when fully packed

    Gregory Nano Waistpack

    Key Features

    • Storage Capacity: 3.5 Liters
    • Dimensions: 13×5.5x4in
    • Weight: 7oz (198g)
    • Water Bottle Holder: None
    • Best For: Lightweight

    If you’re looking for a compact way to store your hiking essentials, the Gregory Nano Waistpack might be your best bet. It’s constructed 210-denier ‘CryptoRip’ nylon that is built to be tough without adding excess weight.

    Featuring a 3.5L storage capacity with 3 easy-to-access pockets, this fanny pack is well designed for shorter hikes. The adjustable strap and air-mesh padded back panel give it a super comfortable and secure feel on the trail.

    The Gregory Nano Waistpack provides a simple yet effective way for hikers to store their personal belongings. It’s lightweight, durable and has enough storage for short trips into the outdoors.


    • Durable 210D nylon material
    • Super lightweight design
    • 3.5L storage capability
    • 3 accessible compartments
    • Comfortable padded back panel
    • Cross-body or around-the-waist carry options
    • Handy attachment loops
    • Versatile enough for use on and off the trail


    • Waterproofing could be improved

    Sierra Designs Flex Lumbar Waist Pack

    Key Features

    • Storage Capacity: 3-6L or 7-10L
    • Dimensions: 6x10x5in
    • Weight: 8oz (227g)
    • Water Bottle Holder: Two
    • Best For: Expandable

    The Sierra Designs Flex Lumbar Waist Pack is one of the most adaptable options available. It comes in two expandable sizes, allowing you to adjust the sizing between 3-6L or 7-10L.

    The design features two stretch mesh water bottle holders and two easy-to-use zipper compartments. It also includes dual compression straps to stabilize the load for an overall comfortable feel.

    The Sierra Designs Flex Lumbar Waist Pack can adapt to the length of hike you plan on completing. Its adjustable volume and accessible pocket layout makes it one of the best fanny packs for hiking.


    • Adjustable storage capacity
    • 3-6L or 7-10L sizes available
    • Two water bottle holders
    • Two zipper compartments
    • Compression straps stabilize load
    • Comfortable padded hip belt
    • Lightweight design


    • More inner compartments would be an improvement
    • 100D nylon is less durable than some competitors

    Mountainsmith Day Lumbar Pack

    Key Features

    • Storage Capacity: 13 Liters
    • Dimensions: 12x13x6in
    • Weight: 1lb 12oz (794g)
    • Water Bottle Holder: Two
    • Best For: Maximum Storage

    If you’re looking for a fanny pack that’s large enough for serious hikes, the Mountainsmith Day Lumbar pack is great choice. With an extra large 13L storage capacity and two water bottle holders, it’s spacious enough to carry plenty of trail snacks and supplies.

    Inside the pack your will find multiple interior compartments that keep your gear secure, which includes padded space for your smartphone and tablet. Its 420-denier nylon fabric also makes it one of the most durable options on the market.

    The Mountainsmith Day Lumbar Pack is a great way to carry everything you need for a challenging day on trail. Its large storage space and durable design makes it one of the best hiking fanny packs around.


    • Extra large 13L storage capacity
    • Padded electronics compartments
    • Two water bottle holders
    • Smartphone compatible waistbelt pockets
    • Comfortable padded back panel
    • Secure back-panel stash pocket
    • Highly durable 420D nylon
    • Compatible with shoulder straps (sold separately)


    • Too heavy for some hikers
    • Waist strap can be too large for some

    Bp Vision Outdoor Fanny Pack

    Bp Vision Outdoor Fanny Pack

    Key Features

    • Storage Capacity: ‘Large’
    • Dimensions: 11x5x6in
    • Weight: 1lb 3oz (539g)
    • Water Bottle Holder: Two
    • Best For: Budget

    The Bp Vision Outdoor Fanny Pack is capable of carrying your day-hiking gear for a budget price. It features a multi-functional design with a large storage capacity and space to carry two water bottles.

    This fanny pack can be carried using a shoulder strap or backpack style straps for added stability. It’s also lightweight for its size and features a breathable mesh back panel that will promotes comfort in warm weather conditions.

    If you want an efficient lumbar pack for bargain price, the Bp Vision Outdoor Fanny Pack will cover your needs. It’s got a variety of handy features that will keep your gear safe and stable on the trail.


    • Large storage capacity
    • Two water bottle holders
    • Handy zipper hip pockets
    • Shoulder straps included
    • Easy-to-access compartments
    • Lightweight design
    • Breathable back panel
    • Budget friendly price


    • Buckles can lack durability
    • Some might want a deeper main pocket
    • Too many straps and buckles

    Summing Up

    Finding a convenient way to carry your valuables can be a challenge. However, getting the best fanny pack for hiking is sure to make your life easier.

    Each one is designed to be comfortable and practical. They have the strength to protect your belongs in adverse weather and the durability to last for many years.

    Keeping your supplies in an accessible place is an added bonus and is sure to improve your day on the trail. Take the time to read the key features of every product and choose the one that’s best suited to your hiking style.