Best Cameras For Skiing

The Best Cameras For Skiing: Top 5 of 2024

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Advancements in technology have arguably made skiing better than ever. One of the inventions that has proven most popular amongst skiers is the action camera.

If you want to record the most awesome moments from your ski trip, you want to make sure you have the right camera. It will enable you to capture footage with exceptional quality, while also being durable enough to brave the elements.

In order to help you get some great shots of the slopes, we have reviewed the best cameras for skiing. We have listed the key features of every option, while also assessing the pros and cons to help you make an informed decision.

Best Cameras For Skiing At A Glance




    • 3 cameras capture 360 degree footage

    • Excellent stabilization and horizon levelling

    • 4 digital lenses for a range of situations



    • 5.7K resolution video for exceptional detail

    • 27MP camera provides crisp and quality photos

    • 'HyperSmooth' stabilization is creates quality video



    • Clear 4K video records 60 frames per second

    • Hands free voice control photo and video

    • Built in advanced electronic image stabilization



    • Rugged and durable design is easy-to-use

    • Clear 4K 30fps video and 20MP still photo capability

    • Wireless wrist remote control



    • 5.7K resolution has exceptional clarity

    • Dual lenses for 360-degree shooting

    • FlowState stabilization works brilliantly



    Why Do I Need The Best Camera For Skiing?

    If you want to take some footage of the slopes, you need to make sure you have the right equipment. Regular cameras aren’t built for the rigours of skiing, so getting an action camera is essential.

    The best cameras for skiing are designed to be highly durable. Extreme weather and heavy impacts can put severe strain on your camera, so making sure it’s strong is essential.

    In addition, modern action cameras are capable of recording extremely high-quality footage. Many options are offer 4K resolution that is capable of capturing many frames in a second, which is ideal when you’re skiing at speed.

    All of the cameras on this list are designed with skiers in mind. Each product provides a variety of mounting options and accessories that make it well suited to mountain sports.

    Many regular electronic items are not designed for the challenge of the mountain. If you want to make sure you’ve got the best gadgets for the slopes, we have also reviewed the best headphones for skiing, the best watch for skiing and the best walkie talkies for skiing.

    Best Camera For Skiing
    The best ski cameras provide great footage from the slopes

    How To Choose The Best Camera For Skiing

    Video Quality

    If you’re purchasing a camera, image quality will likely be your first priority.

    Most of the best ski cameras come with 4K resolution. This provides enough pixels to give you a crystal clear video that will maintain quality on a variety of screen sizes.

    Another thing to keep an eye on is the ‘frames per second’. Commonly abbreviated to ‘fps’, this tells you how many frames your camera will capture in one second.

    If you want to shoot clear video, you should look for a frame rate of at least 30fps. Some high-quality cameras offer a frame rate of 60fps, which is great for filming and editing slow motion video.

    Best Camera For Skiing
    Video quality should be one of your first considerations


    A good ski camera will be capable of dealing with adverse weather conditions. Your camera is likely to get covered in snow while you’re on the slopes, so you need to make sure it’s water resistant.

    Some of the best ski cameras are fully waterproof. This allows them to be submerged underwater without the need for a case.

    If you are looking at the more budget friendly options, some will only offer ‘water resistance’. This is great for the majority of conditions you will face on the mountain, but will usually not allow full submersion.

    Many ski cameras also come with an outer case that makes them waterproof. They are usually only waterproof once inside the case, so this is something to consider when making your purchase.

    Video Stabilization

    Any good action camera should try to stabilize the video you’re recording. Skiing involves variable terrain and plenty of bumps, so shooting stable footage can be tricky.

    Electronic image stabilization (EIS) has become a common feature of good action cameras. It electronically manipulates the image to reduce shake and improve stability.

    Some of the less advanced cameras you will find lack the built in EIS required for a stable image. In this case, it’s important to make sure the right accessories are included to improve stability.

    Best Camera For Skiing
    Making sure your camera is stable is vital

    Mounting Options

    Ski cameras will often come with at least one type of mounting accessory. This makes filming easy and can give you a variety of camera angles.

    When analysing the accessories, it’s important to check that the camera mount you require is included. Helmet and chest mounting are often the most popular choices for skiers. Both options allow hands free recording and will keep the camera facing forwards at all times.

    Some also use the ‘selfie stick’ option for an adjustable view. However, this is often more popular amongst snowboarders that don’t need to use ski poles.

    With so many mounting options available, it’s not always possible to get the equipment you need in one purchase. Be sure to prioritise the quality of the camera; it’s always possible to buy more mounting equipment if required.

    Operating Features

    Like with most electronics, ski cameras come with a wide range of different features. These technical additions are designed to make your life more efficient, both on and off the slopes.

    • Wifi connectivity is one of the most popular features you will see. It allows you to pair your camera with your smartphone and download your videos instantly.
    • Some modern action cameras come with touch sensitive screens. This can be a useful feature, but you will need to make sure you have touch sensitive ski gloves.
    • Many high-end ski cameras now have a second screen at the front. This is a great option for anyone looking to use a ‘selfie stick’ when skiing.
    • Voice control is a popular feature amongst skiers. It means you can control your camera without dropping your poles and taking off your gloves.
    • Wireless wrist remote control is another useful feature. The control pad sits on your wrist like a watch, providing easy-to-push buttons that make stopping and starting effortless.

    Every camera has its own set of features that can make life easier on the slopes. Prioritise cameras that have adaptable features to improve your time on the snow.

    Best Camera For Skiing
    The best cameras for skiing come with a variety of features

    Best Cameras For Skiing Reviewed

    GoPro MAX

    Key Features

    • Video Resolution: 5.6K 360°
    • Image Quality: 16.6MP 360°
    • Frames Per Second: 60
    • Stabilization: MAX HyperSmooth
    • Waterproof: 5 meters (16 feet)

    The GoPro MAX is rated as one of the best cameras for skiing by many top snowsports video makers. It has a standout design that utilises multiple cameras to produce full 360° video.

    180-degree capture is used to produce exceptional stability, while it also features automatic horizon levelling to give you a cinematic video experience. If you are looking to take still pictures; the 16.6MP camera takes distortion-free panoramic photos and comes with a variety of digital lenses.

    The GoPro MAX produces clear 360° video that can make your trip to the mountains look magical. It can take crystal clear photos and videos, while also being packed full of quality features that make it the perfect action camera for snowsports enthusiasts.


    • 360° video
    • 5.6K video resolution
    • Impressive 60 frames per second
    • Excellent ‘HyperSmooth’ stabilization
    • 270° clear panoramic photos
    • Horizon levelling
    • Six mics capture 360° audio
    • Four digital lenses
    • Timelapse video capture


    • Underwater video quality could be improved
    • Lenses can scratch easily
    • Top price bracket

    GoPro HERO 11 Black

    GoPro Hero 11 Black

    Key Features

    • Video Resolution: 5.3K
    • Image Quality: 27MP
    • Frames Per Second: 60
    • Stabilization: HyperSmooth 5.0
    • Waterproof: 10 meters (33 feet)

    The GoPro Hero 11 offers exceptional video quality and a range of functional features. It uses a front screen that makes framing selfie shots easy, with a touch sensitive rear screen that includes touch zoom.

    It shoots incredibly clear 5.3K video that maintains quality when zooming in, with a 27MP camera that uses ‘SuperPhoto’ technology to automatically processes your images into the best quality. Video can be shot with great stability using ‘HyperSmooth 5.0’ technology, while it also has the waterproofing and durability to withstand tough conditions.

    If you’re looking for a multifunctional ski camera that can shoot top-notch video, the GoPro Hero 11 is a great option. It’s durable, practical and shoots stable videos in crystal clear quality.


    • 5.3K video recording
    • 27MP camera quality is excellent
    • 60 frames per second video
    • Waterproof up to 10 meters (33 feet)
    • Excellent ‘HyperSmooth 5.0’ stabilization
    • Live streaming and webcam modes
    • Front screen for selfie view
    • Create clear time lapse videos


    • Prone to overheating
    • Ability in low-light could be improved

    AKASO V50 Elite

    Key Features

    • Video Resolution: 4K
    • Image Quality: 20MP
    • Frames Per Second: 60
    • Stabilization: Advanced Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS)
    • Waterproof: 40 meters (131 feet)

    The V50 Elite is Akaso’s top action camera, coming with a range of functions that make it ideal for skiers. It can record 4K video at 60 frames per second, giving you crystal clear and stable video quality.

    With skiers in mind, this camera comes with voice control and wireless wrist controls for ski slope practicality. It’s also one of the most durable options around, with its 40 meter (131 feet) waterproofing capability making it a great choice for those participating in water sports.

    If you’re looking for a camera with great ski features, the Akaso V50 Elite is one of the best options. It shoots excellent quality video, takes clear photos and is functional when you’re on the slopes.


    • 4K video resolution
    • 60 frames per second for clear quality
    • Advanced Electronic Image Stabilization
    • Wireless wrist remote control
    • Hands-free voice control
    • 20MP still photos
    • 40 meter (131 feet) underwater camera
    • Built in wifi with smart phone app
    • 8x slow motion video


    • Image stabilization only works at 30fps
    • Wireless wrist remote can be unreliable
    • Battery life not the longest

    Apexcam Action Camera

    Apexcam Action Camera For Skiing

    Key Features

    • Video Resolution: 4K Ultra HD
    • Image Quality: 20MP
    • Frames Per Second: 60
    • Stabilization: None
    • Waterproof: 40 meters (131 feet)

    The Apexcam action camera is packed full of ‘ski friendly’ features and can shoot top-quality video. It records 4K Ultra HD video at 30fps or 1080P video at 60fps, combined with a 170-degree wide angle lens to make sure you get a superb view of the slope.

    The camera is a great choice for underwater adventurers, providing video at depths of up to 40 meters (131 feet) while inside its case. It also comes with a wireless wrist remote control that makes shooting video a whole lot easier.

    The Apexcam provides great video quality and offers great value for money. Its combination of rugged durability and image resolution makes it one of the best cameras for skiing.


    • 4K Ultra HD video
    • Maximum 60 frames per second
    • 20MP still photo capability
    • Waterproof up to 40m (131 feet)
    • Responsive rear screen
    • Wireless wrist remote control
    • Built in wifi sharing
    • Comes with two changeable batteries
    • Budget friendly price


    • Lacking image stabilization
    • No front selfie screen

    Insta360 ONE X2 Action Camera

    Insta360 ONE X2 Action Camera

    Key Features

    • Video Resolution: 5.7K
    • Image Quality: 18.4MP
    • Frames Per Second: 50
    • Stabilization: FlowState
    • Waterproof: 10 meters (33 feet)

    If your looking for a ski camera that’s optomized for social media, the Insta360 ONE X2 is a great choice. It records crystal clear 5.7K video that will undoubtably impress your online followers .

    This camera uses two lenses to provide 360-degree video shooting to make sure you get the best mountain view possible. With skiers in mind, it also comes with FlowState stabilization that’s capable of producing some of the best video we’ve seen.

    The Insta360 ONE X2 amazing video clarity and a range of features that will satisfy any skier. Its optical ability, wide angle lenses and superb stabilization make it a great action camera option for any trip to the slopes.


    • 5.7K video resolution
    • 18.4MP camera quality
    • 360-degree shooting
    • Wireless voice control
    • Superb stabilization
    • Invisible selfie stick ability
    • Great selfie screen
    • Great time shift function


    • Very expensive
    • Limited underwater depth
    • Processing software could be improved

    Summing Up

    Getting an action camera is a great way to relive your best moments on the slopes. Modern technology allows you to shoot high-quality video on any terrain without the hassle of a regular camera.

    If you want to be successful when recording your time on the snow, you need to have the best camera for skiing. They are designed to be easy control in the mountain environment, while also being durable enough to withstand any weather.

    Every option on this list has its own set of pros and cons, which makes choosing the right product a personal preference. If you stick to the cameras on the list, you are sure to be shooting crystal clear video for years to come.