Meet The Founder

Hello, my name is James and I am the founder of SnowSunSee. I started skiing when I was five years old and have been a professionally qualified ski instructor for 9 years. 

Since qualifying as an instructor I have taught skiing in many countries, including UK, Europe, Japan, China and South East Asia.

I spend my summer periods hiking every trail I can find and visiting every country possible. I managed to turn my passion for skiing and adventure travel into a career when I realised that life behind a desk was not for me.

I decided to create SnowSunSee to provide up to date and ‘real’ information on what it takes to make the dream a reality. I wanted to give honest and realistic advice and support to skiers, hikers and adventure travel enthusiasts from somebody who is qualified and is living this lifestyle every day.

James & SnowSunSee


Provide trustworthy information for everybody interested in snow, hiking and adventure travel.


Create a platform for people to get the vital information they need and also be able to contribute and interact.


Please help to support us by sharing our content so we can make sure everybody can benefit.